The Diamond Industries Response to the Rise of Lab-Grown Diamonds

The properties and price of lab-grown diamonds vary a bit with some having the hardness of natural diamonds, so when searching for a ring for life, you want it to be as hard as diamonds so it withstands a few knocks along the way.

Properties of Diamonds


A couple of hundred years ago, it was discovered that diamonds were pure carbon, and this is what gives them their hardness. Diamonds are usually judged on the 4 Cs and they are:

  1. Color
  2. Cut
  3. Clarity
  4. Carat Weight and Price

Rare Carat can supply you with a copy of the 4 Cs diamond buying guide when you purchase your 2 Carat diamond ring. On closer inspection, lab-grown diamonds appear to measure up to all of these standards. Some diamond rings are far from flawless, so obviously there are different grades on the measurement scale. Your lab-grown diamond may in fact be of better quality than many natural ones.

What does the Diamond Industry Say?


Environmentally Friendly and low-cost diamonds are attractive to everyone, but it is important to go to the right source. Mining is very hard on the environment, and to have a diamond made in the laboratory is a much better option, and so far the rings are very popular. The lab-grown diamonds, look and feel just like traditional diamonds without the heavy price tag. When a young couple is starting out there is a lot of expense in setting up a home, so saving money on the ring makes a big difference.

The diamond industry mostly wants people to have a choice between mined and lab-grown diamonds. For those couples planning an engagement, it makes sense to visit Rare Carat America to get the best deal on an engagement ring, because they only deal in diamonds they will be able to offer you the best price on your lab-grown ring, and you will certainly get a quality ring for the price. Rare Carat has an excellent Trust Pilot and Google rating, so once you have established the size of your finger you will want to see a few diamond rings to find a nice big one for the wedding day. When choosing your 2-carat diamonds, the price may vary a complete buying guide of Lab Diamonds Rare Carat can help you.

Lab-grown diamonds are produced in various colors and spectroscopic instruments have been developed to determine the properties of the stone. The two different methods for CVD and HPHT are close to the natural process, but the diamond grows faster as it is made and controlled in the lab.

HPHT, or high pressure, high temperature crystallized the carbon just like nature.

CVD uses a seeded crystal and a cocktail of gases to grow a diamond in the lab.

Once the correct chemical composition was accurately determined, CVD has become the preferred method for lab-grown diamonds. So the main point is, you, the purchaser will get a much better deal on your ring, as Rare Carat can offer you the customer, a very good price so why not have a two or three-carat diamond?

At the moment your lab-made diamond has a very low resale value, but as the saying goes diamonds are forever and you will purchase your ring for about 40% less than a natural diamond, this means you will get a bigger engagement ring.

Price Comparison


Take a look at the Rare Carat website, as the 2-carat diamonds are very good value:

  • 2-carat diamond from $5,887 USD to $6,109
  • 3-carat diamond from $16,442 to $17,222
  • 1-carat diamonds are now as low as $3,000

At the above prices, you will also get a GIA certification, a report from the gemologist, as well as the 4 cs buying guide.

The GIA certificate is good to have as it offers a reliable grading of the properties contained in the diamond and ensures that your diamond is what the seller says it is.

Additionally, price comparison is the practice of contrasting the costs of comparable goods or services provided by various vendors or suppliers. In this case, we are evaluating the value for money of the diamonds offered by the online diamond marketplace Rare Carat by comparing their prices.

The company Rare Carat is renowned for providing a large selection of diamonds at reasonable prices. According to the information given, the website sells 1-carat diamonds for as little as $3,000, 3-carat diamonds for between $16,442 and $17,222, and 2-carat diamonds for between $5,887 USD and $6,109. The listed prices also cover a GIA certification, a gemologist’s report, and the 4 Cs buying guide.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a reputable and well-known company that certifies and grades diamonds according to their characteristics, including color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The GIA certification guarantees the diamond’s authenticity and high level of quality.

Particularly when compared to the prices of other diamond vendors, the author contends that Rare Carat offers excellent value for money. The author also emphasizes the accuracy of lab-grown diamonds, which are becoming more and more well-liked in the sector.

Given the price contrast, it appears that Rare Carat is a wise choice for those looking for premium diamonds at a reasonable cost. A GIA certification, gemologist report, and buying guide are all included, which raises the value of their products even further. Customers should think about purchasing diamonds from Rare Carat as a viable option.


The process of making lab-grown diamonds isn’t cheap and because of the equipment used, they are highly accurate in composition. Over the last couple of years, both public and industry perceptions are changing, and of course, we all want the best value for money. Take a look at the Rare Carat website today.

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