Keeping Your Building in Fine Mettle: Why You Should Choose Metal Gable Roof Trusses for Your Next Project

If you’re in the agricultural industry, you work hard, and you expect your equipment to work hard, too. However, many don’t think about how certain decisions in construction in their barn or storage buildings could drastically impact the structure’s longevity, integrity, and ease of use. This is especially true if you’re looking at eye level – and not up.

The trusses of a barn or warehouse are essential to its functioning, as they help to distribute the weight of the roof around all four walls. Because barns and warehouses are often quite large, it’s essential that the roof be supported across its entire length and width to prevent sagging or collapse; trusses provide that stability and keep the roof in good condition.

There are multiple gable roof truss styles on the market, but generally, there are only two materials to choose from: wood or metal. While wood may seem like an attractive option, it doesn’t have the strength and staying power of metal. Today, we’ll give the top reasons why you should pick metal gable roof trusses when designing your next barn or storage building for your agricultural operations.

Wood, while cheaper up front, will require greater maintenance and more frequent replacement


When choosing between the two materials, it’s easy to shy away from metal trusses because they’re more expensive up front; however, when thinking of the long term, it becomes clear that metal gable roof trusses are the better option, as they will last many years without replacement.

Wood is susceptible to rot and termite infestations, and with a larger building, it might be hard to inspect these trusses on a regular basis, which may lead to roof damage if one fails or splits. This material is also quite vulnerable to extreme temperature fluctuations, so it may be a poor choice in a place with hot, muggy summers and cold, icy winters.

Metal, on the other hand, will last much longer. It’s resistant to rot and pests, and it can handle temperature fluctuations better; while it does need maintenance, such as checking and repairing rust spots, it will not need to be replaced anywhere near as frequently as wood.

Firstly, metal trusses are made of recyclable materials, making them a sustainable choice. Additionally, metal is a long-lasting material that requires minimal maintenance and repairs, reducing waste and extending the lifespan of the building.

Furthermore, metal gable roof trusses can be coated with reflective paint, which reduces the amount of energy required to cool the building. This can lead to significant energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint. Metal trusses are also resistant to pests and fire, which further enhances their durability and sustainability.

Overall, metal gable roof trusses offer several environmental benefits that can contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly building project.

Light but sturdy, metal gable roof trusses allow for both more floor space and a higher overhead


Wooden trusses are ponderous, and they can’t span anywhere near the distance of metal, so they require frequent support beams to ensure that they remain stable. Because they don’t have as high of a load-bearing weight, you’ll need to get larger beams, which of course means less overhead space.

On the other hand, metal gable roof trusses can span longer distances with fewer support beams; they’re lighter, so you’ll have more overhead space for those large loads, or just so that your barn feels airier. These trusses are made of two long metal pieces with triangular joins inside, which provides immense stability and strength without adding a lot more weight or size.

That extra overhead space can mean the difference between a versatile, highly functional barn or warehouse, and a cramped building with a low clearance. If you work with tall equipment regularly, or if you need excellent ventilation in your barn, metal gable roof trusses are essential for the success of your construction.

You’ll be able to install metal trusses faster than wooden trusses – and pay less to transport them


Because metal gable roof trusses are much lighter than wood trusses, they’re much easier to transport and install; you’ll need far less manpower to get the trusses onto a truck, bring them to your building site, and put them into place. Many manufacturers also keep these trusses in their fabrication shop so you can order what you need on short notice, while wooden trusses may have to be cut and processed when you order them, based on the size of your construction and how much weight they will need to bear.

Easier and faster installation is often essential on a construction project when you’re paying contractors by the hour or day and want to get things done quickly but accurately. Metal gable roof trusses can be put up in a fraction of the time of wooden trusses, especially as they’re ready-made to fit perfectly into place. You won’t need to drill in brackets or ensure that the wooden trusses are joined properly: metal trusses are ready to go right out of the box, which makes installation a breeze.

Final thoughts

Agriculture is all about both short-term success and long-term longevity: we want to make a profit now, but also create something we can pass down to our children and grandchildren, with all the infrastructure they’ll need to succeed. It’s clear that if you’re aiming for long-lasting, well-designed, and highly functional barns or storage buildings, metal gable roof trusses are the perfect option. Whether you’re building a warehouse, a horse barn, or a simple shelter, you can’t go wrong with these sturdy, simple, and safe trusses.

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