Why You Can’t – Miss to Have Screen Door Magnetic

Magnetic screen doors eliminate the need for a doorknob. You can enter and exit your home quickly and easily while keeping the bugs out at the same time! They are similar to regular screen doors with an added “magnetic feature”. Each individual mesh of the screen is made up of tiny little magnets that cling together when you get near it. This holds the door closed against insects, dirt, water, and wind.

When not in use, simply fold it up like a window shade! Now you have access from either side just by releasing one side from its magnetic connection! The only thing better than extra ventilation is no bugs or pests coming inside to bug you while you enjoy fresh air!! If you want to see some, check here.

How to install a magnetic screen door:


If you have a hard time with doors, live in an apartment, or just want extra ventilation, then a magnetic screen door is definitely what you need. They sell them at cost because we know that they can help people that have trouble opening and closing regular doors. Even if you only get the occasional bug that comes into your home it’s good to have one of these around! It never hurts to be prepared. The other great thing about these screens is how easy they are to use. Anybody can master it! So if you think this could make your life easier, go ahead and give it a try! You’ll be glad you did!!

What size should I get?

It depends on the size of your door and if you want to cover up any windows. Usually, we recommend this for doors that are 36″ or less, but some people will use it for even larger doors. Just make sure not to buy a screen that is too small as it can rip easily depending on how rough you are with it! If you’re looking at getting one of these then chances are red that you’ll know what size door you need without having to measure first which makes it pretty easy to decide now, doesn’t it?!

What do I need to know before buying a magnetic screen door?

Everybody wants something different from their purchase so here’s a list of a few important things to be aware of before making your purchase:

The average magnetic screen door will come in 2 separate pieces and they will both need to be fastened with screws, nails, or some type of adhesive. If you’re not comfortable doing this then we recommend getting a professional to install them for you! Keep in mind that if the screen tears you can always contact professionals for a new one! We’ll hook it up no problem!!

• Some people have had really bad experiences with their pets ripping these screens on accident
• Luckily there is a fix for this… All you need to do is get some crazy glue and trace around the tear while applying pressure. It should seal itself instantly!!! Now your pet can’t accidentally rip through them anymore
• You want to make sure your door fits before you buy
• Also, check to see if your door needs hardware for installation.
• Make sure not to put it on a screen door that already has a screen!! You don’t want it ripping, do you?!

Benefits of magnetic screen doors:


• Reduced insects from entering your home
• Helps keep out cold air during the winter months and hot air in the summer.
• You can easily see through it which makes it easy to chat with a neighbor while still maintaining a little privacy.
• They look really nice so you won’t have to sacrifice looks for practicality… And isn’t that what we all want, right?! We’ll admit that they don’t look quite as good as full screens but they do add a lot of value to the beauty of your home! Plus, if you’re having guests over then you can just fold them up and you have nothing blocking your view!!!

What are magnetic screen doors made from?

It will depend on the company you buy from, but most are made with lightweight aluminum, stainless steel, or terylene mesh. Others have mentioned that they are polyester but we haven’t seen many companies utilize this material even though it’s actually very strong. Usually, the bulk of your purchase will depend on what kind of mesh is used so you want to make sure you know about all of these things!!!

How long do magnetic screen doors last?

It won’t be hard for them to last 5-7 years if you take good care of them! If your pets constantly rip through the screens then they will end up tearing faster than normal.

Having said that, there should always be a first time for everything and who knows… maybe your pet has superpowers?! It has happened before.

Do I need to worry about mosquitoes?


Mosquitoes can still get through these screens if they’re big enough, but it will happen very rarely! Tons of people all over the world are using them and they love them for many reasons.

How hard are these to install?

Not too difficult, actually! Most companies sell their products with installation instructions (which you should definitely read), but in most cases, it’s as simple as attaching them to your existing door with screws or nails!! A few have mentioned that they had some trouble figuring out how to put them together, but that’s pretty rare so don’t fret if this happens! We’re always here for you!!! If you need help just send it to professionals.

Price comparison

The great thing about the magnetic screen is how affordable they are considering what other options cost and how much use you will get out of them. They start at around $25 and go up depending on the size and style!


So, to summarize the important points about magnetic screen doors:

• They are GREAT for pets that love to rip through screens.
• You should make sure your door is compatible.
• If your pet rips the screen all you have to do is glue it with some crazy glue… a trick most people overlook!

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