Quality Insurance Coverage That Will Meet All Your Needs

Few things are worse than not having the coverage you need in an emergency. Whether you are in the market for personal, business, or community association protection, the products at Moran Insurance will put your mind at ease and take care of you when the unexpected comes along.

Personal insurance coverage

When a severe illness or injury, permanent disability, or death prevent you from earning an income for your family, having quality personal insurance provides financial stability during a time of uncertainty.

In the area of personal protection, they offer the following:

  • Homeowners
  • Auto
  • Boat & Watercraft
  • Life
  • Renters
  • Florida Umbrella
  • Individual Health

For discussion, let’s break this list down into four main categories of coverage: income protection, critical illness, total and permanent injury, and life.

Income Protection


Income Protection serves as a financial safety net for times of temporary unemployment. These policies prevent a gap in your monthly income by paying out 75 percent of your gross monthly income, allowing you to continue paying bills such as your rent or mortgage and daily expenses like food and gas.

Critical Illness

While many policies dealing with illness require a death before payout, this living insurance does not. When you carry crucial illness, you receive benefits for up to 40 different medical events, including a diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, or stroke.

Total and Permanent Injury

This plan grants financial freedom to those who become permanently disabled as a result of an injury or illness through a lump sum payout. Beneficiaries can use this payout to offset the cost of medical bills or make up the difference in lost wages.



Life policies have a long history in the insurance world as one of the very first types of coverage available. They pay a lump sum benefit to the family of the deceased, which can be used to pay for funeral expenses, pay off any financial obligations that were left behind, and meet the financial needs of any remaining family members.
Business Insurance

When you run a business, even a home business, it is essential to carry coverage to mitigate the risks that are present from the very minute you launch. Just a single claim can be enough to destroy your business before you’re even fully up and running. To protect your investment, you need to have the right plans in place. This insurance company offers the following for businesses:

  • Business Owners Packages
  • Florida General Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Medical Malpractice

The type of business you run will dictate the type of plan you need. For instance, the coverage a corporation needs will vary significantly from the essential policies you need as a small business. Take a look at a brief explanation of some of the plans that are typically available from most companies to see which is right for you.

Professional Liability

Also known as errors and omissions (E&O), professional liability takes care of you in the event of a claim due to a mistake or failure on the part of your business. Does your business need professional liability insurance?



Whether your business uses a property as an owner or a tenant, you need some form of protection for your property. This policy includes all signage, equipment, inventory, and furniture related to your business when it is damaged by a storm, fire, or theft. For the fire insurance claim, you can ask for the help from the professionals such as Voss Law Firm. However, events such as an earthquake or a flood, which are considered “acts of God,” are generally not provided for.

Worker’s Compensation

Every business owner should purchase a worker’s compensation policy before hiring their first employee. This plan pays disability, medical treatment, and death benefits when any staff member is injured or dies on the job.

Product Liability

Any business that manufactures products for a wholesale or retail market needs product liability coverage, which protects your interests during a lawsuit over the quality of your product.


Businesses that use company vehicles in any way must have a policy in place to pay for liability claims in case of an accident.

Business Interruption


In a perfect world, your business would always stay open and running at peak performance; however, the unexpected happens all the time. Business Interruption policies compensate lost income when you are required to close your doors due to unforeseen events.

Community Association Insurance

Community Association Insurance is a broad name for multiple types of protection required by a Florida Homeowner’s Association. While many people assume that Florida HOA and community association coverage are the same, they are incorrect. However, both of these policies are required to protect an HOA’s property and residents.

Moran Insurance offers the following under Community Association:

  • Florida HOA
  • Florida Condo
  • Directors & Officers
  • Employee Theft
  • Excess Liability
  • Min Premium Workers Comp
  • Associations in Florida

What coverage does your HOA or community association need? For additional information on any of these plans and the protection they offer, you can contact the friendly and professional consultants by click here. The number of situations to consider when looking for protection for your HOA is endless, so it is always best to discuss all your options with the pros before making any final decisions.

Finding the Best Coverage with Moran Insurance

Moran Insurance & Financial Solutions is an independent agency, which means that they are an agent, broker, and consultant all in one easy stop. This makes them unique from many other agencies and benefits you as a client. They serve the entire state of Florida with multiple locations throughout the country and strive to find solutions for every client that will meet their needs and make sense from a business standpoint. From personal to business-coverage, even group programs, the goal of their team specialists is to answer all your questions and find the right policy for your specific situation. Give the company a call today to see what they can do for you.

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