Where to Buy Custom Trophies and Medals in 2024 – Buyers guide

We reward trophies and medals to individuals and teams for their hard work, dedication, and performances in a sporting event, community challenges, and any other competitive event regardless if the event is professional or amateur. 

A trophy after a good performance, in any event, can greatly raise an individual’s motivation and improve his learning experience. Athletes, teams, and even people in ordinary professions are awarded medals and trophies for taking part in a competition of any size and magnitude. Regardless if you’ve won the World Cup or the baking competition, you deserve an award that showcases your hard work, dedication, and performances during that event. 

Regardless if you’re a professional footballer or an amateur taking part in a company football tournament, you deserve some sort of token of appreciation for your efforts at the end of it.

But each competition requires a custom made trophy or medals to showcase its uniqueness. While organizers of amateur company football tournaments can simply go to the nearest toy store and buy medals from there, it would make it feel much better if we could customize those medals. 

But where do you buy custom trophies and medals to award the participants of your amateur tournament? One company that specializes in designing and creating custom trophies and medals is

The Most Popular Types of Awards

With hundreds of different types of awards out there, choosing the right one for your needs is a rather difficult task. Luckily for you, we’re here to tell you all about the most popular types of awards that exist, and when are they mostly awarded. 



Trophies come in all shapes and sizes and they can be cups, pillars, shields, or any other creative design. Trophies are mostly awarded for achieving great accomplishments in professional sporting events. Generally speaking, sporting trophies are quite large in size and the most popular ones are the FIFA World Cup Trophy in football, The Ashes in cricket, Wimbledon in men’s singles tennis, Webb Ellis Cup in rugby, Stanley Cup in NHL, Claret Jug in golf, the Vince Lombardi Trophy in American football, and more.

Trophies are customized for each sport differently, but trophies can also be awarded from amateur competitive events such as a baking competition. Another generalization is that trophies are usually made out of metal.



The second most popular type of award is the medal. A medal is generally awarded to participants of an event. Much like trophies, they also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can even be created from a variety of different materials. Medals are usually worn around the neck and they are excellent for rewarding young children during public sporting events. Medals are mostly awarded during the winter and summer Olympic Games.



Plaques are also important when it comes to rewarding individuals or teams for their accomplishments during a sporting or non-sporting event. Plaques are mostly used when a school team has taken a state or regional championship, and they are the most highly personalized type of award. The wonderful thing about plaques is that they can be quite easily displayed on walls.

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