Casino Bonuses Are All Around Us: Whether to Play With Them or Without Them

Most online casinos, in order to attract new players and retain existing ones, offer at least one casino bonus. On one of the casino’s websites by the link, bonus offers can most often be found under the “Promotions” section. Of course, players have the choice of whether they will accept the offered bonuses or not after joining the casino and registering. Sometimes, it is necessary to inform the casino support that you simply do not want a bonus. But why wouldn’t you want free spins, free chips, or to double/triple the money you put in, i.e. a deposit? After all, all that and much more is something bonuses can provide you with.

But, not all is so simple, so the question arises whether to take the bonus or not because nothing is absolutely free. Bonuses are related to the many conditions that players must meet in order to be able to cash out their winnings that were made by using these bonuses.

Casino Welcome Bonus


Let’s first clarify what casino bonuses are and how they work. Let’s suppose a player has completed the registration process and has been offered a casino welcome bonus. It can be free spins or even free casino money, i.e. free chips/no deposit bonus, which does not require any investment from the player. However, it is usually limited by the maximum amount that can be cashed out no matter how much is actually won thanks to the given bonus.

Also, in order to cash out on the winnings, these free bonuses have another catch/condition, which is not at all easy to fulfill. It is known as wagering requirements, rollover, or playthrough, and represents the amount a player should pay while playing. In short, the player has to deposit a certain amount of money to the game available from the game via the “Bet” option.

So, let’s say a player gets $ 10 to play in virtual casino money as a bonus. We will assume that the wagering requirements condition, which is related to this bonus, is a 60x bonus. This means that players are expected to reverse the $ 10 bonus they receive 60 times, i.e. in the amount of 10 × 60 = 600. All player investments, via the “Bet” option, when added up, should reach at least $ 600 so that the winnings can be cashed out. It does not sound very easy and it is definitely not easy. It is hard to reach $ 600 from the initial $ 10 by putting money in the game. When you succeed in this, the amount you can cash out (maximum cash-out), as another important condition related to the free bonus, is generally limited to $ 50-150. You cannot win unlimited free money. However, in that case, you are $ 50-150 in plus and you have not invested anything. In other words, if you fail to meet the wagering requirement, at least you have tried the game and played some time for free.

Casino Bonus and Reversing Bonus


For players who are ready to invest some money, i.e. to pay a deposit, bonuses of different types, percentages, and maximum amounts are provided: 50 %, 100 %, 200 %, 300 %… welcome casino bonuses. Tempting, isn’t it? This percentage indicates how much the deposit will be rewarded. For 50 %, you get another half of the invested money for free, for 100 % you get the entire amount of the deposit, and for 200 % – the deposit is doubled so that the player’s balance, available to the player for the game, is the sum of the invested deposit and its increase.

For example, with a 100 % bonus, for a $ 10 deposit, the player will have $ 20 available to play – $ 10 deposit + $ 10 bonus (100 % of 10 = 10). And these bonuses have limitations and conditions. The maximum cash-out is generally not provided, and the wagering requirements are somewhat milder and vary from the player having to reverse only the amount of bonuses or only deposits or their sum, a certain number of times, for example, and most often 20 or 30 times.

In the previous example with $ 10 deposits, $ 10 bonuses, or $ 20 available to the player in total, the money won can be cashed out if you reverse that $ 20 for 30 or 20 times. In addition, bonuses are limited to the maximum amount a player can receive, so 100 % up to $ 100 means that no matter how much players deposit, they will receive a maximum of $ 100 bonus. This also means that in this case, it is not worth depositing more than $ 100.

Cash-Back Casino Bonus


You will also encounter cash-back bonuses, which are gaining in popularity. Rarely can anyone not love cash-back, trust us. These bonuses mean that on a deposit, or a certain amount of deposit or, even more often, on losses, it is guaranteed that one part will go back to the player. Like a consolation prize.

In case of not accepting any bonus offered by the casino, the player is not bound by almost any conditions, but there is no reward. The player comes, registers, makes a deposit of his choice, plays as much as he wants (or until he loses), withdraws money when he wants or decides it is enough – and that’s it. However, there are almost no casinos that will not come up with something, at least a small condition, but almost negligible. Even here. So, you need to reverse that deposit, usually once or twice, to withdraw your money exactly when you want to withdraw it.



All in all, everything has its pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide whether you want to play without conditions and without a prize, the so-called no strings attached style, or with a prize but with a lot of luck and effort. Simply, assess the goal of your game, priorities, and what pays off more. And, good luck!

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