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7 Most Played Games during the Corona Quarantine 2024

It is hard to find the right words to describe the situation that is currently happening in the world. We are all under quarantine because of the Coronavirus. One of the ways to defeat this virus is social distance. We know that you have heard this many times in the last month or two. However, we also call people not to get out of their homes. Do that only if you truly have to. For instance, to buy the necessary groceries would be the only good reason to be outside at the moment. Despite that, we invite people to wear masks and gloves and use the cleaning equipment to protect themselves from the virus.

Anyway, we do know that staying at home for a long time is a tough challenge. We are human beings and we do not like to be locked down in our homes. However, this time we need to adapt to the situations for our own good. Still, sitting in your room and watching TV is not going to help you keep your mental strength in the quarantine. There is a lot of negative news there these days and listening to them for the entire day will lead to some mental problems. There are many ways how you can make your time-spending at home more interesting.

How to Make Quarantine Time More Interesting?

Well, there are three different ways that we would want to recommend. The first way is the most beautiful one – spend time with your family. Yes, we have forgotten how it looks to have fun with parents, brothers, and sisters. Play different games with them. For instance, card games can be quite entertaining.

The second way is to chat with your friends via social media. Okay, this is something you were doing even before the quarantine. Still, we recommend you make group video calls, drink coffee together in front of the camera, etc. Avoid reading online news associated with Corona a lot and try to forget about it for a moment.

Finally, the third way might be the most interesting one. Playing games on your PC, Xbox, or mobile can be the best way to spend these tough days. We do not know which game genre you prefer, but we are sure you will find the one that will satisfy your expectations.

We would like to make a list of the most played games during the Corona quarantine. You might get inspired to research them after reading this article. Some of them will maybe completely satisfy your needs.

Let’s find them out together.


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This game is available in all formats. In other words, you can play it on your mobile, PC, Xbox, tablet device, etc. The first game that you will like about this game is affordability. It is completely free for everyone who has one of the devices that we mentioned. This is especially important for people that are not playing games actively.

GTA Online

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Well, this game is not suitable for all types of devices. You can play it on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. We believe that spending words on describing this game is unnecessary. It is one of those games that is part of the “evergreen group”.

Still, if you want to play it alone and pass missions, you can download a single-player mode. Passing all the missions will take you around 30 hours in total. So, spending around 2 hours on this game for 2 weeks will make your quarantine time more interesting.

FIFA 20/PES 20

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Well, there is a reason why we placed both these games in one place. You can hear many debates among sports game players around this subject. We know which one of these two is more popular, but we will keep that piece of advice for us. Spending time on debates in this period is unnecessary.

Anyway, both games are also an evergreen type of game. If you are a big fan of sports, this would be a great choice. You can play it online with other players, but you can also try to win the title in single-player mode. Pick your favorite team and try to achieve unachievable.

In the end, it is good to mention that these games you can play on 4 different devices. You can play then on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 44.

Escape from Tarkov

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Well, this game is for those people that prefer to play action games. It is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action with MMO features. The situation in Tarkov city (located in the Norvisk region) is becoming more complicated every day. Different gangs and groups have “conquered” different parts of the city and each one is trying to spread its influence among the city. You could conclude from the name of the game that your task is to escape that city. However, you will have to meet many troubles until you achieve to do that.

Well, for this game, you will have to improve your gaming skills. The game itself is tough, but that is something that makes it more interesting. That’s why we encourage you to visit and find reliable teammates that will help you improve your skills. Only if you play with PRO players, you will have the chance to master the game. You now understand why this game is especially important during Corona quarantine.

Destiny 2

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This game is a great choice for people that want to stay socialized during the Corona crisis. The game itself is a shooting type of game and it quite interesting and entertaining. Yet, the more entertaining part is chatting and talking with other players on the microphone while playing. You will have the chance to coordinate them while playing and reach the goals your team has.

Unfortunately, the game is limited in only 3 formats – Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. However, in today’s world, it is hard to find a person that does not have at least one device of those three.


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Well, this game might be a bit childish for teenagers and grown-up people. However, kids can have a lot of playing it. This quarantine time is especially tough for them. They can’t go out and play. We recommend kids to use Creative mode while playing. In this mode, you can’t get killed or attacked by other players. Instead, you can focus more on chatting and talking with other kids.

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