7 Ways To Explore Intimacy With Your Partner

No relationship can exist without intimacy. Both physical, as well as mental intimacy, is needed to keep any relationship going. Several people confuse intimacy with sexual innuendos. However, it is simply a misconception.

In any relationship, intimacy is more important than just sexual gestures. It forms the foundation of any relationship. For more details, check this article on men’s sexual gestures. Also, intimacy cannot be limited to physical intimacy. Mental intimacy is just as important as physical one.

Intimacy is needed in every relationship. Below mentioned are some of the common ways of exploring intimacy with your partners.

1. Mutual Masturbation


Mutual masturbation is something every couple needs to attempt at least once every month. It will certainly help them boost their intimacy levels. You can ask your partner to get comfortable on the floor, sofa, or bed while you watch them touching themselves intimately. Eminent psychiatrists claim that the practice of watching your partner pleasure themselves is of the utmost importance. It helps to sow the seeds of intimacy in your relationship.

If the lady can see where her partner touches himself in moments of pleasure, how much pressure he is applying, whether or not he is using any lubrication, she will get an idea about how to satisfy him. The other way round is also true.

2. Relax With The Help Of Yoga


Couples do not need to be yoga masters to use it as a tool for relaxation. Yoga and meditation act as powerful tools, through which a couple can get to know each other better, physically. Familiarity leads to the breeding of intimacy.

You both can try out a variety of yoga poses and Asanas in the company of each other.

Since Yoga is a slow-paced activity, couples have all the time in the world to explore each other at an intimate level. A few poses are highly sensuous and steaming in nature. Such yoga poses are known to promote intimacy with partners.

3. Late-night Walks with Partners


Studies reveal that people should end the day with a stroll as it helps to unwind and relax. It is also a good time to bond with your partner. The roads are generally less busy late at night, which provides the needed romantic atmosphere.

You can enjoy pleasant, meaningful walks at night and use the time to bond.

Such walks help build a more profound emotional connection between you two, which, in turn, will increase the budding sexual desire and intimacy. Try holding hands during these walks.

4. Do A Rapid-fire Round of Sexual Compatibility Questionnaire


Several sexual questionnaires are available online. They help couples to share their wildest sexual fantasies separately.

It is natural for a person to worry that their partners will ridicule them for a particular fantasy. Constant worrying about the same may lead to a dip in the intimacy levels. Thus, several relationship therapists recommend an online sexual compatibility questionnaire.

Such questionnaires provide a list of sexual fantasy to each partner individually.

They get a chance to express their deepest fantasies. The website then compares the answers. Later, it prepares a comprehensive list of fantasies to which they had expressed a positive interest. Such reports promote a positive experience and improve the intimacy between the couple.

5. Discuss the Turn-ons


In many cultures, it is taboo to discuss sex. It is considered a disgusting trait to discuss sexual life with a random person. However, relationship counsellors claim that it is important to discuss what turns on or repels a partner.

You might feel overwhelmed if your partner discusses this but know that the more you talk about it, the better the foundation of your relationship will be.

Relationship therapists advise partners to select a time for it thrice a week. During this period, you can discuss what turned you on during sexual intercourse, what put you off, etc.

Discuss three things that you liked about your partner and five things that you would like to change about the other. Ask your partner to do the same.

6. Practise Body Worshipping


Many partners feel embarrassed to discuss each other’s bodies. This is another type of conversation that may be unpleasant for some people but it is important. However, appreciating each other’s bodies boosts the level of intimacy. The body needs to be treated like a temple and worshipped accordingly.

According to the Tantrik principles that the Oriental cultures follow, by worshipping a body, a partner consciously focuses on providing pleasure. The other person focuses on receiving pleasure and attention. The former is the giver, while the latter is the receiver. They need to follow certain steps for body worshipping, which are as follows:

  • As a giver, create a comfortable position for the receiver. Then, begin exploring different types of touches on the receiver’s body. The trick is to start from the non-erogenous zones. Start pleasuring to both erogenous and non-erogenous zones only after the non-erogenous zones have been aroused. Then, you may alternate between the erogenous and non-erogenous zones.
  • As a result, you will be able to find out a lot about the body of the receiver. Once you both become familiar with each other’s bodies, you will notice a visible increase in the intimacy levels.

7. Massage Each Other


Body massages are a great way to boost intimacy. Most doctors and relationship therapists recommend it to couples as a way of getting to know each other better. According, most men love receiving relaxing massages after a tiring day.

While giving a massage, you will be able to sense how the other person is responding to each touch of yours. The receiver, on the other hand, will also get to know about their own body.


Intimacy is a vital element to a happy relationship. Sexual intercourses with no intimacy may feel awkward, and you may feel emotionally abandoned. Relationship counselors claim that most relationships fail due to a lack of intimacy. Follow these ways as mentioned above to promote intimacy and add spice to your relationship.

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