Top 14 Games Like ‘Tetris’ You Must Play

Tetris is one of the most famous games in history. There are many variations of the classic formula, and these are the best of them all.

The geometric puzzle game Tetris was first introduced in 1984. The original elementary idea proved to be extremely promising. After appearing on the portable Nintendo Game Boy console, the game gained real popularity. In the late 80’s and early 90’s Tetris and the platform itself became known worldwide.

Did you know that Tetris is the best-selling game of all time? It has been ported countless times and supplemented by many spin-offs. This begs the question: which Tetris can be considered the best? We offer to plunge into memories and consider the brightest representatives of the franchise. You can find more games at appslikethese.

1. Tetris 99


Tetris 99 takes on the classics while breathing new life into the retro game. Here, you’ll be treated to a battle royale involving 99 players, hence the name. Strategy and speed are essential elements of Tetris 99. Some may prefer the original, but it’s hard to ignore that Tetris 99 is a fresh take on an otherwise familiar game.

2. Tetris Twist

As you might expect, Tetris Twist is a new take on the classic game. During 100 levels you travel through different megapolises. Don’t think that Tetris Twist is another template Tetris. You will be pleasantly surprised by the local exciting puzzles. The game was released in 2016 and has been considered one of the best variations of the unforgettable original ever since.

3. Tetris: The Grand Master 3 – Terror-Instinct


Tetris: The Grand Master 3 – Terror-Instinct is practically the brightest representative of the genre. The game is famous for a couple of departures, such as X-rays and explosions, but at its core is still the same good old Tetris. The third part of the Tetris: The Grand Master series is undoubtedly the best.

The passage of Tetris: The Grand Master 3 – Terror-Instinct is not an easy task. In the game, there are more than 999 levels, and also there is a mode with classic rules.

4. Tetris Battle Gaiden

This variation of Tetris was only released in Japan for the Super Famicom. If you can get your hands on this fascinating game, be prepared for some amazing competitive gameplay.

It features a multiplayer mode where you can play with friends. The game also features a wide variety of characters with unique abilities, making Tetris Battle Gaiden much more interesting than standard Tetris.

5. Tetris (Game Boy)


Although not technically the first Tetris ever, the ported version of the famous game for the Nintendo Game Boy took the system to a whole new level. Tetris is the best-selling game of all time. Had it not been for the release on the Nintendo Game Boy, the concept would not have achieved such fame to date. Still, the puzzle game with simple action figures and points proved to be incredibly addictive.

6. Tetris (iOS and Android)

After Electronic Arts removed their Tetris from Google Play and the App Store, the chance for a new version presented itself. Another Tetris game soon appeared in the app stores.

This variation for iOS and Android users is very different from its predecessor. Tetris from the developer Network supports matches of up to 100 players online – a real royal battle, only in the form of Tetris. There are also several skins available for the playing field. A great upgrade for a geometric puzzle.

7. Tetris Effect


Tetris Effect is the PlayStation 4 version of the game. In addition to mesmerizing puzzles, wanderings through open space and uncharted ocean depths await you. You can also play in 4K and 60 frames per second on PlayStation 4 Pro. Undoubtedly, this popular title is one of the best Tetris games at the moment.

8. Puyo Puyo Tetris

Puyo Puyo Tetris is a version of the famous game from Sega. It doesn’t have a studio theme like some Nintendo titles, but it has a lot more content than the regular Tetris game.

Go through the single-player campaign and earn tons of points, or dive into competitive modes for a group of up to four players, both online and offline. This feature-rich game is a must-play for every Tetris fan.

9. Tetris DS


Tetris DS, released in 2006, still impresses with its gameplay. It is safe to say that the game is objectively good. The portability of the Nintendo DS, combined with its intuitive controls, proves that Nintendo is the most successful Tetris developer.

10. Gummy Blocks: Evolution

The Gummy Blocks: Evolution is a puzzle game with funny blinking blocks. Drag the blocks from the bottom of the screen and place them on the playing field so as to fill all the cells vertically or horizontally, then they are removed. The game contains three difficulty levels – “Classic”, “Advanced” and “Bomb”. Each of them has the same gameplay, except for the extra bonuses you get for removing multiple rows at a time. Ira is great for developing spatial thinking and is suitable for children.

11. Wood Blocks 3D


Welcome to Wood Blocks 3D block puzzle game! This game breathes new life into classic Tetris, allowing you to place blocks anywhere on the grid. Drag and drop blocks onto the playing field as soon as the row horizontally or vertically is complete – it clears and you earn points. Use power-ups, create combos, and think about your moves to maximize your record!

12. Fruity Cubes

The game is a delightful tropical puzzle game with lots of fresh fruits! Match the fruit cubes to create a complete line vertically or horizontally. How many levels do you have to complete in the game Fruity Cubes?!

13. Blocks puzzle: Zoo


In the online game Blocks puzzle: Zoo your main task is to free animals from the cages. Build a path of blocks on the field with such an overview that a straight line from the cell to the key is formed. This is the only way to release the prisoner. Each new level presents you with a more difficult task. Can you complete the rescue mission in the online Blocks puzzle: Zoo?

14. Jewel Blocks

Exercise your brain in an addictive arcade game like Tetris Jewel Blocks! Fill lines horizontally or vertically with blocks. Keep placing new blocks until you run out of space. Set your record and enjoy this puzzle game!

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