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How Executive Search Companies Find Candidates

Although executive search companies might go to job fairs or look at job boards to find the right candidates, the recruiters working at these companies usually use strategies that are more creative to identify and screen possible talent. In this article, you will be able to learn what strategies and methods executive search firms use in order to find the proper candidates. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Their Personal Network

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One of the major parts of being an executive recruiter is to build active, and strong relationships with people. And that is why recruiters often spend years building up their professional networks while establishing meaningful relationships with friends, industry leaders, alumni, who might be perfect for a job opening at any given time. By building their network, people who are looking for a job will have better chances of meeting an executive recruiter that will be able to help them on their job hunt.

2. They Get Referrals

Individuals in the recruiter’s network also act as confidantes, which means that they can recommend someone who might be perfect for a job position. Also, they will be able to provide more information about the individuals they recommended. Usually, an executive recruiter will ask someone that they trust to provide insight about a candidate, or they might ask to help them set up a meeting with the potential employee.

3. LinkedIn Recruiters

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Although a lot of people do not know about the “Recruiter” category on LinkedIn, it has been quite popular with executive recruiters. According to the experts from GatedTalent, this category is perfect for creating a recruiting project, since it will be easier for a recruiter to view the full profile of the potential candidate, without the users knowing that you are viewing their profile. Also, a recruiter will be able to take notes on the candidates, send messages, collect replies, and store reports at one location.

4. Other Social Media Platforms

Executive recruiters will search a wide range of blog types, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as forums that are used by specific niches of professional people. They usually track trending topics on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter while looking for individuals that provide new ideas, expertise, and people who engage in discussions related to a particular field.

5. Professional Organizations

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Recruiters often attend conferences where they can note and meet interesting speakers and panelists at the event that might match their needs for an expert in a particular field. The recruiters will also mingle with volunteers, associates, and experts after the conference finishes, usually at social gatherings or lunch. Usually, all conference attendees will have their business cards with them, hence, they will be able to exchange them with recruiters after their conversation. Individuals looking for a job should attend as many conferences, trade shows, and events since they can network themselves and open up possibilities for finding a job that will fit their expertise.


The resources from this article will ensure that any executive recruiter stays aware of potential candidates and employees, and the resources will also make the entire process of assessing and getting in touch with them easier and less time-consuming. Thinking of working as a management consultant? Check out this insightful guide from Career Explorer.

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