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7 Online Games to Play During Coronavirus – 2024 Tips

The coronavirus crisis forced lots of people to stay home until the situation is under control. The first days of the self-isolation were enough to get rest and have time for ourselves, but as the days were passing by and the situation didn’t get better, many people realized that they have a lot of spare time that they don’t know how to fill it up.

Some of them started online lessons, to learn new skills or foreign language. Others have signed up for online fitness or yoga sessions. Many people spend their time watching TV series, reading books, or playing games online.

If you are still looking for an online game you can play while this COVID-19 crisis lasts, we can recommend a few:


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Everyone in this world knows about Fortnite or has heard about it. The game has millions of active players every day. You need to pass levels and win different parts of the map. This is a relatively new game, released in 2017, but it became popular for a short time, having its own tournament and becoming a global phenomenon. The latest version is named Fortnite Battle Royal and it’s available for PlayStation 4, Xbox, Windows, macOS, and iOS and Android devices. It’s never too late to join the Fortnite world and start winning royal battles.

Coin Master

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Coin Master is one of the top-grossing smartphone games in the world, available for Android and iOS devices. You can also play it via Facebook. It’s a single-player interactive game. You spin the wheel, get coins, build a village, steal money from your friends, and attack their villages. The game is simple, but people say it’s addictive. As you build more villages, you need more coins and efforts to build the next one. Also, you collect cards to finish the sets, so you can get a reward in more coins. The card collections are difficult to collect because many cards are rare, but many players formed groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram so they can trade the cards.

Candy Crush Saga

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This was one of the most popular puzzle games in the world until Coin Master surpassed it last year. You can play it on every device, never mind if it works with Windows, Android, or iOS. It looks like many other puzzle games, you need to match the same colors, so you can pass the level. It’s no different than many other similar games, but it’s addictive and popular. The game has three spin-offs, including Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, and Candy Crush Friends Saga and you can play it for hours and days without getting bored by any of them.


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The initial version was released in 2009 until it’s officially released in 2011. Minecraft is one of the bestselling video games for the last decade. You need to explore blocks and find materials and tools, and to cooperate with other players or compete against other teams and single players in the same fictional world. Many magazines included Minecraft in the lists of the most influential video games of all time. It has three spin-offs, such as Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Earth.

NBA 2k20

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The most important sports games are postponed or canceled this year, but you can play them online. For example, the virtual version of NBA games is still doing well. Even NBA players joined NBA 2k20, so they can simulate what they would do in a particular situation in real life. If you are a basketball enthusiast and the NBA cancelation is upsetting you, you will be happy to hear that Visual Concepts are working on a limited version for Android and iOS devices. Until then, you can play it on your Windows computer, Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4 and Xbox One.

Pokémon Go

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After the coronavirus outbreak, Niantic and The Pokémon Company released a new adjusted version of the game, since the people can’t move and walk a lot in public places. So, they updated the game, and you can find more monsters and creatures near your home and play with them in the new mode. After the crisis end, you can get back to the standard mode and look for the creatures everywhere.

The Sims 4

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This is the fourth chapter in the Sims franchise. As we know, Sims is a life simulation video game, where you need to define goals and reach them, creating imaginary families and societies. The franchise is one of the bestselling video game series in the world and it’s still popular. The first version of Sims 4 was released in 2014 and it had Windows and macOS versions. For a short time, it was available as a Facebook game, but now it’s a standalone application that can be played on PC or your Android and iOS devices. The game has a lot of expansions, add-ons, spin-offs, and editions, and many online challenges are available.

The coronavirus situation changed many lives and habits. Sadly, many people died due to complications because of the infection, and many others are in great danger, staying in hospitals around the world. The doctors, pharmacists, and store employees still need to be at their works, because all of us depend on them. That’s why we should be responsible and need to respect the recommendations and prevention advice. We have to follow the instructions, wash our hands, and wear masks, so we can stop the enormous virus spreading that affects all of us.

So, if you need to stay at home and to play games to save your friends and family, and the people around you, do that. You can find a lot of games and online game tournaments on the Internet. Download some of the mentioned applications and stay at home, because that is how you save lives now. Play a virtual simulation of the real world, as the Sims 4 offers you. You can even join many of the available Sims 4 challenges and tournaments on and choose the one you like most.


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