5 new Casino Slot Games You Need to try in 2024

Talking about how much casinos are popular is unnecessary as we all played, know, or at least saw an ad about some renowned casino. Even though everything that happened last year only helped online businesses around the world to attract new users and establish their name in the online community, online casinos have already done this even before that. Now, many would argue whether and how much playing some game of chance online is actually good, but the facts are pretty clear, and there really isn’t a better way to get both good fun and a chance to win some money. Of course, we are all different, like different things, have different preferences, and casino games are no exception, but what we can all agree with is that one casino game is dominant, and yes, we are talking about slot machines.

Some people like exactly this game of chance because it has the best RTP (return to player percentage), some fancy them as it was the first casino game they ever played, or due to high level of intrigue and excitement, and others just because they offer pure and unique feeling and fun in general. Whatever the reason, the fact that slots are the most popular stands, and the only thing we can discuss is if some game is better than others, and if so, in which way, and to be more precise, how and what makes it better. There are new slots every year, and casinos are always trying to add something new, some new element, engaging content, or some new type of bonus, just to attract new players. This year is no different, and there are plenty of new slots to try and play, but trying out every single one of them can actually be more dull than fun. That is why we did the research for you and will now present the top five new Casino slot games you simply must try in 2024, so let’s start.

Maya Millions


Everyone knows about Mayans, their culture and how advanced they were, especially after 2012, and their famous “prediction” about the end of the world as we know it. Now, many will say that the Mayan theme is not something new in the casino world, but this slot is more than worth playing. The game has an astonishing design, the developer really did their best to enhance its features, so it is easy to see everything that happens on the screen, and the game is not hard to play, so it is great even for rookies. The one thing that probably interests players the most is the RTP ratio, which is pretty high, and since it is 95%, it makes this slot game great to win some extra money. The Mayan theme is presented perfectly, so every person that likes that will enjoy playing this slot. All that, engaging content, and many, many free spins, features, and bonuses will sure make you come back for more.

Triple Red Hot 777


Talking about Las Vegas as the capital of the gambling world is not needed, as almost every slot player dreams about visiting Las Vegas and try their luck there at least once in their life, but not all of them are that lucky to go on that trip. Luckily, there are many slots that may get you there when you play them, and one of them is definitely Triple Red 777. It has amazing bonuses, so winning money is not that hard, and special effects like sounds will make you feel like you are in one of the Vegas casinos. Winning the three Triple Red Hot 7s three times will lead to a jackpot that can and will change a person’s life.

Dragon Lady


If you are bored of playing slots with traditional colors and want to try something unique and different, and you are a Medieval fan, then Dragon Lady is a perfect choice for you. Besides the quality graphic and a lot of features, this slot offers a big jackpot and other bonuses that can multiply your bets 100 times.

Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe


We all know that pinatas are a big part of Mexican tradition, and they are popular around the world especially on children’s birthdays. Because of that, there is no reason for them not to be popular even in the casino world, and Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe is surely raising their popularity. There are no sweets in this game, but there are free spins and money, so the adults are more than happy to try it. By playing this game, you will see more from the Mexican culture, from sombreros to star wilds, and winning three sombreros will get you to the extra round where it is possible to multiply your bet by 200 times. After every bonus round, there is a reward that implies free spins, and once you catch five pinatas, the jackpot is won.

Mega Joker


One of the most classic games for those who love fruit themes is surely Mega Joker, and what makes it stand out from the others is the high RTP rate, which is 99%. The retro sounds will make you feel like you are playing the old-fashioned game, and the Supermeter bonus game can get you more winnings if you are lucky enough. This game is popular because of many things, and one of them is the retro feeling that it provides to the players.

Summing up

Well, there you have it, as these are some of the best new casino slots that one should at least try out in 2024. For our list, we tried to pick just those games that most players loved, based on previous players’ experiences, meaning that although it’s just 5 slots, there is something for everyone. Now, if none of these games suits your gambling preferences, no need to worry, just visit, check their vast offer of free slots online, and find the one that suits you the most.

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