4 Best Practices For Tech Companies to Prep Their Marketing Campaign

Spending as much time as possible on a marketing campaign is one of the top things you can do for your company. Marketing experts for tech companies have access to a wide variety of appealing tools. However, not all of them are available without due research.

If your marketing team is wondering what should be done next, you may be falling behind at this very moment. From arranging live events to discovering programmatic advertising, you need to know it all.

Are you ready to prep a marketing campaign better than the competition? You can take advantage of the below practices. Each one of them is a must-have, which you can tweak to your liking.

1. Dive Into The Video Realm


Videos are among the most demanded marketing tools in the universe. While textual content is still widely used, many companies are switching to visual aids. Take a look at this unique post that shows how companies employ viral video campaigns, sometimes with the help of video translation, as a unique global marketing strategy.

Whatever your niche in the technology world is, grab the videos and use them. This practice is especially useful for tech companies, which have a focused specialization. Let the world know what you are about in simple terms.

– Telling Stories

Use videos to identify with your audience and allow it to identify with you. Tell a compelling story about the way your company works, its vision, goals, etc. Once you have a viewer’s attention, you can go on to the specifics.

Try to keep your videos as simple and short as possible. According to marketing experts at concise and entertaining videos work for them in the best manner.

– Adding Humor

Just because you are a serious tech company, it doesn’t mean that your audience doesn’t enjoy a good laugh. Creating entertaining and fun videos are an excellent way to get the viewer’s attention without too much technical jargon.

Tell a funny story and incorporate your products into it. While it may seem to be an impossible task, you’ll be surprised at how easily professionals can accomplish it.

– Using Reviews

Video reviews are priceless. Ask your existing customers to share their opinion in a video. Such reviews can bring in hundreds of new clients.

Unfortunately, not too many clients are ready to record a video just because they like your product. So it’s up to you to motivate them. Offer a nice incentive for leaving a video review.

2. Work On Your Content


While video content can do wonders, the textual content is what you need for excellent SEO efforts. As the years go by, the content requirements for SEO and marketing purposes are growing. You have to create high-quality content, which is easy to read, packed with information, yet not overly technical.

When creating your content, keep the quality in mind. Not too many tech companies are ready to invest in truly valuable texts. The majority of them are looking for simple ways to fool Google into putting them on top of the search results.

Thankfully, today, it’s becoming harder and harder. Quality is what gets the perks. By creating high-value content, you may not get on the top of the search ASAP, but you will start building long-term relationships with your target audience. This approach will eventually turn into conversions and profit.

While content creation can be expensive, it’s worth the investment, especially for tech companies. Keep the rule of the reciprocation mind. When you share something valuable, the reader feels obliged to share something in return. When you share trash…you get the point.

Keep your content unique. Of course, it may seem that everything you want to write about has been written before. And it probably has. But you can always find a unique perspective. Use it to create unique content.

3. Take Advantage Of Multiple Marketing Channels

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Focusing on a couple of channels may be a good idea for a start. However, eventually, tech companies need to consider as many channels as possible. From inbound marketing to social media advertising and from referrals to channel marketing, a tech company should use them all.

Putting all your eggs in one basket can result in a botched marketing campaign effort and extra expenses.

In order to take advantage of the successful multichannel marketing strategy, you have to:

  • Ensure that your marketing departments are integrated and aligned.
  • Understand who your clients are by creating a potential customer persona.
  • Create a unified experience for your customers across different marketing channels.

Spreading yourself thin over multiple marketing channels is a bad choice in case you don’t have sufficient resources and lack team members. In such a situation, you should focus on the most relevant marketing channels.

4. Use Marketing Automation Tools


As a tech company, you, better than anyone, know the importance of technologies. By stopping to think for a minute, you can fall behind the competition for days. That’s why taking advantage of automation tools is a must.

You need these tools from such simple tasks as checking email validity to more complex projects, such as identifying the perfect space for your ads. Marketing automation tools allow you to save time and money while achieving better and faster results.

The most useful marketing automation tools today are:

  • Marketo – the most popular and powerful tool, which is great for managing and segmenting lists while creating excellent email content.
  • Oracle Eloqua – a B2B marketing platform that has a large database. It provides excellent marketing campaign analysis options and much more. However, it comes with a formidable price tag.
  • – flexible marketing tool for SMBs with an intuitive interface and a reasonable cost.
  • Hubspot – inbound marketing software to help businesses go from outbound lead generation to inbound lead generation.
  • SalesFusion – popular marketing automation software for B2B companies that helps build large revenue funnel for marketing and sales.

Final Thoughts

In the modern world, new marketing practices are arising faster than you master the old ones. It’s highly important to pick your battles to stay ahead of the competition. The above four practices can give you a great start.

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