5 Ways Online Casinos have Changed the Way People Gamble

Gambling has always been in human nature. Some historical evidence says that even cavemen gambled, and certain gambling games haven’t changed for centuries. Chinese were the first to invent and use the dice, as well as cards that started being used from the middle ages until today. And the first casinos and betting stations were invented.

As computers and the Internet evolved, so did gambling. Today, gambling is available on every device, and websites like  offer you tons of interesting and safe casino games you can play online. Since 1994, games of chance have been played very successfully with the flick of a mouse, or a tap of the finger. It is well known that the gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world, and it is estimated that it “spins” hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Some markets in particular are experiencing strong growth, such as Central and Eastern Europe.

But, have you ever wondered in which ways online casinos have changed the way we gamble? If you haven’t, here’s our guide.

1. Gambling from the comfort of your home


Online casino lovers can now, from the comfort of their homes, play their favorite gambling game via mobile phones, computers, or tablets, with just a few clicks. In the number of games and earning opportunities, online gambling does not lag behind the more traditional types of this entertainment. Moreover, the advanced technology and visual presentation of the favorite games have made online gambling even more interesting than going to the actual casino.

Passionate fans of these games are no longer spatially conditioned to visit the nearest casino, and they don’t even have to wait in lines and suffer from the crowds. Online casino users are not even weather conditioned and can access the games at any time of the day or night. Which brings us to the second point.

2. Gambling is now more discreet


Gambling wasn’t always accessible to everyone. Throughout history, certain games such as roulette and dice were considered illegal and therefore were banned, but still a lucky (or should we say wealthy) few had the privilege to enjoy it in the “gentlemen’s club”. Normal, working-class people had to organize themselves away from the eyes of the law, to enjoy this activity. In the twenties, especially, it was not an activity you want people to see you perform. It was considered “sleazy” and in no way gentlemen or ladylike activity. So, if you wanted to gamble, you would have to connect with suspicious groups of people, mostly gangs and mafia. This was all until the opening of the casino venues where gambling was a fun activity (like in Vegas). But still, if someone sees you entering the venue and start talking around, your reputation might be at stake.

Today, no one even has to know you enjoy gambling. For sure, if they go through your browser history they can find out, but there’s no reason to fear this. As we already wrote, gambling is available at any time, anywhere, on multiple devices, everyone carries all the time, so discretion is guaranteed.

3. Gambling is less of a group activity now


Although there were always people who liked to gamble alone, the traditional gambling activity has been associated with the travel and group activities people do for fun. Especially when in Vegas, as they say. So, it wasn’t always about trying your luck to get some easy money, but the adrenaline rush of an exciting night out. Sites like can help you with that.

It seems that compared to traditional gambling, online casinos only lack the physical presence of other people, which can also be an advantage that allows the gambler to have fun within normal limits without being “pulled by the atmosphere”. Many have lost huge amounts of money because they got carried away by the atmosphere around them. For gamblers whose favorite part of gambling is socializing, online casinos offer forums and chat rooms, and for those who are distrustful of software, there are live dealers with whom they can communicate via chat.

4. Smartphones and online banking made gambling simple


Today’s mobile devices have enabled gambling lovers to carry an online casino with them in their pockets. This means that you can invest real money from absolutely anywhere and enjoy the action and fun of your favorite games on the go.

With mobile casinos, you can play a few hands of real money poker, or spin the reels of the slots during the lunch break. You decide when and how you want to play, without any restrictions.

Another factor that facilitates the growth of mobile casinos is the progress in online banking. More and more countries are becoming cash-free, making plastic and online purchase a normal daily routine. You can now easily manage your bank account using mobile banking applications. These apps allow players to securely and easily make transfers and withdrawals via their mobile phones, facilitating seamless transactions between you and your online casino account.

5. Technology also improved convenience


The number of people gambling has been rising for some time, mostly because of its accessibility. People who never gambled, have a chance to give it a try and see if they like it. It’s becoming an activity people choose out of boredom, as well, and they discover they enjoy it. With mobile devices, you can open an account in two clicks and start gambling.

If you encounter a game you don’t find entertaining, you can simply and quickly switch to another one, for example, you can visit The deposits are also quite small, so there is no need to gamble with a lot of money unless you want to. Bonuses are offered by almost every online casino, for various reasons, so you don’t even have to gamble with your money if it’s just a curiosity motivating you to gamble. With all of this said, it is obvious that online gambling is more convenient than ever.

What can be concluded from what was written above is that online gambling has not completely changed the ways people used to gamble, but has also changed the way people feel about gambling. It is no longer a taboo, but a mere fun activity you can earn a bit of money from.

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