Should You Buy New or Restore Old Restaurant Furniture – 2024 Guide

Owning a restaurant is something that requires a lot of work on your behalf. Anyone who had this sort of experience will tell you that this is an industry that requires you to invest your best efforts. One of the major reasons is that you will have steep competition. So, standing out from the crowd is not an easy thing to do.

Since we are talking about a space that needs to be filled with numerous different pieces of furniture and some other devices, you can be sure that the investment you have will certainly be hefty. No matter how you look at it, right? The first thing you need to pay attention to is certainly furniture.

If you want to take a look at some of these, visit After you take a look at this question, it immediately comes to mind that there are two ways you can go from this point. You can either purchase new ones or restore existing ones. Let’s take a look at this question in greater detail.

How Long Does Restaurant Furniture Lasts?

Before you can make a proper choice between using the existing one or purchasing new pieces of furniture, you need to understand how long these can last. Naturally, there’s no magic formula that can provide a single answer to all of these questions. Still, there are some standards to take a look at.

The first thing we want to say is that quality restaurant furniture can last for up to seven years. However, if you tend to it properly, then you can expect it to last for up to ten, or even more, years. At the same time, it needs to be said that these repairs can be even heftier than the new ones, which is tricky.

So, this is an easy question. It is clear that a lot of it depends on the material these are made of. For instance, if these are made of plastic, then you cannot count on them lasting too long, no matter how well they are taken care of. On the other side, metal ones tend to last much longer.

When you take a look at the averages, you will immediately understand what’s the timeline for you to start changing these, even when you are interested in repairing them or not. Understanding these figures is essential for you to find the proper time to conduct repairs or purchase new ones.

Benefits of Restoring Restaurant Furniture


First, we want to take a look at the benefits of restoring the existing restaurant furniture.

Adds to Uniqueness

The first benefit is rather obvious. Refurnishing old restaurant furniture is something that adds to the uniqueness. Just think about it, you’re using something old and you’re practically turning it into something new. While it may not look like that at first, you’re doing precisely that.

There’s another angle to this possibility. For example, let’s say you find some old furniture in the space you have bought. Maybe these old pieces can play a vital role in motivating some visitors to the previous restaurant to start visiting when you reopen it. In many cases, this has proven as a good strategy.


Giving a new look to some old pieces is a much cheaper investment than purchasing all the new pieces. Just think about it, you don’t need to invest a lot of money into them. Instead, you can hire some professionals to repaint them, and remove all the rust that may have been accumulated over time.

Fit Within the Style

In case you are an owner of the restaurant for many years, chances are you will grow to love some of the pieces that have been a part of the setting from the start. At some point, you will need to do something about them. Changing them creates a chance that the new pieces will not fit the style.

When someone is not interested in doing that, giving the existing ones a brand new look sounds like a great thing to do. Purchasing those that don’t meet the overall style of the space can disrupt the atmosphere of the restaurant. You can be sure that this is a risky thing to do.

Benefits of Purchasing New Ones


Now, let’s check the benefits of purchasing new ones.

Long Warranties

Buying something new usually comes with a certain warranty, right? The length of these can depend on different elements. Make sure you ask about this aspect before you make the final decision to purchase the items you are interested in. In most cases, it lasts between one and five years.

Even if this may not look like a big thing to take into consideration, we want to point out that this time can mean significant peace of mind for you. At the same time, when the problems finally appear, you will not need to pay any sum of money to cover these damages. They will be taken care of by the seller or you can find these at

Low Maintenance

When you decide on purchasing new furniture, you can be sure that the maintenance will be at the lowest possible level. It means that you don’t need to focus on maintaining them for up to a year or two. Sure some problems might pop up from time to time, but they will not require too much of your time and money.

At the same time, purchasing new ones will provide you with a chance of having more durable materials. Sometimes, you cannot find the pieces for repairing older ones. So, purchasing new ones means that you can find all the parts that are complemented with exactly what you need.


Choosing between purchasing new restaurant furniture or restoring the old ones is not an easy decision to make. You need to understand a wide array of different aspects. In this article of ours, you can take a look at some of the most significant points that can help you clarify this topic a little bit more. We are sure you will find this insight useful.

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