7 Secrets of People Who Have a Clean House

Have you ever wondered why some people have ultra clean house while others are always struggling to maintain hygiene?

It is not that cleanliness is a trait that we are born with rather it is a way of smart living. People make bed, do the dishes, fluff out of the pillow during the weekend, and again by Wednesdays, the house gets back to the same condition.

So, why it is so tough to maintain the house?

Maintaining a clean house is not a secret. You just have to be on your feet every time you find something out of place. Those who have a clean house do not wait for the weekend to clean the house. Rather they take care of the stuff as and when needed.

In this article, we are going to discuss some methods that people with clean house follow.

1. Do not wait for the weekend to clean the


Instead of piling up the task for the weekend, take advantage of the few minutes that you get in between your work. For example, if you’re cooking, do not wait for your food to come out of the oven, instead clear the mixing bowls and the countertop.

The same goes for other parts of the room. Suppose you are waiting for something in the lobby, utilize that time to take care of the stuff around you. Doing little things, every time will keep your house free of clutter.

2. Follow that 20-minutes rule a day

We understand how difficult it can be to take out time for cleaning every day. That is why the experts always recommend you to devote 20 minutes a day for tidying up the place. Just 20 minutes every day will save you long cleaning hours during the weekend.

Set the timer and start from one room. Keep the dusting cloth handy and your job is to keep the things where it belongs and if you see any sign of dust, keep wiping it. Even if you spend an entire 20 minutes in one room, it is fine.

3. Divide the job


Keeping the house clean is not a one-person job. Every family member has to be equally responsible to keep the house clean. So do not hesitate in assigning jobs to every member of the family.

Categories the tasks like wiping the countertops, dining table, vacuuming, cleaning utensils, and sweeping. Find out who can do the job better and assign the task accordingly. At the end of every week, keep a reward for every person who has completed their job successfully. This will keep the kids motivated and the house clean and clutter free.

4. Try to make the job fun


One of the reasons why people dread cleaning is because it is highly boring. After all, who would like to sweep the entire floor alone in a wearisome way? So, if you want your family members to participate in the job, make things a little fun.

Set the mood by playing some music or putting up some cookies on the counter for the kids. If you are cleaning the house alone, take advantage of wireless Bluetooth headphones so that you can move everywhere while listening to your favorite music or podcast.

5. Take out 5 minutes before going to bed


Most of us tend to leave all the work for the next morning, and because there is so much to do in the morning, you hardly get any time for cleaning. The idea here is to spend 5 to 10 minutes every night making sure that everything has been put away in its right place. Just look for small things like the countertop should be clear, clothes should be back in the wardrobe, and groceries that you bought have been tucked away properly.

Try to teach the kids the same manners. Make them arrange their books every night, their toys at one place, and clothes in the wardrobe. This will minimize the chaos that takes place every morning in a house full of kids.

6. Take professional help


Hiring a professional rubbish removal team can be a great motivator to keep the house clean. When you know that they are going to visit you tomorrow, you will try to take the maximum advantage of it and arrange the house accordingly. We rubbish removal service providers at Goodbye junk, will also help you recognize which stuff you want to keep and which should be sent for recycling.

7. Organized in a way to make it look pretty


A lot of us are not able to take advantage of the open areas because they will not look pretty, but what if we tell you that most of the houses that look extra clean also utilize the open spaces as clever storage. Bring into use some pretty looking storage boxes and fill them with anything like towel, clothes, and books. People will hardly notice what is inside the box and it will also look like a sassy décor. Besides, it will be easier for you to find your things.

Following the above mentioned will not just make it easier to keep the house clean, but will also help you create storage space for things that you want to add. Even if you do the task on your own, having the professional rubbish removal team visit your places once every two months, will helps you arrange the place more effectively.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring these professionals is that you would know what it is that you should keep and what you should recycle. So, get on with it and maintaining the house will get easier.

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