8 Things You Need to Know About Vaping CBD Additives  

In recent years you have probably heard a lot about CBD and all the products that contain it. Right now, the CBD industry is at its all-time high and it is only getting bigger. People far and wide have finally realized that there are tons of benefits of consuming these products as they truly influence our mind and body in a positive way.

Among the most popular ways of consuming CBD is vaping, which is basically a form of smoking. It is done through small gadgets famous as vapers or vape pens, which contain oils rich in CBD. Besides this main ingredient, there are many others including certain additives we will talk about today. Vaping has been controversial since it appeared mostly because it is still a form of inhaling, which is never a healthy option for the human respiratory system.

For this and other reasons, we will talk about the important things one has to know before deciding to vape CBD products. If you wish to learn more about this interesting subject and expand your knowledge on all things CBD, or maybe even buy some top-quality products, make sure to visit

1. What are CBD Additives?


In order to make a product that can be smoked or vaped, there have to be other ingredients present in the juice or in the oil. For example, the most obvious additive is the flavor the product has, as it is the crucial part according to which the customer is either going to buy it or not. Many consumers care equally about the flavor as they do the CBD itself, making the actual flavor a very important additive in the final product.

Therefore, companies are now offering CBD additives that can be squeezed into the product, changing its original flavor and giving you more options for vaping. Most flavorless CBD only has the basic hemp plant taste of the oil itself, and although many prefer it like this, additives can transform the product and broaden your experience.

2. CBD Vape Additive Types


There are a few different types of additives that you can mix with your CBD oil.

Isolate CBD contains nothing but the CBD, while other naturally-occurring ingredients including terpenes CBN, CBG, and CBDa are present in very low amounts. Therefore, your CBD oil product is very rich in this main ingredient, mostly having the flavor of the hemp plant.

Next, there is the full-spectrum CBD vape additive. The term “full-spectrum” refers to the hemp oil containing CBD as well as other cannabinoids that are not intoxicating. These include other cannabis terpenes as well as very small doses of THC. In order for a CBD product to pass the law, it must contain only 0.3% THC. Therefore, although they contain a range of different ingredients, the full-spectrum additives are still dominant in CBD.

Lastly, there exist broad-spectrum CBD vape additives, which combine the best of both worlds. They do not isolate the CBD molecule or keep every other ingredient in the hemp plant, and then the final product. Instead, a broad-spectrum extract includes most of the additives, but not all of them. Only the best are picked and chosen, staying in the middle ground between isolates and full-spectrum varieties.

3. How to use CBD Additives


The absolute best and easiest way to use a CBD additive is to mix it with your favorite vaping oil. First, you should fill the tank or the pod of your vape pen or another gadget with the vape oil you choose. However, do not fill it up all the way since you need some room for the additive.

Before you pour the oil, however, decide the dose of CBD you wish to mix with the vape additive since you can balance the two differently. Some like to do it fifty-fifty, while others enjoy a much larger dosage of CBD compared to the additive.

Next, add the CBD vape additive into the pod or the tank. In order for the two liquids to evenly mix, you must gently shake your vaping gadget for a few seconds until they become one. Lastly, it is time to smoke your new mixture! If you like it, you have struck the right combination on your first try. If not, determine what you need more of during your next vape session.

4. Additive Doses


If you are struggling with the previous entry on this list, or if you simply want to do the things by the book, there is a somewhat general way of mixing CBD oil and CBD vape additive. Depending on the strength of the oil, there are different estimates. It all comes down to starting slow and increasing the doses if you find it bland, or lessening it if it was too strong. The best way to track the dose is to know exactly how much CBD there is in 1 milliliter of the additive. For example, there are 30 ml bottles that contain either 250 milligrams, 500 milligrams, or 1000 milligrams of CBD. It all comes down to what size, brand, and type of CBD oil and CBD vape additive you are using.

5. The Best Vape Additive Device

The best tool for vaping CBD additives is either vape mods or vape pod devices. You can easily find them at the local vape shops. Chances are you already have what you need if you are reading this article!

6. Vaping is by Itself


You can vape CBD additives by themselves too, without mixing them with regular CBD oil. You can either smoke a flavorless CBD vape additive, mix it with oil, or with another additive. The choice is yours so let your creativity run wild.

7. Is it Legal?

Just like CBD oils, CBD vape additives are perfectly legal since they too contain less than 0.3% THC. Therefore, you do not have to worry about vaping something that could get you in trouble with the law.

8. Is it Addictive?


Current research agrees that just like other CBD products, consuming CBD vape additives is not addicting. If you keep using it in the recommended doses and stay responsible, there is no reason to think you will become addicted, just like any other thing in life.

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