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15 Things Great Video Games Have in Common – 2024 Review

The popularity of games starts in the 1980s with Tetris and Gameboy. Children and people around the world have played these games. Very soon it was replaced with video games as Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive. Those were the first 16-bit console and as technology evolved, so did they. Now, in the 21st century, games are played on PC, Xbox, MAC, or even Android or IOS. The graphic is much better, so as the sound, equipment and the console itself.

The younger generations are especially interested in playing games, even though that is not the rule. Some people play for fun, others found it profitable by combining pleasant with useful. We can see many gamers who earn for living this way. Some of the most popular genres are adventure, arcade, sports games, action, and survival horror.

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Many gamers found it interesting to play online (MMO and MMORPG) with other players from all around the world. On this website you can find various games or even to buy gadgets for some of them to improve the game by making it more interesting. It also offers you the opportunity to play with professional gamers. For those who want to learn how to play a particular game, there is a possibility for coaching.

Although they differ in many ways, the games also have a lot in common. But how is it possible that action and sports games have something in common? We bring you a series of common features and characteristics:

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  1. Playing online any game gives you a chance to play with your friends or other players you do not even know, which makes more fun. Also, you can make new friendships. Researches showed it also teaches or enforces teamwork due to many video games created a game that involves a team working together on accomplishing the goal.
  2. Practicing by playing any game improves your gaming skills. As much as you practice, better you will play. Another important thing is that some skills are applicable in real life as well. If you show persistence in the game and you see better results, the same could be applied in life, repetition is the mother of knowledge. Also, those people are capable to bring better decisions in life.
  3. Almost every game offers you the possibility to buy gadgets and gears which makes a game more amusing. Just when you thought you won the game, the new gadgets were there.
  4. Every game has an interesting theme but a visual style as well. This is very important and usually crucial in the choice of game. If the graphic is not satisfying, the game will lose its fans easily.
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  5. Sound and music are something we can hear in every game. The sound completes the game and enhances the experience. Imagine playing Call of Duty, Division 2, Hearthstone, or any other game without recognizable sound in the background which will complete the experience, giving you a feeling you are exactly in the middle of the action. What would sneaking around the corner look like if there is no scary music in the background that becomes faster and more aggressive as the action unfolds?
  6. If the characters are visually interesting, it will contribute to the game to be interesting, too. Gamers love characters with special skills and features which makes them different from others.
  7. A good balance of challenge and reward will make a game interested in playing, pushing the player to play on, waiting for new challenges in each subsequent level. Anticipating what will happen at the next level will enhance the experience of the game.
  8. All games have some sort of conflict, no matter it is person vs person, person vs supernatural, person vs society, and so on. Conflict is something that will make it spicier and more unpredictable.
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  9. It is stress relieved. If you are feeling frustrated after the day spent at work surrounded by annoying people and overwhelmed with work, playing your favorite game will instantly distract you from problems and worries.
  10. Every game has its story and a goal and every player will go through it before deciding whether to play or not. Some of the best games are remembered for the amazing stories they tell, leaving players curious to see how it will end up.
  11. Once when you start with playing, get ready to set aside plenty of time for this type of entertainment. When we do something we love and are interested in, we don’t even notice how time passes quickly.
  12. Believe it or not, games are improving concentration. We always hear and read about the side effects of games, but there are also positive things. Researches showed games have a positive impact on developing creativity, by changing the brain the same way as reading or playing a musical instrument. Psychologists conducted it improves the vision and people who play games have a better eye for details. This is also the reason why surgeons play games, to train their eyes for laparoscopic surgery.
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  13. Many gamers learned a language by playing games, so we can say it is educative. If other players communicate in English, very soon you will be able to understand and speak at least basic things. Otherwise, you’re out!
  14. One more positive and common thing to all games is that it teaches you to multitask, having in mind you have to coordinate actions like car driving while dealing with distractions you meet inside the car and around you.
  15. No matter what game you choose, it can bond you with your family or friends. This will bring some fun for the whole family and it is a perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon at home.

All in all, the most important thing that should be for every game is to be interesting for playing, providing you the chance to sail into the virtual world you enjoy. That is the key meaning of the game, to have fun and relax.

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