5 Common Misconceptions People have About 5G technology

With the advancement of technology, we explore the unknown. Every new thing that pops up brings excitement, but at the same time, it brings doubt and fear. We are all aware that in the past few decades, there have been a few milestones where people were afraid that a new thing could bring chaos and destruction.

The millennium bug or the Y2K scare was one of the biggest misconceptions that have happened no more than two decades ago, and now, with the 5G technology, people have been skeptical about this type of advancement and there have been a lot of theories on how this network could affect our lives, and possibly bring negative things. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the common misconceptions that people have about the 5G technology.

We will try to answer some of the most popular questions, and we will try to shed some light on the facts, and how the myths about this network have been busted. Continue reading if you want to learn more about it, and you should accept the technological change.

1. This network is made only for smartphones


The first thing we are going to talk about is why 5G is needed. Most people believe that the only reason we are in the need of this technology is to make your network faster and browsing easier. Even though it is more than one hundred times faster than the current 4G network, the ZTE 5G is not only for your phones.

It will provide massive support and improvement in many different technologies, including manufacturing, cloud services, and even robots. It will provide ease of use, and it will allow teams to communicate with each other, as well as the machines in a faster, safer, and ultimately, better way.

2. You cannot use other networks if you choose 5G


Everyone prefers a different type of network and a different provider, and all of them have their positive and negative sides. Another common misconception is that many people believe once you transfer to fifth-generation wireless technology, that you won’t be able to use any other type of network.

The reason why we needed this technology is because of the coverage, and as you already know, 4G is not enough to cover all of the areas and customer’s needs. Because of this, this new generation of networking was introduced, and it will coexist with the rest. You can choose any of them, and you can easily swap between networks. ZTE 5G is used to connect the unconnected, and you can read more about how this connective technology is made to help industries collaborate and work with great efficiency and flexibility.

3. You may experience health issues


Now let’s talk about the talk of the year – fifth-generation wireless can cause different health issues, including cancer and nose bleeds. This is probably the biggest misconception of them all, and the rumor started because people were afraid that the waves and the signals can negatively affect their health.

Know that all of the new technologies are well-tested, and there are a lot of researches before anything is implemented. This type of technology will not cause any issues to you, your health, or your body. Our skin is made to block higher radio frequencies, so you should not be concerned about your health when using this network. You will not get any headaches because of it, you will not get nosebleeds, and it will not cause cancer. In addition, this tech is not responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

4. It will be used to help governments and individuals spy on you


This is another rumor and myth that many people believe in. This is a complex security question, and there are actually valid reasons why people believe they are going to be targeted for espionage. As we all know, hackers still exist and they try to harm companies or individuals by stealing valuable data.

The ZTE 5G is going to be a much faster network, and with that, it is going to be used to easily transfer a lot of data in just seconds. This could lead to potential issues, but the network on its own is not made to spy on you. When choosing this tech, you should follow the standard recommendations, you should never click on random links, you should be careful of the user agreements you accept, and you should never share private information on the internet. The technology itself is not made to harm you, and it is not made for espionage.

5. It is going to fully replace 4G


The final thing we are going to talk about is how ZTE 5G is going to affect 4G. As you probably already know, the fifth-generation wireless is going to work only on new devices, and you cannot transfer to this network on your old phone. Some of the current devices will be able to support the new tech, but ultimately, you will need new devices.

This begs the question if we will be banned completely from 4G and what happens to those people who choose to upgrade their devices but still choose to go with the old networks. Let’s explain it this way, you are probably currently using 4G, but there are some places where your device automatically connects to 3G. This happens because of the gaps in coverage, and as we mentioned before, one network cannot cover all the locations.

Well, it is going to be the same with the fifth-generation wireless. 4G and probably 3G are still going to be used, and they will not be completely replaced. The current technology, even though it is extremely advanced, cannot cover all the gaps, and several different networks are going to be needed. So, this tech is not going to replace the older ones, and you won’t have to worry about switching to new devices.

These are some of the most common myths and misconceptions about the ZTE 5G technology, and as you can see, it is going to be completely safe for use, and it comes with a lot of benefits. Talk to your provider if you have more questions, and know that it is better to check facts before you choose to believe conspiracy theories and myths that are based on a lack of knowledge and fear.

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