Champions League 2024: Predicting the Most Likely Winners

The next stage of the Champions League is starting soon, and we are excited to finally watch the best football after the long winter break. On the other hand, we could use this time to analyze the teams that will compete in the play-off, and make some speculations about who is having the best chance to reach the final and win the title.

We can learn a lot about the form of teams by checking their results in national competitions. That is a great way to make a better decision if you want to bet on the CL once it starts in less than two weeks. Finding a good betting site is also important, and you should look for those options that are offering better odds. In that matter, check out sports bet Canada. Also, we will analyze more about the teams that have the best chance to win the title.

Manchester City


It is not a surprise that this team is first on this list. The betting providers are giving the lowest odds for them. In most cases, the odd is under 3 at the moment if you want to play on this club. When we compare the forms of different teams and the quality of players, it is quite simple to determine that City indeed is one of the main favorites to win.

However, there are so many other factors to consider before making a bet. First of all, the biggest issue for City in previous years was the lack of experience in international championships. They needed more luck as well. There is also stress because the CL title is the only remaining thing this club never managed to achieve. Maybe this is their season, but first, they will have to reach the final. The first step is to win against RB Leipzig.



This club shares a similar story as the previous one. They win the national championship almost every year, but when it comes to CL, they had a lot of bad luck and missed opportunities in the past. Some of the best players in the world are currently in PSG, such as Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar.

The impact of Messi is huge, and maybe he will be the missing puzzle that was needed to finally win this title. The current odds for this club are around 9. Also, we have to mention that they are facing a very difficult opponent in the 1/8 finals, Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich


The German giant is always at the top, and it is a rare case that they don’t reach at least the semi-final stage. The biggest strength of Bayern is consistency. They are rarely making quick moves with transfers. Instead of that, they have a strong base of players that are improved by occasional big transfers. The biggest most recent transfer was signing Mane from Liverpool.

However, he is not showing the same performance as he did in the Premier League. Still, he already won the CL, while Bayern has also won it several times. Therefore, they have everything needed to be in the final this season. You can win more than 6 times the amount if you bet on this club today.

Real Madrid


Even though it might seem that this club is facing certain struggles in recent years, especially after Ronaldo went to another club, and without a lot of new signings, we all know that you should never write off Real Madrid as one of the main favorites, and the last season was the best example of that.

They have a strong base of senior players like Modric, Benzema, and Kroos, along with younger stars like Vinicius Junior, Valverde, Camavinga, and more. When we combine that with one of the best coaches of all time, Carlo Ancelotti, we can easily say that the chances for Real to reach the final are the same as for any other club.

The 1/8 finals seem more difficult for them since they are facing Liverpool. However, the reds are in poor form at the moment and have many issues. Therefore, most factors are on the side of the Spanish Royal Club.



This club from southern Italy is the biggest surprise of this season. Not only because they are holding the first place in Serie A, but because they are showing amazing performances, especially when it comes to leading players this season, Kvicha, and Osimhen.

We can notice that the odds for them are falling rapidly. In most cases, you will find that the odds are around 11. Also, they are facing Eintracht in the next stage, and when we look at the players and current form, it seems that Napoli will deal with these two games quite easily.

Many other factors are crucial in the later stages. For example, the club they have to face next. There are some clubs they were winning in recent years that could be the next rival, such as Dortmund, Liverpool, or AC Milan. Therefore, if they manage to avoid the main favorites like City and Bayern before the final, their chances to win in the end are quite decent.



We can see that there are many ups and downs for this club in the following season. The biggest surprise is their current position in the PL. However, they are actively working on signing new players. Some of the best new names are Mudrik, Joao Felix, and Enzo Fernandez.

These players can make a difference, and we all know that Chelsea is capable of winning big tournaments. They won the CL two seasons ago against City, even though they were listed as an outsider.

Last Words

It might seem clear at the moment that the chances are highest to watch City and Bayern in the final, but there are still a lot of games to be played. Also, the next stage is crucial for the underdogs like Napoli and AC Milan. Also, there is always luck as a valuable factor, especially when it comes to CL when you only have two games against your opponent.

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