Can You Travel the World with Your Kids?

Many people may say, “I want to travel but I have a child”. You’ve always enjoyed travel, want to see the world, but you have kids. Should you just quit and never hit the road? On the contrary, traveling with children is easier than you think.

Of course, there are challenges on a trip with children, but difficulties always exist on a trip. Most inspiring is knowing that you will be sharing love, confronting your children with unforgettable knowledge and experiences, and creating better adults.

Main challenges of traveling with children


The first challenge is to lose the fear of going to a strange place with your children, not knowing what you will find. It may sound a little terrifying, but it isn’t.

However, it is always good to take into account some precautions such as: making sure that the chosen destination has no health problems, contact the pediatrician and bring a pharmacy kit, and always have a good international health insurance – preferably with own accredited network, which are the ones that cover the expense on the spot. If you want to enjoy a stress-free vacation, make sure you plan accordingly. You can visit sites such as to find a travel health professional near you. This way, you can relax once you embark on your journey, knowing that you’ve done everything within your reach to keep your children safe.

Another point is to understand that the timing of a trip with children is different. No use running, no skipping meals, no leg kicking from 8 am until 3 am.

Myths about traveling with children


1. “It’s more complicated to plan a vacation with children”

No. If you want everything planned, you’ll have the usual work, but shifting your focus: You’ll need to look for kid-friendly hotels, check for an extra bed or crib, find restaurants that fit your child’s taste and organize more “friendly” logistics.

And there are the adventurous families who travel aimlessly: they take a trailer or a car and brave their fate without knowing what lies ahead and without reserved hotels. We’ve done it like this, and end up having to sleep in the car a few times. Not to be caught off guard, have your hands-on food and pillow.

2. “Traveling with kids is a lot of work”

Sometimes. In my experience, traveling with my daughter when she was a baby was very easy. She would suckle, stay in the cart, so everything would work out. From 1 year – when he started walking – until about 2 years, it was a little more work, but nothing out of the ordinary.

From 3 years onwards, it was easy again. I believe that children who start traveling early get used to the routine and being in transit becomes easier and easier.

3. “Destiny must be geared towards children”

The world is an amusement park, and any trip is a trip to go with children. There is no child or adult destination, there are interesting destinations. New York, Paris, Thailand or Orlando are all trips to go with kids and a handful of cool attractions for the little ones.

4. “Children will not remember the trip”

They may not remember visually, but the experience he or she has had will contribute to the growth and development. It is a seed that we sow. Plus, you’ll remember every minute of the trip.

5. “It is much more expensive to travel with children”

It is more expensive to travel with children from a certain age when they pay for hotel and entrance fees (usually from 7 years old).

For airline tickets, the policy varies by airline, but children under 2 years usually pay 10% of the fare, and from 2 to 11 years pay 50% of the ticket price.

How to travel better with children


International travel with small children involves routine changes, and some tricks may work:

Keep Track of Your kid

If you worry about your kid getting lost, you can tag your name and phone number on your kid’s shoulder or somewhere, so any stranger can easily get to you when he or she finds your kid.

Ideally, you can also get a GPS tracker for kids that allows you to keep track of your kid in real-time wherever they go. If you have older children, I really recommend GoFindMe GPS Tracker. It works without cell service or a monthly subscription fee. It also has a GeoFence and SOS button to ensure your kids’ safety. GoFindMe is more powerful than a regular personal GPS tracker. You can even use it as a car GPS Tracker.

Try to Keep The Child’s Routine

Trips over 30 hours: If you are going to Asia, Oceania and very distant destinations, consider a midway stopover.

Trying different flavors around the world is always good, but try not to change your child’s diet too much. In countries like Indonesia, Thailand, it is worth resorting to an Italian restaurant. Always works.

Try not to “jump” too much from one place to another. Set up a script where you stay longer in each destination. A fast-paced family trip can get stressful.

Chatting where you spend more than two hours in the car/train can also be tiring.

Always start with a simpler trip, especially if your child is a baby. And go turbinating in the next.

Necessary Documents

If you are traveling on a national trip with one of your parents or relatives, you only need the identity or birth certificate that proves the relationship. Children under 12, traveling alone or with someone who is not related, need authorization signed by their father or mother, with a notarized signature.

Bring a portable tablet or game player


Are you looking for ways to keep your baby or child busy during a flight? The one thing all parents agree on is that there’s nothing like a video to keep your child occupied.

For this reason, equip yourself with a portable game player or a tablet if you decide to travel with a child. Please make sure to download all the videos or games you need before boarding the plane. Cartoons and movies can help keep your kids busy for much of the flight. As for you, you can rest in peace. Attention, check before boarding which laws are in force because there have been changes for certain flights following the latest events occurring around the world

Give gifts to your child

Do you want to maintain a good mood throughout the flight? To prepare for your trip with a baby or the youngest, pack small toys that you can offer your children as a reward guide each time they have been calm for at least 1/2 hour.

It is not necessarily necessary to buy expensive toys: you can very well offer them old toys which they have forgotten about. Small, soft animal-shaped toys are ideal. You can also take toys that can be “reassembled” so that they move on their own on the folding shelf, even if there is always the risk that they end up by mistake on the legs of your neighbors… Of course, all good behavior does not necessarily require a reward, but for a first plane flight with baby, it’s ideal!

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