What Are the 7 Top Slot Games?

Many people experience the feeling of excitement and adrenaline rush while gambling. In earlier times, casino lovers had to go to special venues to gamble or organize a poker night themselves, but gambling today is possible wherever you go. All of the most popular games have moved online, and you can play them on your coffee break, via mobile phone.

Slot games are especially popular. Bu t before they moved online, you probably remember the long lines of slot machines with bar chairs in front them, in typical Vegas-style casinos. Well, those slot machines were invented in the seventies, and are undoubtedly one of the most played machines in all Casinos in the world. Even with the appearance of Online Casino, slots have become one of the most common games of chance.

The original slot machines were made up of three reels and had a handle on their right side. Later, this method became more and more popular in the world of slots, and because of that, various variations of this interesting game of chance were introduced. Until today, there are more than a hundred variations of slots and each of them is special and interesting in its way. Slots are not exclusively a game for beginners or for those with many years of experience in playing Casino games. Slots are simply a game for all those who love the excitement and good fun.

With tons of websites around the internet offering slot games, it’s hard to determine what’s the best one. But, if you visit, you will find lists of most popular casino websites, lists of the best games, advice on how to score the best casino bonus, and other useful tricks.

However, we will present you with the top 7 slot games, you will surely enjoy playing.

1. Desert treasure


This slot game has been given excellent reviews and is voted the most popular slot game in 2024. The aim is to line up as more as possible symbols (Bonus, Scatter, and Wild) to collect treasures. Certain interactive bonus treasures can be activated by the Oasis bonus symbol. Different prizes are awarded when you match different bonus symbols. For example, a 5,000 x Jackpot is received by lining up five Golden Cobras.

It has one other jackpot-winning option when the player chooses five out of 49 numbers. If the chosen number match those chosen by the machine, the player gets a Dollar Ball jackpot.

2. Book of Ra


Book of Ra is a slot game made by Novomatic, one of the largest and most popular manufacturers of games of this type in the world. The very name of the game suggests its plot, which revolves around ancient times in Egypt. For those who do not know, Ra is the Egyptian Sun God and one of the most significant Deities in mythology. Before each spin, players pay a certain amount. Depending on the number of symbols struck, the player wins a prize. The most important symbols are the Book of Ra, Pharaoh, Scarab, Explorer, and Statue, with additional hieroglyphs serving as a replacement. Each symbol has a different value, so for a bet of size 1, if you turn 5 Explorer symbols, you will win a prize of the order of 5000, while e.g. five Book of Ra symbols carry a much smaller prize – 200.

3. Sizzling hot


Also, a Novomatic game, having very simple rules. Sizzling Hot consists of 3 rows and 5 lines, and you win the biggest prizes if you get all 5 of the same symbols in one row. Most of the symbols in the game are fruits. Other symbols include the red seven and the gold star, the so-called “scatter” symbol. It is these two symbols that are most important because they bring the greatest gain.

4. Starburst


Starburst’s maker, NetEnt is very famous for making the most famous slot machines in the world, which promises quality. The Starburst slot machine game differs from other slots primarily by the symbols found in it. Instead of the already traditional fruit, various jewels, diamonds, sapphires, and other precious stones are waiting for you. Starburst consists of 10 lines, 5 reels, and 3 rows and the game can be played on as many as 10 levels. A particularly important symbol in the game is the Starburst symbol which adds up your winnings the moment it appears on the screen, and this can happen a maximum of three times.

5. Age of the Gods: Furious 4


Playtech software’s mythological, ancient Greek style game. Playing it gives you a chance to meet some of the Greek mythology characters. It has 20 lines and 5 reels, and four jackpots available. Apollo, Pandora, Hephaestus, and Atlas will add up to the excitement with some bonus action.

6. Beach Life


Another one of Playtech’s masterpieces. Full of colorful summer, seaside atmosphere. The player is offered 20 pay lines and 5 reels, aiming to land winning combinations of symbols to land on play lines. This triggers a cash reward.

7. Circus Fever


Circus Fever is another innovative online casino game that comes to us straight from the “kitchen” of the Expats Studio slot game provider. It is a really interesting and dynamic slot game that aims to keep you busy all the time. In accordance with the name, the circus theme was chosen. At the top, you have a clown’s head that throws the ball out of his mouth, and you never know which side he will stand on before he throws it out. The central part of the playing field is filled with obstacles that the ball hits and depending on that changes direction and eventually falls into one of the 6 fields. Your winnings depend on the field you fall into and if you choose correctly you will make a profit.

Regardless of their past and the fact that today’s slot machines and slot games are online and the player is not pulling a handle anymore, even today there are still real slot machines for nostalgic people who still have a handle on the side and thus provide an unusual sense of fun for the player.  

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