How to Find Jobs on Job Search Sites?

Job search sites now replace the classified ads used for jobs. Gone are the days when you had to visit these companies and schedule an interview with the HR team in person to get considered for the position. The process was so exhausting and time-consuming. Thanks to these modern job boards. These platforms serve as the one-stop destination for all the job-seekers out there.

Whether you are an engineer who just graduated or a part-time employee looking for a better and high-paying job, these job sites provide you with a list of a plethora of job openings that match your relevant skills and educational background.

These platforms offer the easiest way for people to apply for dozens of jobs with an updated resume. As easy as these job sites have made it for people to find their dream jobs, the competition in this industry is getting fierce every day. Tons of job searching sites filled with hundreds of thousands of listings have made the process pretty overwhelming. We have compiled a list of the top 6 job boards for a quick and effective job search to make it easier for you click here. Let’s take a look:

Indeed Job Search:


In 2004, Indeed became one of the most popular job boards globally, with over 250 million registered on the platform. In addition, Indeed has its own resume template, allowing users to create a customized resume in seconds and directly connect with recruiters.

The platform has jobs from different categories and for all employees (freelancers, full-time workers, part-time employees, or contract-based job seekers). In addition, you can filter the search list by the date of posting, your experience, job title and location, and other categories.

The site is free, and you don’t need to set up an account either, although an account on Indeed is highly recommended since it allows you to receive job alerts and messages from recruiters.



LinkedIn has become the world’s fastest-growing and leading networking site, with more than 774 million people registered on the platform. It combines the social networking platform and a job board with hundreds of thousands of listings posted every day.

The speciality of this networking site is that it allows users to build a virtual connection with the recruiters by adding recruiters to their network. LinkedIn itself is a digital resume of an employee looking for a job opportunity. When you apply for a position, your LinkedIn profile is sent to the employee. It serves as your resume showing your skills, educational background, qualifications, and other relevant information.

You need to sign up for an account with LinkedIn to reach out to the recruiters. Then, you can fill your profile with the required information and start applying for jobs.

You could also begin adding people to your account to grow your professional network.



If you have been using the job boards or other digital tools for online job searching, you must already be familiar with Glassdoor. Launched in 2008, the platform started as a place to serve employees with honest employee reviews.

The site has over 1.7 million employers with over 100 million job listings and millions of reviews of different companies posted by the employees. It is an ideal place for people who want to apply for jobs while checking the reliability and transparency of the company.



Flexijobs was launched by Sara Sutton, who was frustrated by the illegitimate and lack of decent work-from-home opportunities for skilled candidates. Today, it has become a popular site for those looking for remote jobs. It has more than 30,000 listings from the world’s top companies and famous recruiters. The website is dedicated to remote employees who want to work from the comfort of their homes.

While this remote job-searching site is an ideal and safe place for job seekers, it comes with a price. It costs $6.95 for one week and $49.95 for a one-year membership plan. The platform uses this money to fund the research for the best job opportunities for employees with varying educational backgrounds and experiences.

It’s an ad-free and one-stop platform for all the remote workers out there. Those who do not want to buy its membership plan can sign up for an account with its sister company, “Remote. co”. It is available for free, but it doesn’t have as many listings as Flexjobs.

The Ladders:


The Ladders is another reputable platform dedicated to providing career opportunities for job seekers. The tool is known for delivering customized job listings that can earn you $100,000+ annually. Though anyone can register an account with this job board, we recommend it for managers and experienced candidates, as it connects you to high-paying jobs. In addition, the Ladders has job listings posted by many famous companies, including but not limited to Google, Morgan Stanley, and Cigna.

While most listings are available for free, you may have to pay a small price to apply to the listings from particular companies. Basically, you need to purchase a paid subscription to be able to apply to different jobs.



It is one of the oldest and most popular job search sites on the internet. If you have been looking for a remote or a full-time job in your city, chances are you must have found jobs posted on Monster’s official website. The company reports more than 7900 job listings and 29 resumes posted on the platform every single minute.

Monster is a go-to site for job seekers looking for high-paying, full-time, part-time, freelancing, and other jobs. However, it does not have as many opportunities and filters as Indeed.

Jobs You Can Find On Job Search Sites

Are you ready to find your next job online? You probably know the nature of jobs you can find on job search sites that match your skills and experience. So, prepare your curriculum vitae and cover letter to submit your job applications.
Here’s a quick guide of jobs you can find on online job portals for your reference:

  • Call Center Related Jobs:

Technical and customer support jobs are available on job search sites. Most companies provide free hardware and software tools for new hires. Many of them also provide data allowance.

  • Shipping Or Freight-Related Jobs:

E-commerce or online businesses are in demand, which increases the world’s demand for shipping-related jobs. Examples include forklift operators, seafarer jobs, and over-the-road truck driving jobs available at and other freight or shipping companies.

  • Freelancing Jobs:

Some examples of independent contractors or freelancers include web content writers, social media marketers, English tutors, email responders, graphic artists, and data analysts. You can work for multiple clients as a freelancer and earn more income.

  • Consultancy Jobs:

If you have a lot of experience in business, finance, medicine, or any niche, you can work as a consultant. Giant corporations usually employ remote online consultants as a part of their big move towards digital transformation.

The bottom line in applying for a job is knowing your skillset and how it matches the job description of the position you are applying for. It’s crucial to find a job in which you’re confident you can perform the tasks well to ensure stability and growth in the workplace.


These were the top 6 job board sites that are performing well on the internet lately. You can create an account, upload your resume, and start applying for jobs for free (on most sites). Get a paid membership plan to improve your chances of getting hired by a top company or browse them for free (whichever suits your preference).

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