10 Design Ideas For The Perfect Brown Kitchen

Whether brown has always been your color or not, you will simply fall in love with our top ten design ideas for a brown kitchen. There are a variety of shades and tones of brown in the market ranging from beige to chocolate as well as dark brown.

If you are one of those people who think that brown is a boring and dull color then we have news for you! Brown has the potential to change any kitchen to a space that is not only cozy and comforting but also unique and classy.

Get creative and add brown quartz countertops for that modern brown kitchen you have always dreamt of. Brown countertops are a great way to spruce up your space and incorporate brown into your design.

However, you can always go big by adding cupboards, flooring and other kitchen components in a shade of brown that works for you. Remember, a light brown kitchen will look just as great as a dark brown kitchen; it is the execution that matters!

What makes brown an excellent color choice for space is that it blends well with a variety of textures, metals, appliances, and finishes. You can use brown to match almost everything in your space to each other- from countertops, bar stools, and window coverings. Brown is a warm color and that is exactly what a modern canteen should provide. Here are some tips on how to come up with the perfect modern brown kitchen.

A little bit of the old plus a little bit of the new makes a great combo!

There are different amazing tones and shades you can work with when designing your kitchen. For best results, why not mix the old with the new? Brown is generally seen as a traditional color and is often misconstrued as old and out-of-fashion. However, you can easily come up with the perfect space by blending new styles with a few ‘old’ ideas.

For instance, a brown quartz countertop will blend perfectly with new nickel or stainless steel appliances. Feel free to incorporate glass doors and open shelving into your brown kitchen. These will go well with travertine flooring, brown cabinets or brown countertops. For the best effect, you should try to mix up the shades. Lighter browns go perfectly with darker browns. Click for more info.

How about a pop of color?


Brown is an excellent color choice for whatever kitchen theme you desire. However, a little color cannot possibly hurt so let loose and add a dash of color to your brown. Consider bright colors such as red, orange and yellow but be flexible. How about a little grey?

Think fabrics. The best way to achieve a pop of color is by using bright-colored fabrics to offset the brown. You can incorporate red, orange or yellow in your seat cushions or use them in the window coverings. You can also add color to your brown kitchen using patterns or lighting. Get a bright-colored lighting fixture and hang it over the table to complete the look.

Use modern furniture

Brown is an excellent color but the real secret lies in how you incorporate it into your design and how well it blends into the theme. Since brown is a somewhat traditional color, you may want to pick modern furniture. Ensure your table, hutch or bakers rack deliver the modern look you seek to accomplish.

Dated furniture can bring out the worst in a brown kitchen. You also want to ensure that your furniture is not too large as this will make the brown to appear too much and too heavy on the eyes. Try modern barstools; painted ones are best. Add a whitish or creamish hutch and complete the look with glass doors.

Quartz it up!


Quartz is literally the most popular countertop material right now due to its amazing qualities and performance. Besides, quartz is readily available in a variety of awesome colors. Brown quartz countertops are as delightful as they are appealing; they are simply a must-have!

Add some white

Most people are very particular about color. While that is not a crime when it comes to design you want to be as flexible as possible. Even if you have already decided on a brown kitchen design; why not add a little white to it? You can have a few white painted surfaces or kitchen appliances to break the brown color and give you a more modern look.

Get creative with the cabinets


Your cabinets are an important aspect of your overall kitchen design. Source for unique cabinet designs and incorporate these into your  design. Brown wooden cabinets are an all-time classic. You can also have some open cabinets as well as those with doors for extra versatility.

Include glass in your design

Some of your kitchen components will pop out best when they are made of glass. For instance, you can have wooden cabinets with sliding glass doors. This will give you a more modern appeal.

The trick is in the lighting


Brown can appear a little dull especially if you use a lot of the darker shades. The solution to this is using unique modern lighting to add light to your space and kill the dullness. The last thing you want is a dark space because you certainly will not enjoy cooking in it. There are many lighting designs to choose from that will breathe life into your kitchen in an instant.

Mix the shades

You need not stick to one tone or a particular shade of brown to achieve a  design. You can always have a bit of both to increase the versatility of your space and improve aesthetics. Try mixing light beige with chocolate or dark brown. You could have several shades of brown and still come up with a perfect look for your brown kitchen. Wooden cabinets can be painted in various shades of brown to suit your preference.

Do not overdo it!

Keep it simple or else the brown will be overbearing. Remember that sometimes a little goes a long way.

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