Importance of a Personalized News Feed in Building a Community and Driving Conversions

In today’s information-driven times, the average person spends a good amount of time on the web reading news and informational content. Whether when they’re travelling from place to place or from the comfort of their homes, digital media content plays a noticeable role in holding consumer attention.

One of the best ways to attract audience attention and encourage brand engagement is through the use of personalized news feeds. They’re extremely effective at connecting to potential consumer leads, catching your readers’ attention using interest-relevant content and encouraging them to get back on your platform.

However, it’s important to note that due to their individual preferences, most of your audience’s interactions with your content will involve them only choosing to read content that’s relevant to their interests. Organizations like Viafoura help companies fine-tune their news feeds to cater to their readers’ interests, increasing their retention and audience engagement.

Combined with features like push notifications, your brand can also use a news feed to capitalize on breaking news and new developments, giving your readers more reasons to return to keep checking in for updates throughout the day. Using a personalized news feed efficiently provides an effective, modern approach to holding your readers’ attention.

Tips for an Effective News Feed


Developing your news feed to cater to your readers takes mindful planning and commitment. Constantly updating your news feed with new content is incredibly important to keeping your audience engaged. So how can a news brand or publisher promote the right topics to attract more attention and keep your audience? Once you and your publishing team start creating content for your news feed, here are a few factors that can make it more relevant and engaging to readers.

• Offer unique insights and perspectives. Tailoring the news feed to the topics your individual readers are interested in is great for connecting them to your digital media brand. The feeling that the articles were especially picked out with their preferences in mind increases audience engagement. It’s also been shown that conversions go up by more than 25% after personalization.

• Post frequently and as soon as developments take place. One of the most important parts of keeping your news relevant is to show the right article to your readers at the right time. By knowing your readers, you may also be able to give them news segments as events develop over a longer amount of time

• Let your content remain dynamic. With the information gained from your readers, you can further appeal to them by offering dynamic content, like the hourly weather in their area, or local events that relate to your readers’ interests.

Using similar techniques like this can enhance how a reader experiences your news platform and their opinion of your digital media brand.

Some of the Best Practices


News feeds can help grow an online community, giving readers a space to learn what is happening worldwide and share their opinions in a healthy atmosphere. If done well, your existing readers further encourage new people to stay, increasing your company’s retention and building up your community. As such, here are a few guidelines to help your digital media brand and your readers.

Craft Your Feed to Guide Conversation


While the news may not be as positive all the time, personalizing news feeds to your readers can give them something to talk about to their friends. Even online, readers can talk and connect to like-minded people with shared interests, giving them a space to relax and discuss the things they like. A custom-tailored feed lets them focus on what interests them and provides reliable information, all while connecting readers to potential friends.

Create Content to Entertain Your Audience

When it comes to finding news to read online, readers expect to find something to engage them. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s where personalizing your news feeds to an individual reader’s interests. A sports advocate that comes to your platform a few times to read up on what happened the past week is more likely to stay if they already found the content they’re interested in. Tailor your users’ news feeds using data on their preferences to show them news content they care about. It’ll provide them with an entertaining source of information they can return to and relax with after a long day.

Inform Your Readers


The main reason people read the news is to find information that means something to them. What one person finds important or relevant daily might not be the same for another. While the news about what happens overseas may interest some, other readers may want to read about the local developments instead. Without personalized feeds, those readers have to scroll through dozens of entertainment industry articles that they have little interest in, leading them to leave for a more reliable source.

Personalized feeds gather all the information and articles your readers care about and place them in a space they can quickly access. It does much more than connecting your readers with relevant content; it gives them a big reason to return to engage with your content another time. With the addition of subscriptions to provide even further benefits through news feeds, your company boosts profits and retention.

A Satisfied Audience Drives Brand Success

From the point of view of a digital media brand, personalizing a news feed is a direct and effective strategy to invest in when it comes to driving conversions. Having a set of customized content that suits a reader’s preferences means they’re more likely to exhibit brand loyalty and consider the premium benefits of a subscription or membership plan. Additionally, the happier and more engaged your readers are, the more likely they are to refer others to your brand, allowing for new visitors and even more potential conversions.

Personalizing your readers’ news feeds can make a big impact when growing your community, though there are ways to make sure that your company does it correctly within your platform. Connect and pay attention to what your readers say and what they like before using the right techniques to offer them the news articles that they’re interested in. Many viewers greatly appreciate news experiences that entertain them while also providing reliable and relatable information to what happens in the world.

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