Study-Tips, Three Online Best Calculators for Number Conversions

A number system is described as a typewriting system that creates a unique expression of each number and reflects the figures’ arithmetic and algebraic structure.

In respect of conversions, the International System of Units, popularly known as SI units, that can provide a norm for measuring the physical properties of matter. Measurement as a number finds its application in several ways, from schooling to commercial application.

This conversion is taught in basic mathematics of early classes. Transferring in this way helps you understand how each system of numbers operates and how different systems are linked. Whether it’s getting groceries or entertaining, units play a crucial role in our everyday life; and thus, their conversions are also significant.

Therefore, converting written digits from one system into another is always important. But there are several ways that you can implement to transform them from one form to another. One of the easiest ways to do that is to hit your calculator or use an authentic website to perform such operation.

Thus, the number conversion calculators help to transform various measurement units such as Million and billion to crore, lac, thousand, and hundred using multiplicative conversion factors. The aim of this article is to discuss the best three conversion calculators that would give you accurate results instantly.

Also, you would get to know some basic conversions so you can not only perform such a task but also understand how the process of conversion works with calculators.


There are thousands of users that prefer this website  for calculating almost all of the mathematical problems. They find it more helpful in converting number systems because the power 10 conversion calculator is the top best tool of this website. It offers a bunch of other online calculators that you can use while practicing math problems.

The power 10 conversion calculator of this website is famous for converting figures from one power such as hundreds, thousands, lakhs into another power such as millions, crores, billions. It provides convenient service to change a million to crore, a million to lakhs, a million to crore, a billion to crore, a trillion to crore, and a billion to a crore.

You must use this tool to change the power of 10 in any form you need. This fantastic calculator would bring you the changed form of a number in a fraction of time. To use this power 10 conversion calculator, follow the below steps:

  • Select the digits to form the specified number that you want to transform in the first box.
  • Then select the other form in which you want to convert that specified number. For example, you want 100 million into crores then you would put the 100 million in the first box and select the crore after that.
  • After that click the convert key.
  • You can reset the values by inserting the new figures.


It is another great website that can help to change numbers from one form to another for your ease. This website’s tool is named a million billion Calculator. It changes the number system and transforms them into trillions, billions, millions, crores, lacs thousands, and hundreds. This tool is a good option for converting currencies as well.

This power 10 converter conducts the conversion between the local figures (that are used in most of the Asian countries such as crore, lac, thousand, and hundred) and other international numbering systems. The million-billion converter tool conducts the exchange of currency between the world currencies.

This calculator offers you several options for different fields of mathematics such as algebra, geometry, statistics and metrics, and many more.  In the section below, you must choose the million billion conversion option and then enter the value that you want to change. This will give you instant and accurate results of converted figures.


Third, in the list of best converters is This is a simple and digital converter of the numbering system that flips digits into millions, billions, trillions, thousands, lakhs, and crores.

It is a great option if you are searching a decent and easy to use the tool. It is quite simple to use. And anyone can have access to it without getting in trouble. All you have to do is enter the digits and pick the unit in order to see its equivalent value in the other units.

When the number gets higher, translating it into a different monetary unit becomes difficult. This converter claims to count to millions, billions, trillions, thousands, lakhs, crores. Thus, the software would enable you to tackle the counting obstacles for free.

After putting the values, it would give the value of the figure entered in hundreds, thousands, lakhs, crores, millions, billions, trillions. Thus, in the calculator’s input field, enter your figure and pick up that particular unit from which you need to transform. The tool enables to transform the specific value efficiently to any of the International number systems.



Thus, whenever you encounter a very large figure, you need an extensive and yet easy-to-use Millions to Lakhs converter. When there are hundreds of online websites that promise to provide good results instantly, but you must be careful in choosing the authentic ones.

Above we have described the best three online power or number converters that you can trust. All of them are easy to use to change a million to Lakh, billion to crores, and much more because first you only need to pick the units and the value you want to convert.

If you experience any problems regarding conversions, these tools are the solution that will give you the exact unit conversion. These calculators also offer you the conversion formula to convert numbers in Million to Lakh etc. along with a table reflecting the complete conversion, so that you can check the results as well.

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