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Personalized and Promotional Laser Engraving Technology on Wooden Products – 2024 Review

Laser engraving technology allows you to make an imprint on a product. For companies looking to create branded products, they can engrave the business logo along with company details onto various items. Laser engraving creates a different look and feel in comparison to other branding techniques like digital printing, as lasers carve into the material, which can be felt and seen by the receiver, something that is not possible with designs overlaid onto products.

Wood is a sustainable material that is a great option for company promotions and products, as it has a more expensive feel to it than other products. Some other benefits of wood are:

  • Wood has a classy look and increases people’s perception of the brand.
  • The engraved design lasts longer.
  • Wood is an eco-friendly option that shows your organization is conscious about their environmental footprint.
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At Wudnyou can use laser engraving to create a personalized gift or promotional product. It is worth keeping in mind that with laser engraving it will be a single-color process, but this gives the finished product a more subtle and elegant and elegant look. For example, you can get your colored photo engraved with a B&W line drawing. This would look fantastic when engraved onto Mahogany wood.

Promotional laser engraving can be used on a variety of materials like metal, coated metal, plastic, glass, stone, and hardwood. As a business owner, you need to consider the material you are going to use seriously in order to make the best impression on the receiver of the gift. You want your finished product to look different from mass-produced items, to help give your item a personal touch.

For example, mass-produced plastic pens or phone cases can often look quite cheap. On the other hand, if you chose a customized wooden phone case it can accentuate your brand’s style. Let’s discuss now how wooden promotional products and laser engraving can make a difference to your branding and marketing.

For promotional wooden items, you can choose from many different products. These include:

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  • Wooden stickers
  • Luggage tags
  • Desktop calendars
  • Commemorative frames
  • Retro table clocks
  • Bamboo bookmarks
  • Phone cases
  • Coasters
  • Playing cards

Wooden wraps for other products

Besides the wooden products listed above, you can choose to add wooden wraps to items such as mousepads, bottle openers, power-banks, flasks and wireless chargers. The item you choose will need to have at least one flat surface. To wrap wood around the corners, a veneer is used.

A wood veneer is flexible and bends with ease but professionals ensure that the wood grain runs in the same direction as a wrap. Wood is solid, so doesn’t like to bend in the opposite direction of the grain or in two directions at one time. Wood veneer is created from the peel of tree trunks or rectangular box slicing.

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What is a two-wood inlay?

A two-wood inlay is when more than one wood is used to create the final image. It is assembled on the product, and instead of engraving your logo or text, different kinds of wood are cut and then assembled together. For this type of work, you will need to use a simple font such as Sans Serif. There are no sharp edges, so the engraving and wood inlay create a smooth result.

How to choose the type of wood to use?

There are many varieties of wood available for you to choose from, and every type of wood’s characteristics differ even if they came from the same tree. Everything ranging from the amount of sap to the moisture content will affect how the wood responds under the laser.

Some woods, such as mahogany and maple, change their colors when engraved. Text-heavy engraving and complex logos look great on these types of wood. On the other hand, black walnut and bamboo change very little in color and so the engravings are subtle and hard to see.

There are other beautiful woods such as the purple Heart, aromatic cedar, and American cherry. All of these look good when engraved with simple block logos and text.

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What are the benefits of the laser engraving method?

There are many benefits of the laser engraving method:

  • It can accommodate intricate designs on a small surface.
  • The design accuracy is very consistent.
  • It is a quick process that does not involve drying time.
  • As the design is etched into the product’s surface, the branding is permanent.

How does laser engraving work?

After choosing the type of wood and design you would like to have engraved, professionals will control the speed and power of the engraving machine. Laser heads can work at a range of speeds, and although the basic engraving look will be the same, the settings allow the operator to control the depth and shading of the final product. If the engraving is more detailed, the operators work at a slower pace.

Laser engraving takes some time in comparison to cutting. The power is lower in comparison to cutting, but the laser head speed gets increased. This allows for a laser-cut line but won’t cut through the material.

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Personalizing your wooden mobile phone case

At various shops, you have the opportunity to create a mobile case [for Samsung Galaxy or iPhone] from scratch. Add your favorite quote, picture or logo to give your mobile a unique look. You can even create a design from scratch to transform your mobile.

The readymade cases are handcrafted from locally sourced wood. They help to defend your phone screen from damages whilst making a statement. It will even help to prevent phone screens from coming in contact with tough surfaces when placed facedown. Your camera can be accessed from the recessed hole and also gets protection from accidents. Wooden phone cases are a functional and attractive option.

How to take care of engraved wooden products?

Wood is a natural and porous material, which unlike glass, metal, or plastic absorbs stains and dirt. Use a damp cloth to clean it regularly and if something sticks to it, use furniture cleaner. Wood products can look even better as they age over time.

On the other hand, plastic, glass, and metal products can get damaged, faded and scratched, and look worse the more they are used. Light scratches, stains or fingerprints add character to wood, creating a more vintage aesthetic.

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