Best Gifts for Moms to Be – Guide 2024

The best time in a woman’s life is when she carries her baby in her womb. That is the time when both mom and the child are connected both emotionally as well as physically. This is why it is said that a child is always connected to her mom. When a woman is expecting a baby, she goes through a lot. Many changes happen in her body and she feels absolutely different both physically and mentally. And to make her feel good and happy, what everyone else can do is keep her surroundings positive, happy and vibrant. Doing what she likes the most is also said that the more the mother will be happy the child will be happier. To get your noobie box, visit

Here are a few gift ideas through which you can surprise a mom-to-be and make her feel happy.

Maternity pillow


These can serve multiple purposes like she can use it while sitting on the chair, or while traveling in the car and will be useful even after the baby is born. These pillows are soft enough to make you feel relaxed but along with that it also benefits you in different ways like acid reflux, snoring, heartburn and even in clogged sinuses. Such pillows are orthopedically designed and give support to different body parts like the head, shoulders, back and even legs. These are lightweight and very handy and can easily be taken anywhere.

Yoga ball


It will be great for exercising when the woman is pregnant, but it also helps during birth. It helps in evenly distributing the weight and relieving the pressure on the spine.

Sitting on these balls will be beneficial for the knees and ankles as it gives welcome support. But like any other exercising tool this should also be used carefully when the woman is carrying the baby.

Quality products for newborn


A mother is always concerned about her child during pregnancy as well as after birth. And what can be a better gift than something which is good for her baby? You can give her the gift sets containing all the quality products which a newborn will need. You should always go for those things which are paraben-free as they are best for the sensitive skin of the baby.

The kit can usually contain shampoo, cleansing gel, body lotion, creams which can be applied on rashes, wipes, etc. you can add anything you feel would be useful.

Maternity skincare


Along with the baby, it is important that the mother should take care of her own health. And the skin changes a lot when the woman is expecting a baby. The stretch marks, body elasticity, and some other skin issues can be there. The best way to deal with them is to follow a skincare routine. You can give her maternity skincare products which generally have stretch marks cream and a nursing comfort balm. Both of these are fragrance-free and are tested by dermatologists. But always go for quality products as they are tested and trusted.

Gift cards for Spa


The best care is self-care. When the mother will take care of herself, she will be healthy and happy which will be better for the child. During pregnancy, it is hard to reach out to every part of the body, especially the legs and feet. For this, you can give her a spa gift card so that she can get a pedicure and massage. All this will make her feel relaxed and calm which is better for her as she is going through a lot of changes already.

Her favorite snacks


During pregnancy women generally crave their favorite food a lot. And that’s where you get another idea for the gift. Give her the basket full of her favorite snacks you can also include some healthy snacks also. But one thing to keep in mind, do not put anything which a pregnant woman should avoid. You should not add any such thing to the basket which is not good for her or the baby.

Books or anything else she likes


During pregnancy, women are often suggested to either rest or go for walks but to avoid heavy work. For this, you can give them books of the genre she likes so she can read while resting. Also, you can give the DVDs of her favorite movies or a subscription to a streaming platform so she can choose what she wants to watch. In the same way, you can give her a monthly subscription to some magazine which can be helpful for her during the pregnancy or after the delivery.

Bathing essentials


You can give the mom some bathing essentials that can help her to calm herself. Products such as bubble baths, bath salt, bath bombs, etc. can really be soothing and helpful in reducing the aches in the body and muscles. These salts are rich in magnesium which is helpful in reducing pains and aches. During pregnancy, such salt baths are very helpful in relieving you from nausea, stress, and stiffness of the muscles, etc.


Pregnancy is that time of a woman’s life when she herself does not know what is happening in her body. There are hormonal, physical, and emotional changes, she has to face a lot of things and mood swings. So, in such a case, to make a woman happy you should do whatever you can. You can plan surprises for her, give her gifts, take her out to a place she likes, help her in anything she is doing. All such things will make her feel happy and relaxed.

There is direct contact between the mother and the child whatever the mother goes through the baby can sense and feel it. So, for keeping them both happy you should do whatever is possible for you. And gifts are the best thing to do, it can be for anyone, your wife, sister, friend, relatives and you have also got so many options as listed above. If none of the listed things is something which attracts you attention, then websites such as Story Jewellery is something you should check and see if there is anything which fits your needs

The main purpose is to make the women feel happy and keep the quality of products in mind.

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