Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Calgary

Top Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Calgary to Raise Your Kids

Calgary has a vibrant downtown core, an abundance of outdoor recreational activities, and a diverse population. The Calgary populace has created a city that has a unique way of life and is bursting with excitement thus enabling families to make the most out of a growing economy and an offered quality of life.

When searching for the ideal place to raise a family, certain important pieces must be looked at while contemplating the future of a family, such as safety, schools, amenities, and community spirit. Here, we will explore several considerations about some of Calgary’s finest neighbourhoods suitable for a family on the rise. Each neighbourhood contains its own traits and distinct respective amenities, making it an ideal and safe place to call home.



Altadore is often viewed as an extremely alluring place for a lot of young families in Calgary. Rivers Real Estate is sure of this. Found just south-western direction of the downtown core, this neighbourhood offers a way to live in the city without compromising anything. It is always a very strong indicator of a good community when property in any area is hard to come by, and this one seems to have a waiting list. It offers the best of both worlds – a family-friendly neighbourhood with a small-town spirit and conveniences.  The amenities and schools are located in such walkable proximity – you can let your kids walk to school if you want.

Living in Altadore provides a multitude of educational opportunities as the neighbourhood is well known for its exemplary schools. Parents and students have the option of attending the nationally-ranked public and private schools in the area. On top of the regular education offered through the Calgary Board of Education, Altadore Public School offers French Immersion. These schools here emphasize both academic excellence and quality character development.

Beyond just academic offerings, Altadore also possesses an abundance of recreational features. It is situated adjacent to the picturesque Elbow River parks, which contain walking and cycling paths, play areas, and places to have a picnic. River Park and Sandy Beach Park are especially preferable for those with kids and are known to be peaceful areas where you can take a break from the city’s hubbub.

Additionally, in its confines, is Marda Loop. It’s a lovely hub of boutiques, eateries, and amenities, with more than 100 items on offer. From hip cafes and chic shops to some suitable for children restaurant options and grocery stores, Marda Loop has got it all for everyday necessities and fun.



Brentwood is positioned in the northwest region of Calgary. Brentwood is another quality choice when it comes to security, geniality, and richness of possibilities for spending one’s free time.

There are breathtaking natural landscapes and lots of places intended for different ways of spending one’s free time – that is the impression of Brentwood. There, you can enjoy relaxing in the shade of green, thick woods, moving around actively, using all the facilities available there, discovering wildlife, finding inhabitants of the tree moss, and enjoying immersive water sports activities or partaking in the ice skating cycle.

Regarding education, there are multiple excellent educational institutions in Brentwood. These educational institutions include Brentwood School, Sir Winston Churchill High School, and St. Jean Brebeuf School, which are known for their strong academic programs, nurtured teachers, and supportive learning environments. Besides that, Brentwood is near the prestigious University of Calgary, making it an optimal choice for families with adolescent children anticipating post-secondary education.

Living in Brentwood has another advantage: the neighbourhood’s convenient location and transportation. Brentwood is close to downtown Calgary with good access to public transport. The availability of buses and a C-Train station make it most convenient to travel in Brentwood.

Moreover, Brentwood has its own shopping center, Brentwood Village Shopping Center. There are a variety of restaurants and shops there, including a grocery store, pharmacy, and medical clinic that will be helpful for anybody there.



If you are a family looking for a luxurious and upscale area, Tuscany might be the perfect niche.

Situated in the distant northwest area of Calgary, Tuscany offers a fabulous overview of the landscape with mountain views. Tuscany is also known for its grand houses with stylish designs, and remarkable comfort and family-friendly labour surroundings. If you have a family with little children, this place is secure for your children.

Living in Tuscany has a great perk when it comes to education. This region is rich in numerous top-tier, top-ranked schools. This includes Tuscany School and Twelve Mile Coulee School, but also and especially St. Basil School in Tuscany.

These schools have been recognized for their superior curriculum, knowledgeable and experienced staff and educators, and of course, facilities that keep pace with the latest in education, technology, and learning processes. Not only that, but Tuscany is only minutes away from the Webber Academy, Rundle College, and other high-standing learning institutions.

Beyond its educational facilities, Tuscany is a haven for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Located on the edge of a picturesque ravine, the neighbourhood boasts more than 170 acres of natural green space, perfect for hiking, biking and picnicking. It is also home to its own private lake and beach club, offering a swimming pool and tennis courts, as well as a community clubhouse for special events and get-togethers.

Tuscany also offers a wealth of opportunities for families who relish shopping and dining. The neighbourhood boasts a number of high-end shopping centres, most notably Tuscany Market and Crowfoot Crossing, which are home to a range of retailers, dining establishments, and service providers.

Plus, those big, brand-name shopping locations like Market Mall and Chinook—just a short drive away—mean that venturing out beyond Tuscany could get you a few more serious purchases on your list.


Mahogany Calgary

A recently developed district in the southeast part of Calgary, Mahogany has quickly become a much-loved area for families. Being focused on the outdoors and community, it offers a distinctive way of life that benefits everyone, from youngsters to the old at heart.

Mahogany’s most prominent characteristic is the 63-acre freshwater lake, Calgary’s largest. For families, the beach club gives you the complete package with a splash park, play areas, and picnic areas. Mahogany is also surrounded by several parks and green spaces, and inside the community, is the beautiful Mahogany Wetlands, which includes a variety of wildlife and 5+km of walking trails with interpretive signage.

Mahogany offers several new and updated schools, such as Mahogany School and Dr. Martha Cohen School. These facilities are designed with 21st-century learning in mind and are equipped with advanced technology, spaces for collaborative learning, and personal educational initiatives. Additionally, Mahogany’s close proximity to established schools in nearby communities provides further education alternatives for families.

There is one more benefit to living in Mahogany, and that’s the strong community feel of the neighbourhood. On top of the variety of events and programs, including fitness classes, children’s programming, and holiday festivals, there’s an ongoing activity for just about everyone at the Mahogany HOA.

The beautiful, state-of-the-art Community Centre has rentable rooms for community events and a full-sized industrial kitchen is going to make hosting your next birthday party a breeze. These are just a few more reasons why we love the lifestyle in Mahogany, and if you haven’t already, we hope you’ll come to see what all the excitement is about!

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