How Are Christmas Trees Decorated Around the World?

Another year-end and another Christmas time. It’s around the corner and everyone is busy thinking about their plans. So what are you planning to do with your Christmas tree this year? Of course, you would like some innovative ideas. But you might not find something very different.

So how about taking inspiration from something else? How about looking at the traditional designs of other countries? It would surely be different from what you used to do. So we will tell you about the Christmas tree
decorations that take place around the world.

But wait,

What about other things? Of course, you will get different ideas about decorating the Christmas tree but you need other decorations too, right?

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Now coming back towards the main element, yes, the Christmas tree. Here is what you will find in different countries of the world.

1. Canadian trees


Canada has a lot of special things that they do at this time of the year. And some of the famous ones are gingerbread houses and cookies. So if you want to make any special sweets, you can try gingerbread house. Unlike many, Canadian Christmas trees are rather simple and are usually decorated with fairy lights and jingle bells. However, if you want, you can add any other element of your choice.

2. Christmas tree in Mexico


Mexico has something unique for this day. The most important element for Mexicans is the Nativity scene. They call it “el Nacimiento”. However, some people also use a tree and place it somewhere in their homes. And of course, they decorate it too.

But the thing is that pines are quite expensive in Mexico and is considered a luxury item. Therefore, you won’t find it in the house of common people. However, most of them use an artificial arbolito. Or you might also find a branch of Bursera Microphylla, which is a copal tree. Or some of them might use a simple shrub and decorate it.

Either way, they make use of anything they find and enjoy the event.

3. Great Britain


British people use the Norway spruce as a Christmas tree in their homes. It is a traditional species and therefore, is not much expensive. That is why it is convenient for a majority of their population to use it and enjoy their festival. Norway spruce is nothing expensive and nor endangered. Moreover, it has been in Britain even before the ice age. The decorations are usually jingle bells, small characters and fairy lights.

4. Philippines


Filipinos are not very rich and natural pine trees are quite expensive there. That is why they also depend on artificial ones. But the unique thing about the Filipino Christmas tree is that it is handmade. Therefore, people use the colors and sizes of their choice. So instead of adding other elements on top of it, they make their trees innovative and colorful.

Usually, people use a bamboo stick and cover it with cellophane or color tapes or rice paper.

Filipinos have a unique culture and that is why they put one tree in every window. These individual trees represent the Star of Bethlehem. You will even find flowers and teddy bears on their decorations. And their trees are really beautiful.

5. Guatemala


Guatemala has a rich population of Germans and that is why their Christmas decorations always have the “Nativity scene”. Furthermore, their Christmas trees are just like many others. The special tradition is sharing gifts after the New Year. Elders and parents are supposed to leave the gifts under the tree and they will share them on New Year’s night.

6. Brazil


Brazil is in a rather hotter region. So if you are in such a place where there is no snowfall during the year-end, you can follow this plan. Brazilians use a common pine tree and the decorative items are mostly small cotton balls. These balls represent falling snow that they do not have at that time.

7. Norway


Norwegians spend an extra amount of their time finding the best Christmas tree for their home. They even go to the woods to make their tree the best one. The trend of this decorative tree also came here through Germans in the late 19th century.

The special thing about Norwegians is that the elders hide the tree and decorate it without their children. Children are supposed to wait for their surprise. Thus, this creates an interesting surprising moment among the family members.

Moreover, they also have a tradition of “circling the Christmas tree”. In this tradition, all the family members should hold hands together and make a circle and move around it while singing the carols. After singing carols, the elders distribute gifts among the family members.

8. Japan


Although all-around European countries, the trends are somewhat similar. But in Japan, Christmas is a secular holiday. Japanese people spend this time with their family members. Their trees are decorated with a lot of elements including, wind chimes, lanterns, gold paper fans and dolls and other toys. So it represents their culture too.

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