7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Restore an Antique Boat Yourself

Antique boats come in different varieties and characteristics. Fibreglass boats weigh more than wooden ones in terms of strength and resilience. However, the potential for sustaining damages is higher for the latter. While knowing their components and respective repair techniques is beneficial, there are instances where that knowledge can run short. Antique boat restoration is a professional process that requires careful attention to detail and heavy expertise in repair. Fibreglass sail transoms, for instance, require weighted procedures that can cause severe damage and costs when done inappropriately.

Boat restoration services offer three primary advantages over self-repair- the cost, the time, and the risk. The following are reasons why professional restoration services are required for antique boats:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

The most significant advantage you can enjoy through a professional boat restoration solution is the immense cost-benefits. Restoring your antique boat may require higher investments in wood and metal materials, power tools, and other expensive equipment and thus demand considerable investment. A personal restoration project can hike expenses through the roof, not to mention the potential to invest in wrong source parts and components.

But costs here are not limited to just money. When you don’t know where to get a specific material, it requires time. You must dedicate enough time to research and repair the solid piece of wood. Apart from this immense dedication, there are possibilities of further damage if you are a beginner. This will only increase the money to repair it.

Getting a reputable service to work for you can reduce such risks and be a cost-beneficial option when considering heavy rework. Especially in cases where the hull and wood sustained substantial damage, self-repair rarely is successful. With professional expertise, you can get this done for cheap.


2. Time Frame

As mentioned, costs are not limited to just time. Time is of the essence, and this boat might be the need of the hour. There is rarely a single time frame to stick to when beginning this project, and you will never know if it will ever be completed. If worse comes to worst, this time could be wasted with the project half-finished. By hiring professional services, you get a solid time frame to expect results for a reasonable amount. As they are equipped with supreme knowledge about the nits and grits of a boat, they could get the restoration done quite fast.

3. Risk Considerations

Beginners must be honest with themselves when handling projects that are out of their comfort zone and expertise. Boat restoration is not a simple task, and it is pretty challenging in the case of ancient boats and ships. When taking on projects that require a higher degree of dedication and commitment, there is always a slight risk that things can go haywire. You might spend much more than the standard servicing fee or even the original price of the boat. You might also have to risk causing damage to yourself, let alone the ship.

The question is whether you can risk it all and dive in for a half-baked job. The risk is not only limited to the restoration process but also the after-operation. Can you risk the boat sinking when you take it for a drive? Chances are the answer would be a no. Professional service providers know what they are doing, and you can rest easy on the liability in their hands.


4. Guaranteed Success

Antique boat restoration is rarely a successful process without professional help. When experts are at hand, things can hardly go wrong. When there’s a part in the process where you feel like you can’t make it by faking it, seeking expert help will always guarantee success. Professional and trained experts can impart their skills and knowledge reasonably. Consider this avenue, as costs can get higher when doing them yourself. Not only are they cost-efficient, but they also reduce repair time and failure risk.

5. Experience

You can trade the knowledge, but you cannot trade the experience of a professional boat restoration service provider. An owner’s experience always falls short to a certain degree in contrast to an expert, regardless of apt knowledge and sharp boating skills. Proper repair requires years of honing skills and decades of dedicated practice, precisely what you will find in reliable services.

When it comes to boats, the problems are rarely limited to one. New issues constantly pop up during projects like this, and such cases may require expert opinion. A boat rider’s knowledge pales compared to years of such significant experience. Hiring one can save time, cost, and risk of errors.

6. Safety Of Repair

A novice boater is always a hazard to safety. Boat repairs are dangerous in terms of your health and sea operations. Not only will you put your own life at risk during the restoration process, but you will also put the passenger’s life at risk when out in the open sea. When expertise is compromised, then safety is too. The restoration process demands handling dangerous equipment with protection and expertise, requiring more than just minimum knowledge.

Besides the project risks, numerous risks haunt the passengers’ lives. When you are at sea with your botched boat repairs, you are held liable for their lives and are responsible for preventing potential injuries. Rest assured, your boat will always be in safe hands when you hire a reliable service company.


7. Peaceful Boating Experience

One cannot deny that boat rides are indeed a one-of-a-kind experience. But this experience is only pleasuresome when the boat is in top-notch condition. When riding a boat that you know is not in drivable condition can sacrifice peace of mind and the joy of boating. You would not have to be wary when hiring the right services.


While you may be in complete control when trying to restore the boat by yourself, this control is not always an excellent option to see. There are a plethora of companies that are willing to lend you a hand and ready to impart their expert knowledge and opinion. They are equipped with the right equipment and can also advise you on proper maintenance procedures for safety. A half-done boat carries your weight and the risk of sinking.

Searching for the right company needs time for research. Only select those services that are consistent with your needs. Check their history and customer-service benefits. Proper consumer awareness can get you excellent proficiency in work.

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