Noragami – World Famous Anime

This anime created by Adachitoka in 2014 grab huge audiences across the world and became one of the most successful anime tv shows of all time, with a vast number of first season viewers. The first season of Noragami had twelve episodes, and since it was a huge success, the …

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Famous Anime KonoSuba – By Natsume Akatsuki

Another famous anime, KonoSuba, premiered in January 2016, and it didn’t need much for KonoSuba to become a total global hit, with excellent ratings and exceptional reviews. The KonoSuba, written by Natsume Akatsuki, and produced by Rie Ogura, had a good foundation and already had a vast number of viewers, …

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Why Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is the longest-running Chinese Cartoon

Recent years have witnessed tremendous development in the Chinese animation market. An endless stream of excellent Chinese animation brands is emerging. However, there is one famous Chinese national cartoon brand named Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf always firmly standing. It has been running for fifteen years. Now, let’s see what …

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