6 Pros and Cons Location Tracking Software

Phones can be a very expensive investment, but it is not just a financial investment. It is not about money. This kind of device is something that you have used or will be using for the next few years. On it, you will have tons of important data. Your contacts, your favorite photos, vital documents, business connections, applications, games with progress, and many other things. So, when you lose your phone, you lose a lot more than just a financial investment. That is why so many people have decided to use its location tracking software.

Whether this kind of software, you will always have direct data about where it is located. So, if anything happens, you can easily get access to that data and find your phone. But, that is not the only benefit of using such an application. In fact, there are several benefits which is why I wanted to write this article. I wanted to share about the different pros and cons of using location tracking software.

Whether you want to use it mainly for your own benefit or for the safety of your children, here are those advantages and disadvantages.


This kind of software exists for a good reason and millions of people are using it every single day. If you are not familiar with the use of these applications, here are some of the benefits of using them.

Locate your phone


It is said previously, phones can be an expensive investment, especially in these past few years. The flagship iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S20 is around $1000 or even more than that. It is kind of ridiculous to think that such a small device can be worth such a large amount of money. A device that can easily fall out of your pocket, you can forget in a taxi, restaurant, the club, or anywhere else. It is so easy to lose it even though it costs so much.

Once you lose it, the chances that you will find it or get back to probably very low. If someone finds it and realizes the value of the device, they will probably use it for themselves or sell it. But, if you have the right location tracking application, you will be able to retrieve the device no matter where it is located. With proper GPS tracking, you will have live information about where the device is located at the moment.

It is a great safety feature for children


Many people would say that tracking or spying on your children is a very intrusive way of parenting. And I agree with that. Adding a spy application on your children’s phone is not exactly the best way to build a bond of trust between you two.

Instead of lying to them and doing everything secretly, it is probably to ask for permission and consent as suggested by You would not want someone to install a hidden application on your device, right?

I am sure that your child will be more than willing to give you consent to install an app on their phone to track their location at any time. Naturally, some teenagers might detest the idea, but if you explain thoroughly why you want to do it, maybe they will understand.

It is very comforting to know exactly where your child is. Checking in on them a few times a day will not hurt anybody. It is a great safety feature that costs almost nothing.

If not for safety then you could at least use it to find your child’s phone if they ever lose it. And believe me, children can easily lose a lot of things, no matter how expensive they are.

Helps with business management


These apps are not always about safety or finding your lost phone. There are so many different benefits you can experience from using such software. These days, I have noticed that many businesses are utilizing this type of software, and for good reason. For example, companies such as Uber or Lyft can use this software to track the movement of their employees. The more information they have on their employees driving around the city, the more efficient they can become at picking up fares.

Find your friend


Whenever you find yourself in an unknown city with a friend, you both could easily get lost. You go your separate ways, but then you have a hard time finding each other. However, instead of mindlessly going around and asking for directions, you could just install this type of software on both of your phones and then you could easily track each other’s movements.

This can make their experience of a new city much more enjoyable and fun.


Like every software, nothing is perfect. So obviously, there are some disadvantages that need to be considered.

Companies use your location data for personalized ads


Not everyone will see this as a disadvantage, but I still think it is worth mentioning. For some, this might be a problem.

Today, many companies use personal data to target you with personalized ads, whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, you do not even have much of a choice. Your only option is to stop using the application if you do not want them to abuse your personal data and location.

Companies selling your information


To make matters even worse for customers, companies also sell your personal data to other corporations for large amounts of money. Most will claim that they do not do so, but we can’t really know whether they are telling the truth.

So, if you do not feel comfortable sharing your location and other private data about your life, you probably should not use location tracking software. However, I am sure there are companies out there that are honest and respectable with the data they have on you. Whether you are going to trust them or not, that depends entirely on you.

There are certainly more advantages and disadvantages of using this type of software, but I still believe that the pros always outweigh the cons.

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