Why You Should Rent A Led Screen For Your Party Or Ceremony

Nowadays, an increasing number of people love celebrating festivals and important events. No matter is it the new year, grand opening ceremony, birthday party, wedding, gala dinner, or anniversary you will need an attractive layout for your venue. That’s when LED Screen steps in.

Since it will be a little bit expensive to purchase an LED screen, and probably you will only use it once for a celebration, it is wise to rent a LED display screen. As a matter of fact, there are many LED Rental Display Screen companies in the world, and they focus on bringing a better experience of feasts for organizers as well as the guests by providing high quality indoor & outdoor LED dance floors, LED background panel lighting, LED ceiling lighting, LED effects lighting and LED Display Screens.

To rent an indoor LED screen, three points you should pay attention to:

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First of all, brightness has a significant impact on the display of an indoor LED screen. Too high brightness can easily damage human vision, endanger human health, too low brightness will lead to the unclear display of the screen image. Generally speaking, the light of an indoor LED display is 800 cd/㎡ to 2000 cd/㎡.

Secondly, you can check the quality of the tube core of this Screen by the number of dead points. Dead center means that a single point which is usually bright or dark on the display screen. The less the dead center, the better the display effect will be.

Thirdly, affected by the encapsulation of the LED core, the viewing angle of the LED display directly determines the number of audiences. A larger viewing angle will support more audiences.

The installation of an LED screen is also crucial when you consider renting one


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1) This kind of LED display is usually installed indoors.

2) The display area of the screen is smaller than the whole screen, and if there is something wrong, it should be taken down or made into a folding-in-one frame for maintenance.


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These screens are usually used for outdoor advertisements. And there are many ways of installation as follows:

1) Installation of a single column: suitable for small screen applications

2) Double Column Installation: Suitable for Large Screen Applications

3) Closed Maintenance Channel: Suitable for Simple Box

4) Open Maintenance Channel: Suitable for Standard Box


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The whole display panel is embedded in the wall and is on the same level as the wall surface. This installation method is used both indoors and outdoors. It’s usually used for the entrance of a building or a hall. It’s not a coincidence that, for example, P3.91 Die-casting LED Panel from Sunfrom also supports the embedded installation. It is made of die-cast aluminum with three colors for you to choose: green, blue, red. The average power consumption of it is 210 w/m2, and the maximum viewing angle is nearly 160, which enables more audiences to participate in a ceremony.


This method is used indoors and outdoors for traffic guidance on highways and railways. It is also used at the entrance of corridors, stations, and subway. And this kind of LED Screen generally adopts integrated cabinet design or hoisting structure design.


This kind of installation is common in outdoor advertising displays. The resistance to the wind is the critical point of this installation. And it is generally installed with an inclined angle, or the module is designed with inclined 8 degrees.

We run you through enough information about LED screens that you need to consider while renting one. Now you can easily pick one that best suits your productional requirements.

Since it will be a little bit expensive to purchase a LED screen, and probably you will only use it once for a celebration, it is wise to rent a LED display screen from leddisplayrentals.net

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