Who Are the Favorites to Win the World Cup 2024?

The 2024 FIFA World Cup is set to take place in Qatar from November 21st to December 18th. This will be the first-ever World Cup to be held in the Arab world and the first in a Muslim-majority country. Qatar was selected as the host nation back in 2010, and they have been working hard to get everything ready for the event.

What is the World Cup?


The World Cup is the biggest international football tournament in the world. It’s held every four years, and teams from all over the world compete for the title of World Champion. This year, the World Cup is being held in Qatar.

The favorites to win are usually Brazil or Germany, but there are always a few dark horses that could upset the odds. Spain, France, and England are all strong contenders this year. But we will talk about that later.

The rules of the World Cup are simple. Each team is allowed to have 23 players on its roster. The games are played in a round-robin format, with each team playing one other. The top two teams from each group advance to the next round. If there is a tie, the following criteria are used to determine the winner:

Goal difference
• Goals scored
• Head-to-head record

Who is the favorite to win this year?


Brazil, Argentina, and France are all currently ranked in the top five of the world, and they have all won the World Cup before. Spain and England are also consistently strong teams, and they will be looking to add another title to their collections. With so many great teams competing, the 2024 World Cup is shaping up to be one of the most exciting ever.

But what do the current statistics and predictions say?


Brazil is the favorite to win the World Cup this year, according to oddsmakers. The team has a strong backbone, with Neymar and up-and-coming phenom Vinícius Júnior. While Brazil has won more World Cup titles than any other country, its reputation is still recovering from a brutal 7-1 loss to Germany in the 2014 semifinal game. Nevertheless, it had a great showing in the qualifiers and ended up in first place


But then again, Argentina is on an unbeaten streak for the past 34 games, and this would be Messi’s first World Cup title if they manage to secure the trophy. However, some teams may be able to break down Argentina’s defense, as it has some holes that could be exploited.


After winning the European Qualifiers and the 2020-21 UEFA Nations League, France has a lot of young talent that could lead it to victory. Star forward Kylian Mbappé helped the team to victory in 2018 and, since then, has only become more dangerous, making him one of the most talented players in this tournament.

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But, we can’t forget about the Spaniards. Spain is at the top of this list considering the achievements of the previous years. This national team has a very talented football line-up and therefore it will certainly not be a surprise if it wins.


Serbia had an impressive qualifying run too, and many consider them to be a dark horse in the tournament. The team is coached by football legend Dragan Stojković and led by Dušan Tadić and goal-scoring machine Aleksandar Mitrović that’s currently Premier League’s third top scorer trailing only Norway’s phenom Haaland and England’s Kane.


As always, England has high hopes and considering they have arguably the easiest group to get out of, they have a great chance to make it far in the tournament. However, their recent record in tournaments has been poor and they always manage to find new ways to disappoint their fans. And quite frankly, we don’t see it going the other way this time.


With all this Manchester United drama going on, it’s easy to see how Cristiano would be beyond motivated to lead this team to the title and prove everyone wrong. Portugal’s group is an easy one, so that’s a major plus, but will they have what it takes to make it all the way? We’ll have to wait and see.


Even though they had their fair share of success over the years, the Germans are not the main favorites this time. There are too many question marks surrounding their squad and how they will perform under pressure. Also, Group E is not a walk in the park not even for the mighty Germans, so they will have to give it their all from the get-go.

Of course, there are many other teams that could make a run at the title, but these are the ones that stand out the most. With the tournament just around the corner, we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

The best national teams


The teams that are the favorites this year have been considered the best national teams for years. And how could they not when they showed great results?

Brazil is a powerhouse in world football, Brazil has won the World Cup a record 5 times. They are considered one of the favorites to win every tournament that they compete in.

Spain is also the winner of both the 2010 and 2012 European Championships and a force to be reckoned with in international football. They reached the final of the World Cup in 2014 but were defeated by Germany.

Argentina is one of South America’s most successful national teams and winners in 1978 and 1986. Lionel Messi is their star player and he will be looking to lead them to victory for the first time in a while.

Should you bet on these teams?


If you are looking to bet on the World Cup, then these are the teams that you should be looking at. They have the best chance of winning and are the most likely to make it to the final.

But, as with any bet, nothing is guaranteed and anything can happen in football. So, make sure that you do your research before you place any bets.


There you go! These are the teams that we think have the best chance of winning the World Cup this year. Who do you think will lift the trophy?

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