Why You Should Spend Your Zanzibar Beach Holiday in a Private Villa

Cherished by thrillseekers and leisure travelers for its sparkling beaches, exciting outdoor adventures, UNESCO-listed capital, and grand colonial architecture, the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar is as exotic as they come. The renowned spice island continues to feature in the list of top beach destinations in Africa for tourists looking to escape to an island paradise and have the time of their lives.

While Zanzibar offers an assortment of accommodation options to cater to any traveler, those seeking all-out luxury and relaxation can never go wrong with a private villa. Here’s why:

Complete Exclusivity

Private villas are like standalone homes, complete with everything from living and dining rooms to lush bedrooms, bathrooms and wide outdoor spaces. Many luxury villas even have private pools so you don’t have to go all the way out to the oceanside to get wet.

These villas come in many sizes — from an intimate one-bedroom villa to larger properties with enough bedrooms to accommodate more than a dozen people. This exclusivity means you get to enjoy a “home away from home” type of experience in Zanzibar with all these amazing facilities at your disposal.

Excellent Amenities and Superior Services


In addition to private pools, many villas also have private gyms, spa treatment rooms, private gardens, furnished decks with sun loungers, and even private beach access, which lets you explore some of the more remote and exciting places in Zanzibar.

Your needs are also taken care of by friendly and knowledgeable housekeepers, butlers, and drivers dedicated to providing you with superior service every step of the way. Some private villas in Zanzibar are even affiliated with local organizations that provide certain activities like horseback riding across the island and even swimming with the horses. This means you can have these activities arranged for you from the comfort of your villa without going through the regular sign up processes like everyone else.


Stay in a private villa means you have the advantage of creating your own schedule and moving at your own pace instead of being restricted to check-in and check-out times and fixed mealtimes. You get to tailor your itinerary to suit you and your traveling companions without stressing about having to wake up before a particular time to avoid missing out on breakfast. You’re in Zanzibar to relax and have a fun time, after all, so why not choose the perfect accommodation option that lets you do just that?


This is especially helpful if you are traveling as a group. Sometimes, different members of the group have different preferences, be it in the form of the activities they want to do or even the kinds of food they want to eat. Private villas are designed to personalize each person’s experience so they usually have more variation and more options for your stay than a hotel or lodge.


Zanzibar is generally a safe destination, but if you are looking for that additional security for your own peace of mind, staying in a private villa can give you just that. Villas in Zanzibar are secure and completely eliminate the worry of being around strangers. This means you get to fully relax and enjoy your beach holiday without having to stress.

Perfect for families

Families with little kids or even pets will definitely benefit from private villas as there are no restrictions or policies like you would usually get in other accommodation options. Don’t get us wrong — hotels and lodges are great choices, but only very few of them are equipped to accommodate families with kids.

At best, you may have to settle for interconnecting rooms, which may end up costing you more to book. With a private villa, your kids can laugh and scream well into the night without you worrying that they are disturbing other guests. You have the whole place to yourself so there’s really no one to disturb.

Value For Money

It is a common misconception that private villas are pricey, but if you really think about it, you’re getting good value for your money and then some. Plus, when you compare the price tag to that of a luxury hotel, especially for families or large groups, you will often find that it saves you money.

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