8 Reasons NFL Football Is World’s Greatest Sport

This is the most exciting and uncertain league in the world – the NFL. It is a real men’s fight in which there is no room for cheating. Above all, we live in a golden era of this sport – that has never been more attractive or stronger. The titanic fight, which excites the whole world, keeps you nailed to TV screens – or nailed to the stands from the beginning to the end of the game. It is because the result is, by rule, uncertain until the last second. Adrenaline works for players as well as for the audience. Here, we will reveal to you the reasons why NFL football is the world’s greatest sport.

Why Is NFL Football So Popular And There Are So Many Fans?


In the last ten years or so, American football has gained cult status among sports fans around the world. Although it is still not adorned with wide popularity such as tennis – this sport has earned its popularity outside the American continent. American football is the most combative sport with the ball. There is not much room for foiling or simulating. This is an ideal combination of team action and fighting spirit. The NFL is unpredictable and uncertain because the real favorite does not exist except on paper. Everyone can beat everyone, which is why they call it a sport without mercy. The whole world is looking forward to the SUPER BOWL because it is one of the biggest spectacles where the biggest music stars sing. It used to be the famous Michael Jackson and today it is popular artists like Beyonce, Shakira, and others. This sports spectacle is one of the most-watched in the world and is followed by an audience of millions on almost all continents.

Why Is The NFL League No. 1 In America For Years?


American football is the most popular sport in the United States – and slowly over time, it has gained a huge audience in other parts of the world as well. The season lasts five months, and during those five months – the whole of America, from California on the West Coast to New York on the East Coast, has only one topic: the NFL and who will win the Vince Lombardi trophy? Should they go by running or through the air? Although it originated from rugby, this sport has advanced in modern times. Even though they look quite complex – the rules are far from complicated.

What Are Basic Rules And Why Is The Game Uncertain To The End?

The most basic is to have four attempts for 10 yards. If you cross that, you go further and have four new attempts until you reach the ‘end zone’ or the opportunity for a ‘field goal’. If you fail, the ball belongs to the opponent, usually shot on the fourth down – but in some situations, the fourth down is played, sometimes as a trick action. And if this explanation may not be the clearest to you – just looking at the field when the players just want to stretch with each other – you will conclude that the rules are not so important to you then. The only thing that matters is what happens on the field.

Reasons NFL Football Is World’s Greatest Sport

It is enough for you to watch at least one game in the company of friends, enjoying your drinks and snacks – and you will become a fan of American football very quickly. We will list 8 reasons why NFL football is the greatest sport – and why it hasn’t lowered its ratings for years.

1. It is perfect for TV


Over the years, the NFL has been adapted not only to be interesting to the audience at the stadium – but to equally be interesting to those who are watching it on the TV screen. And not just on TV. Today, thanks to new technologies, you can watch NFL live via streaming. According to TotalSportek, you can expect that during the NFL games, streaming sites are ‘burning’ – which is no wonder considering the great popularity and numerous fans of this sport. Between each action – there is enough time for commercials and comments about tactics, statistics, etc. Challenges or footage of actions from all possible angles – only contributes to the enjoyment of the viewers.

2. The match is not over till it’s over


You can see incredible twists and turns in tennis, football and basketball – but the drama and incredible endings you can see in the NFL are simply nowhere to be seen. Simply, you can score points quickly, you can manipulate the time in the last few minutes – and the rules are probably deliberately drawn up so that the game is rarely resolved. At least not to the very end.

3. Everyone can play it


No matter your build, skin color, height, speed, or IQ – there is a position for you in this sport. Each NFL team on the roster has 53 players, there is an attack, defense, and special teams – and every position has different mental and physical requirements.

4. Super Bowl

Every year, in the first week of February, the United States stops for one day. Even that small percentage who don’t follow American football is forced to do so when the Super Bowl is in progress. You simply have to cheer for someone – and singing the anthem and a concert at halftime are events that have been awaited and announced for months.

5. NFL On Thanksgiving Day


Although according to tradition, matches are played on Sundays, the last Thursday of November is reserved for football. That means turkey meat and football. The Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions have an agreement with the NFL to play every year on this day – and the draw gave us another quality match. If you want something that is a true American style – you can hardly do better than this: Turkey, beer, and football on TV.

6. Cheerleaders


It’s impossible to watch the NFL without noticing those ravishing girls who support but also interfere with the players on the field. Although they usually have very little clothes on – we still look at the big picture. The most famous are Cowboy girls, and for those who like bad girls – we recommend Oakland’s Raiderettes.

7. Fans


Another stereotype is that Americans do not know how to cheer and that they are bored and sterile at games. Well, it’s not in American football. Especially fiery are the divisional derbies (Giants-Eagles, Packers-Bears, Ravens-Browns) – and at one time bottles flew, sometimes icicles on the field. Philadelphia fans once greeted Santa Claus with a lump. The fact that Seattle Seahawks fans hold the official world record in noise, says enough about this. And yes, of course, we must not forget the “black hole” in Oakland.

8. Weather


Rugby players don’t like them because they have the equipment – but take our word for it, these guys are resilient. Very resistant. Unlike tennis and football, no weather conditions can delay an NFL match. It is played on snow, ice, wind, and in the mud. It can happen to you that, say, one week you go to Miami at over 30 degrees – and then you go to the icy tundra in Green Bay at -20 degrees. And no one complains.

The Bottom Line

As much as you love basketball, tennis, hockey, or any other sport – in the five months that the NFL League lasts, no sport will matter to you. That is why it is no wonder that American football has so many ratings not only in America but in the whole world.

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