Plant-Based Vegan vs. Ketogenic Diet – Pros and Cons

The entire society of the world is living faster than ever before. Advanced technology is mostly responsible for the changes in the daily routines of people. It brought many business opportunities that seem attractive to each ambitious person. However, you should never forget to keep an eye on your overall health. The money you can potentially earn won’t mean anything to you if you are not feeling well.

People use different methods and strategies to improve their overall health. Logically, the first condition is to work on your physical activity. Use every opportunity when you can to go for a walk. Of course, if you have enough time, it would be good to visit a gym at least 4 days per week.

Another factor is to pick the right diet that will boost the quality of your health. Well, this might be a more complex problem because of several reasons. First of all, people are not quite self-disciplined. It seems to complex for them to stick to one diet for a longer time. Despite that, it is even tougher to avoid consuming certain ingredients that we eat quite often.

After that, the next problem that people have is picking the right diet. By basic Google research, you can find millions of them. All they seem good in some different way. Different commercials and opinions might seem confusing to people that are not familiar with this subject. Fortunately, you came to the right place to make some things clearer.

This article is going to talk about two types of diets – plant-based vegan and the ketogenic diet. Yet, our goal is not to convince you to start neither of those two. You will find out all the pros and cons of both diets and it is up to you to decide on one.

Vegan Diet


Different moral, environmental, and health factors convinced people to try out this diet. We can describe it as a plant-based diet with no animal products at all. This means that you can’t contain foods like eggs, fish, meat, and even honey. We know that this type of diet seems tough even in theory. However, you also need to be careful because of certain disadvantages it has.

What Makes a Vegan Diet Healthy?


Certain ingredients of this diet will positively influence your health.

First of all, fiber is one of the molecules that you can primarily find in vegetables and fruits. The properties of this molecule can help you in several different ways. For instance, it allows you to reduce cholesterol and lower your blood pressure. Despite that, a huge number of people use it for improvement of gut health quality.

This diet is also full of vitamins that can positively affect our metabolism. In most cases, regular meals that we have to not bring enough vitamines to our organism. Vitamin C, for instance, is something you can find in different citrus fruits. Despite that, you will get the chance to consume more Vitamin A and vitamin B3.

Pros and Cons of a Vegan Diet


In the first place, your heart will benefit the most. The risks of diabetic complications will be reduced to a minimum as well. If weight is one of the problems that you have, this diet might solve it.

On the other hand, there are certain cons you should be aware of. You won’t ensure certain proteins necessary for your overall health. These proteins you can usually find in meat. Because of that, you should probably add certain supplements to your meals and use this diet to the fullest. Despite that, the lack of certain nutrients can also be a problem. For instance, B12, iron, and calcium are usually the main problems of the vegans.

Ketogenic Diet



Have you ever heard about ketosis? Well, this is a specific state where your organism burns fat for energy. Believe it or not, this diet has been used for almost a century to solve the problem of epilepsy. Despite that, it experienced worldwide popularity during the ’60s and ’70s. Many people used it for weight-loss, and some even incorporated delicious products like Mahogany Smoked Meats into their ketogenic diets.

This diet has a unique daily breakdown of proteins, fat, and carbs. Only 5% of calories come from carbohydrates. This includes things such as leafy greens, non-stretchy vegetables, etc. 20% of calories people need to get from proteins like eggs, cheese, and meat. In the end, 75% of the calories come from fat. You can get fat from ingredients such as avocado, butter, and oils.

Pros and Cons of Ketogenic Diet


We will start this part in a positive manner. There are 3 main pros of the ketogenic diet you should know about. First of all, consumers should know that this diet is better for weight loss compared to the plant-based one. People that decide on this diet will sooner or later start to feel less hungry. As we said, this diet is full of fatty food. It takes time until our organism digests it and that is probably the reason why we have this sort of situation.

Low-Fat will no longer be a problem for you as well. This diet is also good because it allows people to consume high-fat food. Honestly, this is something we all like to eat. There won’t be a reason to sacrifice some of the favorite foods such as fatty fish, red meat, etc.

Finally, we mentioned that this diet is recommendable for people that suffer from epilepsy. However, certain studies try to prove that the keto diet can also be helpful for people with progressive neurological disorders. This especially counts when we talk about Parkinson’s disease.

The main con of this diet is “bad relationship with our body”. People with this diet intake food based on a certain program. We become obsessed with the program instead of listening to what our body has to say.

A ketogenic diet can truly bring some big benefits to your health. However, you must be patient. You can also use certain keto diet pills that can speed up the entire process a bit more. This is a subject that deserves detailed analysis and. You can find more information on the website we attached.

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