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Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower – Review

Since many countries legalized hemp, marijuana, and their sub-products, many companies are developing new sorts of hemp, and many other products such as oil, edibles, tablets, and more. The main reason why so many people are interested in smoking hemp flower is that it can help with chronic pain, insomnia, stress, heart diseases, diabetes, and more. Some of the most popular types of hemp flowers are Boax, Elektra, Hawaiian Haze, Suzi Q, Ceiba, and Special Sauce.

If you prefer flowers with a higher amount of CBD, you should try Special Sauce, which represents the type of hemp with the highest percentage of CBD. If you are interested in buying this product, visit Moreover, in this article, we are going to all of the features of Special Sauce Cannabis Strain.

Appearance and Aroma

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When you get the Special Sauce, the first thing that you will see is how small its nugs are. However, even if its flowers are indeed much smaller than most other types, it will provide you with the full aroma and sense that are even much stronger than with other, regular-sized buds. When it comes to the appearance of the flower, it is very colorful with a combination of brown, green, and gold, and provides a natural look. The trichomes are white, while the nugs inside yellow or orange tendrils are covered with a sticky resin, which can leave a thin film on your hands. The aroma of Special Sauce is unique, with the addition of berry, hoppy, and sandalwood. The natural and delicate fragrance of this type of hemp provides you with rich and natural flavor.

Origins of Special Sauce

The origin of this type of cannabis comes from farms in Oregon. They managed to combine the Special Sauce strain with the Early Resin Berry and created a unique blend of cannabis flower when ti comes to the percentage of CBD. Furthermore, this strain of hemp has a lot in common with Indica, and they share similar effects when it comes to strength and the ability to help people to relax and relieve anxiety. Moreover, the Early Resin Berry is providing the Special Sauce with a unique flavor and improved effects.

Growing and Processing

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When it comes to growing this plant in your home, it is similar to many other types of hemp flowers, and the best way to grow it is by keeping it inside in the living room. This way, you will provide the plant with the best possible ambient to grow properly. Also, you should use the premixed soil instead of one that is too dense and has too much moisture. When you plant the seeds, the period for flowers will last around 2 months, which is surprisingly fast when we compare it to some other types of cannabis. The fact that this type of flower contains higher doses of CBD makes it perfect for using it to make other products and extract the CBD for edibles, tablets, or oil.

Experience and Effects

Even though this type of cannabis contains a higher amount of CBD, those people with a lower tolerance for it can also have a great experience and enjoy it since it has a smooth smoke drip that helps people to smoke it without the feel of throat irritation, that is a frequent case with people who rarely smoke weed. Also, it has a very pleasant and satisfying taste, especially because of the berry aroma in it. Some of the best effects of smoking this type of flowers are improved sense of relaxing and decreased anxiety. Moreover, the effects can last for hours.

Who Should Use It?

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This type of cannabis can be used by anyone who needs something to feel more relaxed and to calm down his mind. Also, it is especially good for people who are under constant stress, which is a frequent case today, with many people who are struggling at their work. Smoking a Special Sauce after work when you get home represents a great solution to relieve your stress. Also, people who are having various issues, whether they are physical or mental, can feel great benefits from this plant. Go here for additional information.

Last Words

We can see that there is a rise in awareness for all of the benefits that we can get from hemp and CBD that it contains. CBD can affect brain functions and help with various mental states. ON the other side, frequent use of it can help with various health issues, such as Parkinson’s Disease, dystonia, multiple sclerosis, seizures, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, it also can help with bipolar disorder and depression. According to many medical types of research, CBD can also help with cancer treatment, and ease some side-effects of chemotherapy such as vomiting, pain, and nausea.

Furthermore, it also helps with treating the child epilepsy, and we already have a medicament called Epidolex for treatment of this rare type of disease.  Nevertheless, smoking hemp helps with some well-known issues such as chronic pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, and can even help people with drug addiction. Besides smoking, you can take CBD through various products such as tablets, edibles, tea, oil, and more.

On the other side, while there are many positive effects, you should be aware that taking too much of it could cause some negative effects as well. If you take too much of Special Sauce or any other type of Cannabis, you might feel dizziness, a variation of moods, or nausea. Also, it could cause dry mouth, vomiting, red eyes, and more. Besides that, you should know that combining CBD and some medication could be dangerous as well, and you must contact your doctor before starting to use any sort of CBD products.

In the end, when you are aware of possible negative effects and use CBD products responsively, there are only positive effects that you can experience. There is an increase in countries in the whole world that recognize cannabis with all of its products as legal, which leads to an increase in farms that are producing it. However, we advise you to always look for hemp that was grown on an organic farm, and avoid using one with chemicals and pesticides.

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