Safety in Technology: How Lives are Being Saved

Automating everyday activities from driving, manufacturing, and healthcare is almost complete; there’s a good reason for it. The cost of production has gone down while working conditions have improved, more work is being implemented to make cars safer on the roads, the list is endless. But how exactly has this switch been beneficial? Are the results visible? The following are some important ways that this has been achieved.

Self Driving Cars


The first time people started fronting the idea of self-driving cars some decades ago, they were met by derision as that was seen as impossible and risky. That did not stop people from going ahead with exploring that possibility and now it has come to fruition. We now have self-driving cars that have better control and judgment than human drivers. They can predict what will happen on the road, which helps them take the safest option.

This high reactionary responsiveness is what has been lacking on the roads, but now it’s a thing of the past. As they continue to be refined, it is no longer a fantasy to imagine a world without road accidents in the near future.

Industrial Robots


There was a lot of resistance when it came to replacing human beings with robots some years back. What many people didn’t grasp back then was that automating the manufacturing process was not a debate; it was a reality that was going to happen whether they liked it or not. Fast forward to 2024, and most of the manufacturing plants have either fully automated or are relying on industrial robots for most of their operations. Roles like palletizing that used to require many human hands, putting them at risk of injury in the process, can now be handled by a single-arm for robotic bag palletizer, click here to learn more. Automation may have cut down jobs, but the human labor that is still being utilized can now work without the risk of getting injured.

Face Detection


A lot has been said about face detection technologies that are being packaged as the solution for all the security problems the modern world is facing at the moment. One of the main concerns being raised is the lack of privacy that technology brings into our lives. To some extent, those concerns are valid because, in the wrong hands, the use of AI in this manner can be used to cause a lot of damage.

However, as far as security is concerned, face detection could be the most secure form of protecting yourself and all your valuable possession from the ever-increasing threat of cyber hacking. It may have its flaws, but the world cannot be able to function without such technologies; we simply need to institute laws that regulate its implementation and use.

3D Printing


3D printing has massive potential in our day to day lives, but nowhere is that more evident than in the healthcare sector. Thanks to how advanced the technology has grown, It is now possible for complex body organs to be printed and used as replacements in humans, reducing the need to have organ transplants from other people. With time, this will not only reduce the cost of treatment but will effectively put an end to the dangerous human organ trade that has been the cause of untold pain and suffering for people around the world for years.

At the moment, 3D printing technology is still costly, but once all the bureaucracy is dealt with and more people are given access to it, it will not be long before it becomes cheap enough for anyone in need to make use of it.

Drone Deliveries


When Amazon announced plans to start using drones to deliver packages, the world was already looking forward to the full utilization of drones for making daily life activities much more convenient. Drones that can deliver items to people will not only change the world, but they will make it much safer for people to go about their daily lives without any unnecessary interruption. Accessibility by road has been the biggest impediment to vital supplies like medicine reaching remote parts of the world, but this problem will cease to exist with drones.

The only thing holding back the roll-out of such technology is the cost of creating these heavy-duty drones. The technology is not that developed, and with every company involved in their development hiding their cards to gain the upper hand, it will be a while before it becomes a widespread service around the globe.

Smart Devices


There’s literally a smart device for everything, and as much as this may sound too much to some extent, the benefits do outweigh those concerns. You can now keep track of your body by simply wearing a smartwatch on your wrist. The smartwatch is then able to send al; the data it collects to your doctor, who can then be able to make a diagnosis of what could be wrong. This has done more than making things convenient; it has brought healthcare enclosure to the people and has helped stop avoidable deaths through timely interventions.


Technology is here to stay, and it has long tentacles that will touch every aspect of our lives. Most of that will be good, and some of that will be bad; the underlying fact is that we cannot ignore it. As more advancements keep rolling out from all sectors, one can only make the predictable condition that a decade from now, there will be so little that will still be in the control of human hands.

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