Travel Insurance – Which One You Should Buy In 2024

Travelling is fun but comes with its set of challenges. When you are traveling to a new or unknown place, there are a host of challenges that may make your travel experience frustrating. Unless you have a proper way to handle these challenges, travel can never be fun.

Future Generali has some exciting overseas travel insurance options that will secure your travel and help you enjoy your vacation peacefully.

Schengen and Worldwide Travel Insurance


This unique Schengen travel insurance online by Future Generali keeps you protected wherever you go. If you are traveling to Europe or Schengen for vacation or business, this policy has you covered.

Every holiday is unique in itself and you cannot be fully prepared for what is going to come no matter how much you prepare. That is why this travel insurance for Schengen countries is a good pick for travelers so that they stay protected. Here is what the policy covers:

  • The policy covers your medical expenses and acts as a travel medical insurance.
  • The policy provides assistance during any financial emergency that may arise.
  • The policy keeps you covered against personal accidents that may take place during the travel.
  • If you experience a baggage delay or baggage loss while traveling to the European Country, this policy keeps you covered.
  • The policy also covers travel inconvenience or any legal liability that may arise.
  • The policy also covers you for loss of passport.

The policy is extremely beneficial as it offers the following merits:

  • The policy can be purchased conveniently and quickly.
  • The settlement of the claims is also easy.
  • The policy provides worldwide service and keeps you protected against worldwide emergencies.
  • The plan is highly flexible and you will surely find it to match your exact needs during traveling.
  • The policy also covers emergency medical services.

Overseas Travel Plan


An overseas travel plan may involve several unprecedented challenges. It is best to secure your travel with a good foreign travel insurance plan. Here is what is covered in this travel insurance plan:

  • The policy covers your medical expenses when you are traveling overseas.
  • The plan also covers the personal accidents that may happen during travel.
  • Apart from this, baggage delay and baggage loss are covered by this policy.
  • The policy also covers you for loss of passport.

This is an excellent policy designed for foreign travelers of all ages. The regular overseas travel plan covers people in the age group from 18-65 or 70 years based on the plan selected. People above the age of 70 till the age of 80 are covered under senior citizen policy.

This policy which offers comprehensive coverage can be easily purchased. You just need to fill in the required details to buy the travel insurance online.

Once you fill in the necessary details and accept the terms and conditions, you can make the payment and download the policy for proof. You will receive a copy of your policy on the mail id you have provided. The policy has customized plans and a floater policy to ensure you better flexibility.

Student Travel Plan


Students who travel abroad to pursue their higher studies need to be covered for travel. They need to focus on studies and trivial issues that may arise during travel may distract them. That is why the Student Travel Plan is an excellent choice that will help to keep the person covered during travel.

The student in the age range 18-35 years is eligible to apply for this international student travel insurance policy. The person needs to undergo certain pre-acceptance medical tests. Here are the rules for the same:

  • When there is no adverse health declaration on the proposal forms, you do not have to appear for any medical tests.
  • If there are any adverse health declaration on the proposal form, you need to conduct the medical test. 50% of the amount spent on medical tests are reimbursed if the policy covers it.
  • The validity of the medical reports is only within 30 days of conducting the test.

This is a 2-year long Future Student Suraksha plan that covers several things as listed below:

  • The travel insurance policy covers the loss of the passport.
  • The policy covers baggage delay or baggage loss.
  • The policy also covers personal accident worldwide.
  • Medical expenses are also covered by this policy.
  • The policy also provides reimbursement on unused tuition fees if the student discontinues his studies midway.

You can buy this student travel insurance online in less than two minutes. All you need to do is get an online quote, fill in the details on the proposal form and then make payment for the policy through net banking or debit/credit card. You may download a copy of international student travel insurance and keep it for the record.

The many merits of this policy include 24/7 worldwide coverage, high flexibility, comprehensive coverage, and global protection.

Things To Note Before Purchasing a Travel Insurance


There are some things you need to check before purchasing the travel insurance for study or business tour that you will conduct internationally. Here we have listed these points:

  • Compare policies to see what is covered in each travel policy and pick what suits your needs best.
  • Go for a policy that offers worldwide cover at minimum cost.
  • Make sure your travel insurance plan covers health and personal accidents.
  • Take time to read the eligibility for the plan as well as the terms and conditions before buying the insurance plan.
  • Go for a plan that is extremely convenient.
  • Look for plans that process claims efficiently and quickly.

We should always purchase travel insurance plans from reputed and reliable companies such as Future Generali. A company with a reputation will give what it promises in the plan.

This way you can be assured of safe travel abroad. Take time to assess the different plan options and do not hesitate to invest a bit more if it helps to enhance the cover provided through the plan.

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