Dota 2: The Perfect Game to Go Pro On

The world of video games is full of many exciting opportunities and Dota 2 is certainly one of those. As far as competitive video gaming goes, Dota 2 is rightly one of the forefathers of all esports, and it has been one of the most successful computer games to transform itself from a mere map modification into a fully-fledged digital competition where the best and brightest players vie for multi-million dollar prizes!

Apart from exciting quite a bit of interest among aspiring professional gamers, the title has also driven a solid interest in betting. Decent volumes of players who come to capitalize on their knowledge of the game by placing some well-aimed and well-timed wagers to make the most out of their knowledge are being reported by websites such as .

Yet, for those Dota 2 fans to whom the game is an opportunity to show and prove themselves, there are quite a few things we can say. For starters, Dota 2 is indeed one of those titles that is a perfect fit for anyone aspiring to become a professional. Here are our reasons why this is the case.

1. Engaging Gameplay and No Cap on Skill


The first reason why Dota 2 makes such a perfect title to go pro on is the fact that the game is actually quite enjoyable to play. Despite the somewhat steep learning curve, the title is engaging enough to keep players interested while they spend hours learning the hundreds of abilities and items.

With new patches and changes being churned out every few months, Dota 2 players definitely have a lot on their plate to learn constantly. Yet, it all feels fun and rewarding and this is precisely why Dota 2’s staying power as a competitive title has been unchallenged.

2. A Well-Developed Ecosystem


If you roll the clock back 10 years, you will most likely feel doubt whether Dota 2 – or any video game for that matter – would make a good career choice. Today, though, things look differently. While 10 years back we had to rely a lot on grass root movements, the truth is that a lot has changed.

Today, you don’t have to hunt for tournaments or play pro bono. No, today, if you are good enough, you are going to be put on a five or six-figure salary and sent to special boot camps where personal couches will take care of your gaming prowess as well as physical well-being.

Teams are investing a lot in their players and they want you to live and lead a healthy lifestyle that would allow you to compete. In the past, gamers were expected to play a lot at all costs, but today teams know that the only way to keep your mind sharp during a game is to make absolutely sure that you are well-rested and that you lead a healthy lifestyle out of the video game.

This means that by choosing to become a professional Dota 2 athlete, you are joining an organization that values you as an individual. More importantly, you will have the financial backing and help to pursue your hobby while making a decent living and securing your future.

In the past, most players who decided to go pro had to often sacrifice their financial well-being that put immeasurable stress on them as individuals.

3. Many Opportunities to Find Teams


While you probably won’t lend a place with Team Liquid or Team Secret from the get-go, the truth is that Dota 2 has many teams out there that are constantly hungry for players who can potentially help them climb up the Dot Pro Circuit.

Many teams are just looking for an entry in one of the big tournaments, because this is often enough to make a name for themselves. Once they do, they will have everything that it takes to start climbing up in the Dota 2 pecking order.

This is also a good reason for you to try your hand without dedicating too much time. Obviously, clearing a Dota Pro Circuit qualifier is often easier than winning the finals in the main event against one of the established franchises.

This means that you can test yourself and see if you have and show promise in Dota 2 and if you can turn this into a career.

4. Many Great Tournaments


While the Dota Pro Circuit is certainly what you should try to conquer, there are many events out there that offer cash prizes. If you show exceptional gaming prowess, this simply means that you can make a great difference in securing some titles, and some monetary incentive.

Of course, you ought to also ask yourself if you are taking on worthwhile opponents. Going after the minnows who lack determination and practice could give you false confidence, which would make it harder for you to progress in future.

However, there are many inherent benefits to competing in the many Dota 2 tournaments out there – they will give you a fairly good idea of what you can do and achieve in a competitive setting. Another thing is to test the people you play with.

It’s often the case that ego can upset a team before important events. Some players may think they are much better than their teammates and pin the blame on them. The most successful Dota 2 teams, though, all admit that they never blame each other for mistakes, as they are all prone to making mistakes.

It’s important to move past them and evolve. You can test just how ready your team is to forgive and deliver spectacular plays by joining one of the many tournaments.

5. No Stigma


Last but not least, you ought to remember that playing Dota 2 today means that you won’t have to deal with any stigma. Being a professional gamer is a socially-acceptable career and if you want to pursue that, you most certainly should go ahead and start on your own Dota 2 professional path!

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