5 Train Trips From Union Station Los Angeles That You Shouldn’t Miss!

Though airplanes and cars have now started dominating the travel scenes, what we often forget is the original mode of transport- trains. Trains are still one of the fascinating ways to explore a place because they offer breath-taking views of the countryside and you can enjoy the fresh air of the coast.

Imagine sitting by a cushioned window with your cup of coffee or tea and the stunning landscape greeting you outside. There are several ocean-side train journeys that you may embark on from LA’s Union Station. Moreover, a longer journey may take you to California! Read to know the top 5 journeys from Union Station that you cannot miss.

San Diego is calling, baby!


The Amtrak Pacific Surfliner from the Union Station at Los Angeles takes you straight to San Diego without having to sit through hours of traffic on the weekend. The serene view of the ocean washes away all your stress, and you can breathe in the fresh air.

The best part about these trains is that every seat, including the coach seats, have their plugs for you to charge our phones and electronics. Remember to carry the correct adapter. Though their Wi-Fi may dip at times, you can reach the Pacific Coast Highway in approximately 2 hours. San Diego has innumerable adventurous options such as Solana Beach, the Sante Fe stop, and the Pizza Port. Please remember to opt for a business-class seat if it gets crowded.

Let’s head to San Luis Obispo


Abbreviated as SLO, this is a tiny, charismatic college town that is approximately 5 and a half hours away from Union Station. It is more suited for a weekend getaway from LA. The delightful journey’s one-way ticket costs around $40. Some of the prettiest and enchanting spots that it crosses are the Old West Desert of Simi Valley, lush fields of Ventura County, and the Pacific Ocean. If you are lucky, you will be able to spot a leaping school of dolphins. Those who are in for a luxury trip must head to Madonna Inn for a slice of their famous pink champagne cake. Union Station luggage storage has satisfied everyone over the years.

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Santa Barbara sounds so fancy


It will take you around 2 and a half hours to reach Santa Barbara on the Pacific Surfliner. A one-way ticket usually costs around $30. Though you may make this a one-day trip, it is recommended that you make it a weekend getaway from LA to keep things eased out. When in Santa Barbara, it is imperative to dine at a Mexican eatery. Though you may go straight to La-Super Rica, you may also try the lip-smacking dishes at Rudy’s Restaurant No.1.

Finally, time to hit Grand Canyon


For the uninitiated, Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. LA to Grand Canyon is a long train journey but worth every second of it. You also get a chance to stop at a town along Route 66. It takes approximately 9 and a half hours to reach the Williams Junction in Arizona on the Southwest Chief train. A typical one-way coach trip is likely to cost you somewhere around $70. There is a chance to upgrade to a roomette for an overnight journey. Also, you can get delicious American meals depending on the time of your arrival.

Such natural vibes at Seattle at San Diego

If you wish to go on the gem of the fleet, then you have to take this journey from LA’s Union Station to Seattle and San Diego on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight. You can board the train and depart anytime you want. However, if you wish to get the most beautiful landscapes in your camera, then you must wait for the California end. You not only enjoy the scenery but also indulge in exceptional wine tasting. The vibe is such that you will feel you are practically in the ocean with the waves tingling your feet.

Though these are 5 top train journeys that you can take from LA’s Union Station, you can explore more such fantastic stops. Union Station luggage storage is no issue, but you are recommended to travel light!

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