5 Fashion Tips and Trends in 2024 for Busy Moms

Are you a mom on the go? If you have children, then you already know the stresses and responsibilities that come with wrangling your kids all day. One of the most difficult, yet rewarding jobs is being a mother, and you are the queen of your home because you put the needs of your family before your own. The sacrifice that is made by moms like you across the globe can be seen and heard for years to come.

However, there is one sacrifice you don’t have to make being a busy mom, and that is with your fashion sense. We understand that while you are focusing on everyone else in your household, you may forget about you, and this includes the fashion arena in your life as well. Here are five fashion tips you can use to feel beautiful as the great woman you are.

1. Keep Your Skin Beautiful


One of the most revered industries within the mom-verse is the skincare niche. The beauty industry profits billions of dollars every year by convincing moms and other ladies they need their products. We have found that one of the simplest products to keep around the home for skincare is natural cream. During those sacred times, when you have a minute to yourself, you can apply a cream to your skin.

Allure magazine reports that the growing popularity of cream includes cannabinoids which eliminate the amount of sebum your skin produces. Sebum is the oily mixture that appears on your skin and creates blemishes and acne.

Not only is natural cream great for the skin, but the compounds in this botanical are great for a lot of other things around the home as well. It has healing properties too and when applied, can reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling for when your little one scrapes their knee.

2. Think in Layers

One of the more popular trends in fashion is to layer your outfit. It’s a great way to be chic and stylish, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to complete the outfit. With layering, any amount will do and, depending on the time of year. You can add to, or take away from your outfit and still be very stylish.

Versatile options like these are the way to go because once you find a great style you love, put it together and go complete your next task. According to French Vogue, layering will be very much in style in the later 2024 due to inclement weather, and it’s always fun to pair different items you love. 

3. Go For Dresses


What is one of the hardest things for a busy mom to find? If you guessed “time”, then you’re right. It seems like there is not enough time in the day to complete the tasks you busy moms are known for completing. A few moms have approached us and said one of the most difficult parts of their day is planning an outfit. When you have to rush off to school, or rush off to the market, or anywhere else you’re rushing off to, you don’t have time to worry about what you’re wearing.

You’re just in a rush. However, items like dresses are a great option because you have a full outfit right there ready to go. In fact, online boutiques like E and O Apparel have modest church dresses available as complete outfits that do not need anything added to or taken away. They are ready as is, and a great option when you are on the run. Dress ideas like this can include maxi dresses, midi dresses, etc. If you want quick and beautiful outfits, dresses, are the route to take to stay stylish.

4. Lean on the Basics

Running is your mantra, and we don’t mean exercising either. As you run from one responsibility to the next, your style needs to have a strong foundation of basics. These are the items you can always rely on when you’re in one of those rushed days. We all have a favorite pair of denim we love. There is also that cute scarf that has always looked great as well. Don’t forget the flats either! These pieces can be staples in your closet to help you build a stylish outfit when you’re on the fly.

5. Think About Accessories


When you have the foundational basics in your corner, you will have a great template to work from in the future. The key is to get out of the door in a matter of minutes, not hours. A few stylish accessories will do the trick when your back is against the wall. Always have your favorites set aside so you can grab them quickly. These wardrobe add-ons could be your favorite handbag, earrings, shoes, scarves, bracelets, anklets from Puravida Bracelets, etc.  Whatever it is that you feel expresses your sense of style the best, keep it around because you’re going to need it.

In Conclusion

If you are a busy mom, then you already understand the responsibility that you have taken on is a rather large one. Many moms have buckled under the pressure and lost their sense of style in obscurity. Thankfully, you don’t have to be one of those moms who have given up on fashion just because you have been a little busy, as stated by Remember to keep it simple, stay with basic items that you can build on, and have your favorites lying around within arms reach so you can head out the door at a moment’s notice. Not only are your children relying on you, so is your closet.

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