Indoor vs Outdoor Grown Hemp Flower

Growing cannabis is surely one of the most popular topics, that emerged the moment the first US state completely legalized cannabis. As you can imagine, a complete industry emerged from just one decision. Even though the legalization has brought pretty much everything people needed to start growing their cannabis, we can see that there are still arguments about how should it be done. The argument about which way of growing is more efficient, indoor or outdoor, is better, rages for a couple of decades.

Surely, it can be said that both of these ways have their advantages and disadvantages. However, this didn’t prevent outdoor enthusiasts to go against people who are exclusively interested in growing outdoors. It should be said that the legalization itself has a pivotal role in creating these differences. Before the legalization, cannabis was grown mainly indoor, so strangers wouldn’t see it. To be completely honest, there are a plethora of ways you can grow this plant.

Just ask yourself, how it managed to survive all these centuries, and flourish in its native Central Asia, without a human hand to help? Well, it has to do with the process of getting the final product you are looking for. As you know, cannabis needs a lot of suns, therefore, we have advocated for outdoor growing.

Thankfully, we now have the modern technology that can provide us with all the means that can help us tailor indoor conditions and make them as effective as outdoors. So, why should we grow our plants outside? Well, before you learn the answer to this question, check this article to take a look at the arguments for both sides and see what’s the ultimate decision.

Now, we would like to talk about costs and how they can increase over time. Naturally, having all of your plants outdoors doesn’t require too much money since you have enough light and water to provide all of these with enough resources. If you want to know which outdoor strains are the most popular Zamnesia has a blog post with all the details.

Size is Important


Surely, we can all agree that indoor space for growing cannabis is much smaller than outdoor. For example, when growing it outdoors, you can have a couple of acres. However, when we are talking about indoor growing, it should be said that you can provide the necessary attention to all the plants and making sure that each one of them gets enough water, sun, and nutrients. This means that you will be able to take the full potential from all of the plants you’ve planted.

Sure, having a couple of acres is impressive, but you will not have enough time and focus to dedicate yourself to every plant. With the less attention the plant gets, in terms, we’ve described above, you can be sure that the final product can be of the highest possible quality. Sadly, this is not what happens to most of the farms when they start expanding. With more plants on their land, they are sacrificing the quality of their hemp for the number of hemp they want to produce every year.



Now, we would like to talk about costs and how they can increase over time. Naturally, having all of your plants outdoors doesn’t require too much money since you have enough light and water to provide all of these with enough resources. However, when it comes to indoor growing, you can be sure that with the increase of capacity you will be required to invest much more money with every step. The reason is you need to pay attention to so many elements, who require you to make significant investments over time.

We can even say that both indoor and outdoor growing will have pretty much the same price at the beginning. However, the trouble begins when you decide to expand your indoor capacities, as we’ve already mentioned. Why is that? Well, you need to have complete control over the temperature control, and we are not even going to talk about the electric bills you can expect from all the lights. It can be said that indoor growth is a long-term investment and you will need to follow it to stay competitive.

Plant’s Quality


After you’ve managed to create a good environment that will provide you with excellent conditions for indoor growing, you can be sure that this is a much better way than having acres. At the same time, it should be said that the quality of the final product is going to be much better if you grow your plants indoors. Why is that, you ask? Well, since you are growing your plants indoors, you can be sure that they are safe from all of the negative influences that can inflict some serious damage to the plants.

As you can imagine, this damage is not something that will increase the plant’s quality over time. However, if you are an experienced farmer, you will be able to provide the same amount of quality even if you are growing your hemp flowers outdoors. This is a fine one where the experience is the most important element. However, you will need to learn about many different measures of protection and have enough resources to have them all at your disposal.



Maybe it makes sense to say that outdoor growing will require much more effort on your behalf. However, that is not the case. In fact, growing indoor is a much more complex way of growing hemp. Therefore, you can expect much more work from this approach, due to all the elements and conditions you need to provide to your plants. Naturally, outdoor growing will mean that you need to water and observe all of your plants, but you will not have to worry about the temperature or sunlight. But you will not have so much influence over the end product. Unless you are experienced in this field.

The Verdict

After all the things we’ve gone through in this article of ours, it should be said that making the verdict is not easy. Therefore, it should be said that we have two of them. If you are a beginner and you don’t have almost any experience in growing hemp, you should opt for indoor growing. Otherwise, when you have significant experience, you should go for outdoor growing.

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