How Sports Betting Bonuses Work and How to use Them 

Have you ever tried sports betting? What do you think about it?


Sports betting is the favorite type of betting for many players around the world. Aside from loving the sports and being informed about the game enough to place a bet on their favorite teams and players, this type of betting has shown as incredibly lucrative. Somewhat more simple compared to other bets, with the use of more logic and knowledge than luck, sports betting really is something fun, profitable and accessible. It doesn’t come as a surprise that it also has a good tax revenue potential, since it benefits each country or state on a great scale. In future, it could also become a significant source of jobs for many people. So far, most of the sports betting games are being played online.

Why is sports betting so popular? There are several reasons for this phenomenon. It’s based on one’s knowledge about certain sports and their ability to build tactics, strategies, and more importantly – predictions based on the average results and scores. Whether casual gamblers, the ones that place higher bets or the ones that want to feel the benefits in the long-term commitment to betting, it sure is entertaining and exciting to watch games, collect information, analyze them, chat with your friends and other people, consulting with the experts, and learning something new every day.

But other than the obvious reasons why sports betting is better than poker, for example, there is one important factor to mention. One of the most tempting things about sports betting are – bonuses. In a highly competitive industry like this, it’s all about the customer. That’s exactly the reason why every sports betting website wants to provide its visitors with the best customer experience, which is especially focused on various types of bonuses.

How’s that important to you? Bonuses are there to ensure you’re rewarded for both placing your first bet if you’re a newbie and staying in the game longer, if you’re already in it. Funding your account is an important thing to do since the goal of sportsbooks websites is to help you and encourage you on your sports betting journey. The most common type of bonus is the welcome or the sign-up bonus, while there are several other types such as no deposit or free play ones, deposit match bonuses, bonuses for specific sports, and finally, reload bonuses.

How do they work? Depending on the type of bonus, you can get an amount of money that matches with your deposit, or it’s several times multiplied. For example, if you choose to make a $200 deposit, you would get the same amount in bonus money. Sometimes it goes up to 200% which means that you would get $400 in this situation. This is the case with sign-up bonuses. However, the reward never comes with no risk, so there are often some requirements you need to meet if you want to take advantage of those big bonuses. That means that you should read the terms and conditions before you indulge in a game. But in most cases, that’s not something to be worried about. It’s fair since the sports betting websites need to make sure their investment will be used or returned. Still, try to stick with as lower rollover requirements as possible, so 5x rollover is a much better option than a 25x rollover, since it means you would have to place 25 bets to actually get your bonus money.

What bonus to choose?


This is a good question but it can’t be answered easily. There are numerous offers out there, and you just need to find the one that fits your preferences. That said, on renowned websites such as there are so many great options that you’ll need to spend some time to explore and choose the ones that you like the most. However, let’s go through some of the most common ones, one by one and explain how they work and how you can actually benefit from them:

1. Welcome bonuses


These bonuses are great for newbies since you get some extra support from the very beginning. This is something you get for free and you can use however you want. It’s the most common type of bonus and the first thing that attracts people. The main idea is to reward people for signing up to their website.

Other welcome bonuses include money bonuses or deposit bonuses that are being added to your account after you place your deposit. Their value can vary, and it depends on the website you’re playing on, the game and the specific bet you wanna make. You can expect to get your account topped up with somewhere between 50 and 200% of your money deposit. Still, don’t forget that with deposit match bonuses, there’s always some sort of requirement to be met.

New players are being welcomed by free play or free deposit bonuses too, meaning that at the very beginning, they get several free bets you can make which is a fantastic opportunity for a newbie to learn how everything works with no fear of losing their money. Another good thing about free bet bonuses is that if you win the free bet, you simply get to keep the money. If you don’t, there are often other bonuses you’ll get, with certain rollover requirements. This means that you basically get the bonuses twice, from the very start.

2. Loyalty rewards


New customers are not the only ones who get rewards from sportsbooks. It would certainly be unfair if this was the case. Although the majority of websites as well as customers focus on the welcome bonuses, what is going on with the ones who are in the game for a long time? This is the situation where another type of bonus takes place. These bonuses are called the reload bonuses. As the name says, it means that the accounts of the existing customers are being upgraded with money rewards, to keep them in the game. Not only to keep them, but to encourage them to place more bets and to reward them for their loyalty. With so many offerings, fantastic and shiny bonuses on the internet, if a player sticks with one sportsbook, it certainly needs to be recognized and rewarded. Also, the more active you get, you’ll get better chances for great reload bonuses that are usually even higher than the welcome ones. A great reason to keep playing?

After you make a new account, don’t hesitate to grab your reward. Claim your bonus, and enjoy placing your first bet. Good luck!

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