Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Your Sash Windows 

The functional features of a double-glazed window may be broken over time. It may let in cold air and rain or fog up. This raises the question of restoring or completely replacing windows. In old houses, installing a new glass unit is difficult. Modern ones will disrupt the aesthetics of the building’s facade, so restoration work must be done from the inside.

Recently, production technology has improved significantly. Old windows can be repaired, no matter if they are made of wood or plastic. The reuse of old materials is gaining popularity, too, which is why more and more homeowners are interested in restoring installed glass units.

If you need one or more problems with your windows to be solved, including sash cords replaced, it makes sense to rebuild the frame or glass. And if there are many more drawbacks, it’s worth installing a new double-glazed window. Repairing heritage ones is a good way to preserve the character and architectural significance of a period dwelling. You should find the team of specialist who has repaired and restored to good working order many old windows that customers had thought to be beyond repair. You can order to replace rotten window sills, rebuild rotten bay windows, repair rotten wood, renew broken sash cords as well as replace broken glass. Sash window repair service is able to repair sash ones more economically than replacing them.

Older often experience water leaks


You may notice moisture on the windowsill or inside the window. It means that:

  • gutters have poor drainage;
  • the drainage system is not working efficiently enough;
  • seals have ceased to fulfill their functions.

There are special seals in the glass unit, which must stop the water. If there is too much of it, it means they no longer cope with their task. Try changing the direction of the drainage system. If this doesn’t solve the problem, it’s probably time to repair timber windows in your house.

Too much water speaks of deterioration in the properties of the window frame. As a result, the glass unit looks unpleasant. If water continues to seep through the frames, it needs replacement.

Another common problem is fogging windows. Unfortunately, condensation collects between glass panes of double or triple glazed windows. Most often this happens in old timber ones because modern double-glazed windows are well sealed. The solution is to replace the sash or completely renovate the frame, including the window block and additional elements.

There should be a small-cap at the upper part of the window that collects drops. It may be missing or rot over time. In this case, it must be replaced. To avoid rotting and rusting, it is worth choosing aluminum caps. They can be bought at almost every hardware store.

Cracked glass


One of the main functions of a window is to ensure the safety of your house. If the glass cracks or breaks completely, it must be replaced urgently. You are able to choose a full timber window replacement or go to a specialist who can carefully install new glass. If the frame is not strong enough to withstand these procedures, it should be replaced.

The main rule here is not to replace the broken window yourself. In this case, you risk being injured with shattered glass. You can apply masking tape. It will keep the glass pieces in place. They will not scatter throughout the house. Also, don’t touch the shards with bare hands, use gloves for them. It’s better to collect sharp pieces with a broom and a scoop.

Broken wooden bars (muntins or mullions)


There are small areas of wood between glass sheets, which are called muntins or mullions. They can be installed purely for visual effect. In this case, they are not subject to replacement. But they don’t affect the functionality of the glass unit.

If muntins or mullions start to rot or split, they need to be restored. The part holding the glass can be quite fragile. There will be no difficulties replacing it. When the glass is removed, you need to clean the contaminated areas of these parts, replace the breakdown if necessary, renew the putty and fix the element in the right place. This completes the window restoration process.

Inoperable Sashes


Owners of houses with old windows often find it difficult to open the top or bottom sash. This is usually due to an excessive amount of paint stuck between sashes. To get rid of this trouble, it is enough to:

  • use a thin and sharp knife to separate the sashes and carefully remove the paint;
  • use sandpaper to clean up residues when windows can be opened;
  • remove dirt and chips of paint.

After that, rinse the glasses and wait for them to dry completely. If the aesthetics of the glass unit have been compromised, it is worth painting the frames again. The procedures should be carried out only in dry weather.

There can also be a cord breakdown on the weights of the sashes. This requires replacing sash cords in windows. And if you have spring-type sashes, the problem may lie in the spring, which loosened or went completely out of order. To fix this, it is enough to carry out a small restoration, after which the windows will continue to work properly. Specialists will replace the spring or install new sashes.

Complete replacement of old windows is possible only in modern houses. The owners of old buildings recognized as objects of historical value must first get permission from the corresponding authorities. In this case, it is easier to carry out the restoration, which will preserve the original look of the window and increase the efficiency of the glass unit. Specialists will be able to restore the cladding, restore the aesthetic look of the frames, and replace the glass. To order window restoration works, please contact

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