Football’s Greatest Talents Around the World

Asides the mouth-opening figures circulating the football industry, great talent is the other asset the modern football world can brag about. These football talents give fans reason to keep coming back for more. Fans should also take advantage of betting, using the weekend’s match previews at and while you are yet to recover from one exceptional performance, another jaw-dropping one is already happening.

Over the last decades, the football industry has witnessed some great talent worth mentioning. Without much ado, here are the top eight greatest talents around the world.

1. Lionel Messi


Since Messi arrived in Barcelona, it has never been the same in the world of football. His mesmerizing skill on the pitch was always something to look forward to in Barcelona matches. Asides being an impressive goal scorer, Messi is a playmaker. His surgical passes provide fantastic finishes for other teammates.

Many call him names such as the god of football and GOAT (greatest of all time). With six Ballon d’Or, six European golden boots, and numerous other awards, only a few players come close. Currently, he’s got over 700 goals to his name. With Messi on the pitch, you are almost sure of a cash-out thanks to the sport betting odds.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo


From Manchester United to Real Madrid, and now Juventus, Ronaldo is one of the most versatile players on the planet. When some players transfer to a new league, they lose their form, but this bad boy has remained consistent. With the current highest career goals in an active player, many also call him the GOAT. While the GOAT honour remains a debate, there’s no doubt he’s one of the greatest players to walk this earth. Ronaldo has won virtually all awards in football and isn’t stopping at age 35.

CR-7, as he’s widely called, is among the five highest goal scorers in the world. With five Ballon d’Or awards, multiple champions league titles, and other numerous awards as well as more than 800 career goals, Ronaldo may still have the chance to solidify his GOAT status during the little time left in his career. Between him and Messi, one question is often asked – Who is the GOAT out of the two of them? That question is a difficult one to answer and there is no short answer but one thing everyone can agree on is that they are both world class players.

3. Neymar


Currently a striker at Paris Saint Germain, Neymar is another force to reckon with in modern football. The Brazilian is a spectacular player and an excellent playmaker. He played alongside Messi and Iniesta at Barcelona before transferring to PSG. In 2017, PSG splashed a staggering €222 million to secure the now 27-year-old in their first-eleven line-up.

If he wasn’t that amazing, why would a club spend the money they could use to acquire more than four other talents on only one man? With time on his side, the 27-year-old still has a lot to offer the industry.

4. Rodrygo (Real Madrid)


In a few years, the big names like Messi and Ronaldo would have left the active football scene. Therefore, it’ll be great to recognize some spectacular footballers already making headlines in their teenage years. One such is Rodrygo.

Often compared to Neymar, this wonder kid is worth all the hype around him. He scored his first goal at real 93 seconds after coming in and scored a perfect hat-trick at his first champions league game appearance. At age 11, he already had a deal with the sports giant Nike.

Rodrygo’s exceptional talent also caught the attention of rich clubs like Barcelona and Liverpool, but the young man always dreamed of being in Real Madrid. At only 19, he’s already worth £45 million.

5. Kylian Mbappe


Playing alongside Neymar at PSG, this 21-year-old already has the bragging rights some older footballers can’t boast of. With three league one titles, Coupe de France, and a World Cup, Mbappe is already carving a class for himself. He currently has 122 career goals to his name. Even Messi and Ronaldo didn’t have that record when they were both 21. At this pace, perhaps, we won’t be missing Ronaldo and Messi whenever they decide to retire from active football.

6. Virgil Van Dijk


Since joining Liverpool FC in the English Premier league in January 2018, Van Dijk has established himself as one of the greatest defenders in the world. With this, it should come as no surprise that he played every single minute of his 2019-2020 season with Liverpool.

Since being with the club, he has helped them achieve numerous accolades such as a premier league title. He is also an important part of his national team – The Netherlands.

7. Kevin De Bruyne


This is another fantastic Premier League player to add to this list. He currently plays for Manchester City and has been at the club since the summer of 2016 where he has since developed into one of the finest midfielders in the game. Even before he joined City, he had a fantastic reputation on the pitch and he went and proved that in his first season – earning his nickname, the assist king.

Since being with City he has earned a couple titles such as Man City’s player of the season and UEFA’s midfielder of the year.

8. Kai Havertz


Havertz is the third Premier League player in this list and also the youngest. At just 21, he signed for Chelsea with a five year contract. The two footed midfielder has currently made 7 appearances so far this season and has been described as technically gifted and comfortable on the ball. Although he has only scored 1 goal out of his seven appearances, he certainly has exciting prospects for the future and we are excited to watch him perform.

The players above are generally considered the best players in the world in 2024 and with the year everyone has had so far, the players remain a testament to the game and the passion surrounding it.

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