4 Benefits of Hiring a 40-Tonne Franna Crane for Larger Jobs
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4 Benefits of Hiring a 40-Tonne Franna Crane for Larger Jobs

Cranes come in a range of sizes with various functionality features. One of the most well-known brands is the Franna crane and when it comes to larger pick and carry jobs, you should consider the 40-tonne model.

While you can invest in owning a Franna crane as part of your project’s heavy machinery fleet, the outlay can be daunting for some business owners. Considering Franna crane hire Melbourne transport companies offer their clients is a feasible option. But when should you consider hiring a 40T Franna crane and what are the benefits of using this model?

Keep reading as we talk about Franna machines and why you should use the 40-tonne model for some of your projects.

Who is Franna?

Franna is a leading heavy machinery manufacturer of pick-and-carry cranes. Known for its innovative engineering and designs, the Franna brand has been prominent in the Australian market for over 40 years. It’s now a popular global brand.

Dave Francis constructed the first Franna crane in 1978 using truck components to develop it. In 1986, Lou Parolin and Brian Hain purchased the business and named it Franna Cranes. Terex Corporation took the business over in 1999.

You can use Franna machinery in the following applications:

  • Construction
  • General lifting jobs
  • Hydroelectric projects
  • Mining
  • Military operations
  • Shipbuilding
  • Shipping transport & logistics
  • Nuclear power plants

The Franna crane’s uniqueness lies in its design – it’s a truck and a crane all in one machine! You get the benefits that come with a truck and the lifting power of the crane. With their unique and versatile design, Franna pick and carry cranes can be used in complex situations such as awkward site access, out-of-reach locations, and areas with height restrictions.

4 Benefits of Hiring a 40-tonne Franna Crane

4 Benefits of Hiring a 40-tonne Franna Crane
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1. Hiring Heavy Machinery is Cost-Effective

When it comes to larger pick-and-carry jobs, you need to use a crane that has enough power to handle the task efficiently and safely. This is when a 40-tonne Franna crane comes in handy. But, if your project only uses this type of heavy machinery occasionally you don’t want your investment standing idle for long periods.

Hiring Franna cranes when you need them is a feasible solution that allows you to manage your cash flow more effectively. It also means you don’t need to worry about repairs or maintenance costs which are normally the responsibility of the crane rental company.

2. The Franna Crane Design is Highly Versatile

The Franna crane design saves you from investing in a wide range of equipment to perform lifting tasks! The Franna crane is easy to set up, especially since it has no stabilizing legs you have to plan for! These features improve workplace productivity and efficiency on-site, saving you time and money.

The Franna crane can be used to pick and carry materials from one location to another on-site and it can handle large loads when travelling long distances. Its increased maneuverability makes it highly functional, especially in tight spaces or in urban areas with nearby buildings or trees.

3. The AT40 Franna Crane Can Handle Large Lifting and Carrying Jobs Safely

The AT40 Franna Crane Can Handle Large Lifting and Carrying Jobs Safely
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The AT40 Franna crane boasts the biggest lifting capacity when compared to other models – it can easily lift and carry 40 tonnes without becoming a hazard. It has 44% more load moment capacity than the popular Franna Mac 25 and its 3-axle feature takes away the need for a removable counterweight.

The crane’s full-width isolated cabin provides excellent visibility for the operator, making the machine safer when in operation on-site or carrying loads from one location to another. When loss of traction is detected, the 4WD automatically engages which keeps the crane stable during operation.

4. Key Features of the 40T Franna Crane Makes Light Work of Heavy Tasks

Besides the overall versatility that applies to all Franna cranes, the key features of the 40t model make it most suitable for extra-heavy work. These include:

  • A 3-axle design that has a similar turning circle to the MAC 25 model.
  • Its high-strength 19.8m boom allows for more reach when handling heavier tasks.
  • A lifting capacity of 40 tonnes.
  • Road speeds of up to 75km/h so it can move from one job to another quickly.

When looking for the perfect crane to handle heavy work efficiently, smoothly, and timeously, you can’t go wrong with hiring the AT40 Franna model!

Final Thoughts

Hiring a 40-Tonne Franna Crane for Larger Jobs
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Engineered to handle heavier pick-and-carry tasks, the designers have kept safety, productivity, and efficiency at the forefront of their minds. This allows project managers to meet their workers’ health and safety requirements while meeting deadlines. With the use of advanced technology, the AT40 Franna crane boasts superior lifting and carrying capabilities.

Hiring a 40-tonne Franna crane includes getting all the benefits that come with this machine’s premium features. You can rest assured that your larger pick-and-carry tasks will be handled properly while you also manage your budget!

In conclusion, when facing larger pick-and-carry jobs, considering the hire of a 40-tonne Franna crane proves advantageous on various fronts. Not only does hiring heavy machinery offer cost-effectiveness by sparing you from idle investments and maintenance worries, but the versatility of the Franna crane design enhances workplace productivity and efficiency. Safety remains paramount with features like the full-width isolated cabin and automatic 4WD engagement, ensuring smooth operations even with heavy loads.

The AT40 Franna model, with its robust features and advanced technology, stands out for its ability to handle extra-heavy tasks efficiently while meeting safety standards. By opting for hire, you leverage premium capabilities without compromising your budget, ensuring that your larger pick-and-carry tasks are executed seamlessly and on schedule.

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