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5 Best Remote Jobs that Will Feed Your Wanderlust – 2024 Guide

The allure of adventure, the thrill of the unknown, and the pleasure of freedom—most digital nomads enjoy these things. Nomad List founder Pieter Levels predicted that by the year 2035, there’ll be 1 billion digital nomads worldwide. Who knows, you might be part of that number. If you’re here, it’s probably because you want to enjoy a fulfilling career while traveling the world. Well, you’ve come to the right place! This article contains a list of top work-from-home jobs that you can perform without even stepping foot in a traditional office.

According to Traqq, a time tracking software company for freelancers, people who want to have the flexibility of traveling without sacrificing their career can find their place in work-from-anywhere jobs. However, this can only be achieved if you know how to monitor productivity while working from home.

As technology continues to advance and the world becomes more connected, company executives are beginning to realize that there’s a wide pool of talent out there. Job offers are no longer limited to a company’s local city or country, as they can now hire workers to join their team from different parts of the globe. With more than 45% of employed adults already working from home in the United States alone, this is the right time to take the leap into the future and live your dream of work and adventure!

1. Developer

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The term “developer” envelops everything from software engineering, app development, and testing to systems administration, website design, and ops infrastructure. It’s no surprise that it’s among the top remote jobs for backpackers. These are tech-friendly jobs best suited for tech-savvy individuals. Considering that this industry is leading the charge in developing tools to help with remote work, it comes as no surprise that there are lots of jobs available for remote workers in this field. It pays well too.

If you’re looking for a job that allows you to work at your own pace while traveling, this is it! besides, If you find it difficult to pace yourself, there are time tracker software for freelancers that you can use. Even if you don’t have much experience in the web development arena, there are entry-level resources out there to get you started, and they’re free. You can slowly build yourself as you broaden your knowledge.

2. Designer

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For more creative individuals, web design is the answer. This is best suited for digital nomads who love the idea of playing with art in a digital world. Web-based work such as graphic design, UX and UI design, and WordPress theme design all fall under this umbrella. It’s important to note that each of these design technologies requires different skill sets.

However, it’s not impossible to learn them. There are tons of free resources out there that you can use. While getting a stable job in these fields requires years of experience, you can start by freelancing. Getting freelance gigs will give you access to entry-level jobs and help you build your experience and portfolio.

This skill set is in high demand. Anyone with a product to sell, brand to grow, and business to maintain, needs help with web design.

3. Online Marketing

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Online marketing is a broad term for jobs related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, affiliate marketing, traffic generation, and inbound marketing. This is a popular career option among digital nomads.

With lots of free learning materials, high demand for the skillset, and a low barrier to entry, this is an easy field for generalist nomads. Every growing business has a website or at least plans on getting one. What this means, is that there are companies in need of online marketers to help drive traffic to their sites. Affiliate marketers easily do this by getting the word out about the services a business has to offer.

To have a successful website/blog, a company needs a good SEO strategy, branding, and well-planned inbound marketing. This is where you come in as an online marketer. By learning to create thoughtful content and using relevant marketing techniques, you will find that social media is filled to the brim with jobs that require this skill. To put this in perspective, as of 2018, the digital marketing world was generating about $496.08 billion in revenues, and this figure is expected to increase even further!

You can start by creating a blog and building up your social media presence. This is a great way to test out what you’ve learned and hone your skills. You can then show off your results to prospective clients.

4. Writer/Editor

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This is a very popular job among digital nomads. With people constantly craving new and engaging contents online, it comes as no surprise that writers/editors are in popular demand. If you’re already living the nomadic life, blog writing is something you can try. You can write about your travels and share each new experience with your readers. Other forms of writing include technical writing, copywriting, and SEO writing.

Copywriting involves creating persuasive content to get people interested in buying what you’re selling. If you love marketing, this is for you. Meanwhile, technical writing is for individuals who are knowledgeable in specific fields.

SEO writing earns you money through SEO backlinks. SEO agencies work with writers to provide content. A client’s backlink is then added to these articles. This helps in building higher rankings for their clients’ websites/online businesses. An $80 billion industry, backlinks are very valuable for online businesses. You can make decent money as an SEO writer while you travel. There are websites out there that can connect you with different clients looking to build quality backlinks for their businesses through SEO articles. You can sign up on one of them.

Another way to earn money through writing is to write eBooks and self-publish them on popular websites such as Amazon and E-junkie. You can earn some passive income with this. Search for topics that people are interested in and write on them. If you love writing, then publishing an eBook on popular or helpful topics is one way to go.

Writing/editing jobs offer flexibility. Build your portfolio by applying on freelance sites. There are lots of job offers on those sites to help you develop your skill.

5. Online Teacher

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Do you have something you’re good at doing? You can use this to earn good money while satisfying your wanderlust. You no longer have to stay confined to a classroom to dispense knowledge. You can teach languages like English or Spanish to foreign students, mathematics, music, and cooking recipes to food enthusiasts. There are lots of agencies and websites linking teachers to students all over the world, and they’re just a Google search away. If you had a favorite subject back in school, there’s someone out there that you can tutor!

There you have it! These are just some of the remote jobs that will give you the freedom to travel. You don’t have to sacrifice your career just to fulfill your dreams for worldwide adventures!

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